May 18, 2006

Finished: Modified Minisweater

The sun came out for about five minutes yesterday evening so Thunky and I tore out to the back yard to get some pics of the minisweater. A half hour later it was hailing.


The Specs:
-Pattern: Minisweater, by Stephanie Japel, free pattern from Glampyre
-Yarn: Cascade 220
-Skeins: 1.5 skeins in Celery (9407)
-Needles: size 8 circs
-Start to finish: May 6 - May 17
-For: Me

The Mods:
I wanted mine to look like Diana's so I left off the triangle edging and omitted the puffy sleeve increases. I also liked Diana's overlapping fronts, so I did that too (which was good, because if I hadn't wanted it to overlap I would have had to leave out the front increases entirely since the thing would have met in front just fine without them). I also changed the number of CO stitches to reflect my tighter worsted gauge...I think that's it.

The Minisweater Experience:
This thing practically knitted itself. For a while I suspected that Thunk was sneaking in rows, but he denies it. It's quick, it's cute, and the pattern is infinitely adaptable. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

The Buttons: The buttons were a pain. I thought I had the perfect vintagey ones picked out but they were all wrong (they stood out too looked like my sweater was glaring back at me out of the mirror). I went out and got some nice matchy-matchy ones on Tuesday night and then I realized that this seemingly symmetrical sweater refuses to sit flat on one side (the left side there between the button and the edging). I have sewn and resewn both buttons and still it continues to taunt me.

I'm not quite sure what to do about this...I know if I wear it I’ll be constantly fiddling with my top. Any suggestions? I'm at a complete loss here. I'm thinking of just sewing it all together (buttons just for show) and pulling it on over my head.


Final Verdict: Um, I don't know yet? I like it right after it's been adjusted and looks all friendly (see pictures) but five minutes later when it's all bunched up on one side I want to throw it on the ground and jump up and down on it. I'm reserving judgment until I figure out the fasteners.

p.s. It's thundering and hailing again.

May 15, 2006

Free is good...


For those of you who are big on Amy Butler but think your sewing skillz might need a little boost before you're ready to drop 12.95 for a pattern...check out her free downloadable pattern selection here (click on the link in the lower right corner). There are a few patterns of the simpler variety, including that pillow pattern there, and one retina-frying quilt pattern for the more advanced sewists. All patterns are 100% guaranteed to make you want to run out and buy her fabrics.

In knitting news: the minisweater has been done for days but I’m having a bit of a button crisis. Button shopping is scheduled for Tuesday night. In addition, the rain and general gloominess have sapped my crafty powers. The extended forecast looks like at least five more days of the same. Anybody want to invite me to come and stay with them in some sunny corner of the globe? Perhaps someone out there has a spare tropical island? I am willing to swap yarn.

May 10, 2006

Where did that come from?

Look! It’s a nearly completed modified minisweater!

You’re right…that’s not natural light.

This may quite possibly be the quickest knitting project ever. I started it over the weekend and have been halfheartedly knitting at it (an episode of Buffy here…a horrifically inane Adam Sandler movie there…). Much to my surprise, I bound off the bottom last night. I should say that it does help that I don’t have much, um, surface area up there.

The yarn is some Cascade 220 from the stash (I originally bought it for mittens, which is what I tell myself every time I grab two skeins of something) and it looks like I’ll have more than enough to finish. I should have a FO in the next couple of days!

In other news, I took the day off yesterday and, among other responsible-adult-type things, did the budget. It looks like the vintage needle purchase and the Weekender Bag pretty much cleaned out the yarn money fund so you can count on seeing a lot of stash yarn over the next couple of months. This is not necessarily a bad thing.