July 17, 2009

Mid-July Update

Summer is in full swing here at Chez Elliphantom. The morning glories are large and in charge and my summertime pets, the praying mantises, are hanging around and making me happy. There's a new laptop in residence, which pleases me no end (I started this post from the exotic location also known as "outside"). Not much earth-shattering on the knitting front...just lots of bite-sized projects for my short attention span.

hallo! I'm scarftastic!

You've probably already forgotten about this scarf (last seen in April), but I took somebody's advice and checked out the Daisy stitch. It looked pretty awesome on the right side...just the thing to break up the color patterns in the hand-dyed sock yarn...but I wasn't particularly smitten with the wrong side. Sortof unremarkably reverse-stockinetty. So I changed the stitch a bit and got something that pleases me more. It still looks about the same from the front. I didn't get a picture of the back. Oopsie!

I glove you

In other knitting news, I pulled my Rainy Day Fingerless Gloves out the other day and knocked out most of the second glove. Why don't I do more large-gauge colorwork? It knits up so quickly! I should do something to remedy that.

The most exciting news in these parts is that, in few weeks, I'm packing my suitcase and heading off to the Sock Summit in Portland! I'm registered for classes with Nancy Bush, Chrissy Gardiner, Meg Swansen, and Barbara Walker, and a lecture with Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. I have to pinch myself every time I look at that list!

A couple other project photos from earlier in the summer that never made it to the blog:

Rae's plain old socks. Now finished, but not photographed.

The Snickets. Oh the loveliness...

April 30, 2009

Basket dive

Yesterday I was "tidying up" (in quotes because I ended with a bigger mess than I had to begin with) and thought I might as well empty out the knitting basket. You know...kind of like tilling the soil in the spring. Not surprisingly, I found a few projects that I had forgotten about.

Big Rainy Day Fingerless Gloves


I started these sometime last winter (Ravelry says in December) because I really want my own pair.

Since I have fabulously large hands (as a woman, I'm not sure what this says about me) I've forgone the sportweight and instead I'm using a mixture of worsted and dk yarns to size things up a notch. So far it seems to be working out fine and glove number one is Elli-sized. Not sure why these fell by the wayside...probably Christmas. Time for number two!

The Henry Scarf


Ah, Henry! In a fit of herringbone lust I happily cast on for this during the Beijing Olympics, got a few rows in, and screwed up.

Now that we've had a little time apart I've made peace, frogged the offending row (this bad boy has loooong rows), and now Henry's back in rotation. Happiness, rainbows, confetti, etc.

Snorri Gloves


Gloves for Thunky! Started last winter with the alpaca he brought me from England, I'm designing these as I go.

Abandoned because the colorwork in the fingers (which makes them double-thick and snuggly warm) is a major pain in the neck. I think it's time to ditch the fiddly fingers and just go plain. If that means these will be done in time for next winter, I'll be a happy camper.

That's it for today! I still have a few projects that haven't made it blogside, and a small pile of unblogged FOs, but I feel like I'm getting a little closer to current!

p.s. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions for the pink scarf! I *think* I've decided on a new stitch pattern...yay!