April 25, 2007

UFO Roundup

There has been regrouping. There has been knitting.

Need a refresher on what’s on the needles over here at Chez UFO? Me too.

brittanies, jump rings, and alpaca cloud

Starting back with the oldest and most languishy of the lot, we have the Flowerbasket Shawl, started sometime in the spring of 2005. Those of you who have been hanging around for a while might realize that I’ve only blogged about this project once (back in January of 2006) when I hauled it out in all its neglected glory to motivate myself to get a move on. As you can probably guess, no moves were made…until last weekend.

I’m currently cruising along with less than two repeats to go before the edging. Somewhere in the past two years lace knitting has got a whole heckofalot easier for me. Time to finish this one up!

Demi: most of a front, all of a back

Ah yes, the lovely Demi. I started her in November of 2005 and the front and back have slowly materialized over time. Problem is that I keep getting distracted by other projects and shunting her off to the sidelines. No more! The goal for Demi is to get her knitted before the weather gets too hot so she’ll be ready to keep me warm when autumn hits. My other secret goal is to get her knitted before Jared and Ashley finish theirs (don’t tell).

jaywalker_current.jpg plain_old_socks.jpg

I started the Jaywalkers in late December and I’m only up to the gusset on sock number one. Seems I just lost momentum.

Plain Old Socks:
No problem here! This is my current portable and brainless project.

So that’s the lot. Only four projects total (and two pairs of socks hardly count, if you ask me). The biggest problem is those two ancient hangers-on up at the top. Time to pull a yaiAnn and get them all outa here!

p.s. If you’re wondering where that green baby sweater is…it’s FINISHED! FO report soon.

January 26, 2007


Wow. It’s Friday again. Want the week in Elli’s knitting recap? Sure you do.

Last weekend I almost finished the front of Demi*, discovered I'd missed two underarm decreases and put it down until last night when I picked it up again, decided I didn't care, and finished it. Here's hoping that one extra stitch can be hidden in each shoulder seam without too much trouble. If it turns out to be a problem I’ll reknit it later.

My Monday through Thursday knitting looks like this:
Toe up Jaywalker in Lemongrass Socks that Rock.

This sock may look all innocent and beguiling, but this is the third attempt.

-First attempt (started over New Years): I read the pattern wrong, resulting in the start of a teeny-tiny little skinny sock. No good. My ankles could be described in a variety of ways, but none of them would include the adjective “skinny.”

-Second attempt (on flight back from Christmas): I embark on one of the larger jaywalker sizes. However, this time I read the pattern correctly. Now I am knitting the sock that ate Minnesota. Even my big feet aren't that big.

-Third attempt (Monday): I go back to the original size I’d planned to knit but to shake things up I decide to do the toe-up version. Because really, who wants to knit the same thing three times in a row? Plus this way I can make them as tall as possible before binding off. Very smart. I am happy.

It’s really a good thing that this one is working out since I think I’ve exhausted every available online Jaywalker resource. This is one well supported sock.

*For those of you who are curious, I’m knitting Demi in Rowan Magpie Aran. Yes, it is discontinued. I know. I’m sad too. But I have another sweater’s-worth squirreled away in the stash. La, la, la…