January 23, 2010

Help for Haiti / FO: T2

You're probably already aware of the Help for Haiti fundraiser that many of the designers on Ravelry are participating in, yes? I regret to say that I only have one downloadable pattern for sale, but if you have a hankering to knit a Tuppy, I'm donating half of the proceeds from pattern sales in the month of January to MSF/Doctors Without Borders. Fun knitting, good cause, win-win!

Ravelry Link
Pattern summary

That said, I have a little FO I've been sitting on since June (yes, I am that behind). Meet Tuppy 2: Brother of Tuppy:

A new Tuppy has risen

Since Tanis was the driving force behind the whole Tuppy project, I thought it was only fitting that I knit her her very own be-horned and winged beastie! The only elements I changed on her monster were the wing and foot colors, but despite all the sameness they have their differences in personality. I feel like the mother of twins...I can tell the difference, but can you?

Before the brothers were separated.

Tuppy 2 has long since flown off to live on the east coast, but rumor has it that he's giving the monsters under Tanis' bed a run for their money.

Never too monstery for florals.

January 17, 2010

New Kid

I just finished a marathon purge of my trusty Bloglines account and ohmyfreakinggoodness were there ever a lot of cobwebs in there. Seems I'm not so good at following people to their new blogs and deleting defunct feeds. So I did a couple hours of updating and trashing and now things feel all fresh and shiny. No doubt inspiration will be easier to find when it isn't buried under all that detritus.

Culling through my feeds started me thinking about the knitblog community and how it is such a vastly different place now from what it was back in 2005 when I launched the Elliphantom balloon. A few people are still at the familiar old addresses but the greater chunk have wandered off to bigger and better things or parts unknown. I won't even start on how Ravelry has changed the face of the knitting community.

Tuppy, with his friend Stegman (my birthday gift from Tanis!)

My little epiphany of the day came when I realized that instead of feeling like The Old Granny of Knitblogland, I feel like a kid who's moved schools. A little shy, a little uncertain about who knows what about me, and a little hesitant to commit in case I do it wrong. It's not that I don't have plenty to say, it just never quite makes it out of my mouth.

So! I think the solution is to jump right in and set myself a little challenge. Three posts a week, to get me back into practice. That's approximately every other day, with a little wiggle room. If I can stick to it, I should have a solid dozen entries by the time the Olympics roll around.

I know this isn't the first time I've resolved a fresh start here, but who knows? Maybe this time it'll stick.

July 26, 2009

Now with 100% more progress bar!

Hey lookie! Thunky gave me progress bars! So now you all know a) how many UFOs I've got cluttering up the joint, and b) how many finished projects I haven't blogged about yet! :)

For the few non-knitters who read the blog, you have to have Ravelry login before you can click through to see the individual project links. But if you don't knit, you probably don't care about that anyway, right?

And speaking of FOs...

Homemade bread with wildflower honey. Mmmm...

July 8, 2009

Way more than you ever wanted to know

So a certain person (who will remain Tanis) has noticed that it's been a while and has been pestering me to update. Since I'm just coming off a week-long LEGO jag, in which there was very little knitting, I did what any sane blogger would do and offered her a guest-blogging position.

Now it may be the journalist in her (do you have journalist in you, T?) or perhaps because her mother dropped her on her head when she was a baby, Tanis thought it would be fun to play 20 questions. And while Tanis is smart as paint, and talented to boot, she overlooked the fact that I'm not nearly as interesting as knitting. So proceed at your own peril. If you make it to the end, you get a cookie.

Tanis: ok, i have my 20 questions
Elli: Wait! I have to get a snack first!
Tanis: surprise surprise. i'll go wash my apple
Elli: Ok, I have foodstuffs
Tanis: as do i
Elli: Don't get all foul-mouthed on me, or I'll have to bleep you
Tanis: s**t, really?

Tanis: ok, shall we? we'll start off easy.
Elli: Fire away!

Tanis: cats or dogs?
Elli: Definitely dogs. Cats make my nose itch. They also seem way too interested in yarn. I don't want the competition.
Tanis: so i should return that cat i'm fedexing you? i poked holes in the box and everything
Elli: I suppose I could just leave it out on the porch and feed it kitty kibble through the air holes

Tanis: Most beautiful place you've ever been (and I hope you brought your knitting with you!)?
Elli: Ooooh...lemme think. What kind of pretty are we talking?
Tanis: Interpret as you see fit
Elli: Ok, I haven't been many places outside of North America, so I'm going to have to be incredibly tame and say California. I love the green rolly hills and they have fabulously diverse geology and lots of huge pretty trees. Plus there is water. I love water.

Tanis: favorite snack?
Elli: Are all food groups available?
Tanis: yes. unless you eat dirt or trash. i don't want to know about that.

Tanis: best place you've knit?
Elli: Everywhere, all over London last year.
Tanis: cheater. narrow it down
Elli: I felt particularly smug while knitting in a crypt.
Tanis: as in "ha, ha, you're dead but i'm here knitting?"
Elli: pretty much

Tanis: Favorite book/movie (yes, I'm cheating by asking 2 questions in one)?
Elli: I'll cheat by giving multiple answers
Tanis: fair enough
Elli: Book: Anything by John Irving or Stephen Fry. Don't make me pick
Tanis: cheater again
Elli: Movie: Truly, Madly, Deeply; Christmas movie: Mixed Nuts (there is knitting!); Old movie: Roman Holiday

Tanis: and a follow up: what are you reading right now?
Elli: I'm reading "Tears of the Giraffe," "All Creatures Great and Small" and listening to "When you are Engulfed in Flames"

Tanis: Desert, forest, ocean or city and why?
Elli: Ocean! Because I love everything about water. Except, perhaps, drowning. Though I hear that it's not so bad as ways to die go.
Tanis: i've heard it's the 2nd worst. But then again, how do you rate that sort of thing? Do you even love the creepy fish that live in the deepest darkest part and have electricity running through them?
Elli: YES! I have a creepy fish print in my living room.

Tanis: Email or hand written letter?
Elli: Definitely E-mail. I have the worst penmanship known to man. Also, I constantly edit myself, which is hard to do on paper. Oh, and I can't spell.

Tanis: Pullover or cardigan?
Elli: Cardigan! For some reason, it's ok to wear the same cardigan day after day but pullovers can only be worn once every couple of weeks. It's a great mystery of the universe.
Tanis: solve that one and we're all set

Tanis: Lucky number and why?
Elli: Not really a luck-oriented person, but 17 has always been my favorite. Because I was born on the 17th. Plus it has a pleasing look. Nice and angular.

Tanis: Day or night and why?
Elli: Night! I feel very creative when I'm supposed to be in bed.

Tanis: Last concert you attended?
Elli:'s been a while. Lemme think. Does the opera count?
Tanis: indeed
Elli: lemme look up which one it was. brb.
Tanis: memory isn't what it used to be, eh old bean?
Elli: I think it might have been Massenet's "Cendrillon" last February. I don't get out much, it seems. I did just buy my first tickets EVER to a pop concert this week though
Tanis: which one?
Elli: Regina Ann Arbor in September
Tanis: i know you harbor a deep love of all things backstreet boys
Elli: uh huh

Tanis: Subway, car, bus, walking or teleportation and why?
Elli: I like subways. They make me feel urban and sophisticated. Also, they're windy! I love wind. That said I hardly ever use subways, so I probably over-romanticize them.
Tanis: yes you do. a lot.

Tanis: What are you afraid of? (that sounds like a threat!)
Elli: I harbor a great fear of nuts, and by extension, anaphylaxis.
Tanis: so the cashews i stashed in the box with the kitty were a bad idea?
Elli: I also fear cutting my eyeballs.
Tanis: yikes. i can't imagine that being high up on the "to do" list for many people?
Elli: on a meat slicer or on a nail
Tanis: that's specific
Elli: I can't explain it.
Tanis: no need. Cut eyeballs are icky. enough said.

Hidden talents?
Elli: Um, I can touch my nose with my tongue?
Tanis: that's more like genetics, no?
Tanis: heh
Elli: my hands are quite magnificent
Tanis: if you do say so yourself
Elli: I am nothing, if not modest. Oh, and I'm always right. Does that count as a talent?
Tanis: always eh? I'm sure Thunk can back that one up.

Tanis: Favorite saying?
Elli: I can't say I've got a favorite saying. Should I make one up?
Tanis: naturally.
Elli: Oh wait...I remember..."the Merganser duck has very little commercial value, due to the distinctly fishy flavor of its meat"
Tanis: why do i feel like you just Google "favorite saying" and that's what popped up first?
Elli: Actually, I read that in the encyclopedia when I was a wee small thing. That fact has never abandoned me in a crisis.
Tanis: while avoiding cats and eating dirt?
Elli: Well, that was before the cats, but after the dirt.
Tanis: silly me. ok, moving on...

Tanis: what's your worst habit?
Elli: Thunk says that it's either picking at my thumbs, OCD cleaning, or shoe shopping
Tanis: those are bad habits?
Elli: I know, right?
Tanis: sounds to me you just like clean thumbs/house/feet?
Elli: truly

Optimist or pessimist?
Elli: Optimist! Except when I'm pessimistic.
Tanis: except for that
Elli: I'd like to think I'm realistically optimistic.

Tanis: Would you rather be stuck in a crowded room or be by yourself?
Elli: Definitely by myself. I like people but they exhaust me.

Tanis: If you were told you had one day left to live, how would you spend it?
Elli: alone, in a room, by myself.
Well, honestly I'd probably just get all weepy and maudlin and call everyone I've ever known, and spend the whole day saying "this is the last time I'll ever ___" and bursting into tears.
Tanis: remind me to not come over that day. Or at least bring you some tissues and pretty yarn
Elli: I'll just call you

Where do you want to travel to the most that you haven't been?
Elli: Oh wait! I remembered where the prettiest place I've ever been is!
Tanis: no turning back now!
Elli: Carlsbad Caverns, in New Mexico!
Tanis: just kidding
Tanis: apparently!
Elli: ok, place I want to go?
Tanis: focus Stu, focus. yes.

Elli: I really want to go to Savannah right now.
Tanis: like the desert or the city?
Elli: I don't know if it's the ULTIMATE vacation, but I'd like to go. City.
Also, any island would be good. Scotland would be fun. I'm not horribly adventurous, actually. mostly I stay at home
in a room
by myself
Tanis: and knit
Elli: that's implied

Tanis: ok, last questions, #21! ready?
Elli: yes
Tanis: If you and I were in a knitting battle to the death, who would win and why?
Elli: You would win, because I would eventually have to sleep.
Tanis: ha!
Elli: Also, you have wrists that never get tired
Tanis: best answer ever. how do you know i'm not animatronic? It would make a lot of sense
Elli: are you like the plug-in grandma? will you serve me hot chocolate out of your finger?
Tanis: creepy
ok and we're done! exhausted?
Elli: yes! Also, still hungry.

If you're still reading, mad cookies for you!

February 13, 2009


A certain husband of mine just showed up at work with a smile and a bouquet.

hallo! we are luscious long-stemmed baby alpaca!

Sorry ladies...I've found the perfect man and you can't have him.

nothing is more romantic than a jumping sheep (an homage to one of my favorite You Tube clips).

I love you, Thunky!

January 4, 2009

In 2009 I resolve... blog all my FOs before January is out.


October 25, 2008

Happy Saturday Rundown

Things that make me happy today:

1) Finding another antique bone crochet hook at the thrift store yesterday

2) Surprise gifts in the mail from across the Atlantic

3) Another surprise gift! This one reminding me to read my Tintin.

4) Knitting with my own homespun

5) My new Amy Ruppel

6) Glass birds. Not just for Christmas!

And to make it an even 10...
7) Realizing that there is lasagna in the fridge that we can heat up for dinner
8) Watching Saturday afternoon home shows on PBS
9) Weather that is just the right temperature to not run the AC or the heating (if I wear wool socks)
10) Knowing that this blog turned three yesterday. Wow!

Hope your Saturday is as lovely as mine!

August 1, 2008

Hooray for new things!

A new online knitting magazine! Have you seen it yet?

hello. I blend in with the portulaca*.

I haven't had a chance to read the articles, but I've already picked out my favorite patterns:

Ysolda's little birds cardigan

Adrian's faux bois scarf and mittens

Yum, yum!

*Thunk says that I should tell you to look for the praying mantis. Did you find him?

June 30, 2008

here's a llama, there's a llama...

Howdy peeps!

Everything is out of my kitchen now (and it has been for a bit) but life, the universe, and everything have conspired to keep me from doing much significant knitting. Luckily for you, I have fun-loving fiberphillic friends who like to go places. The most recent trip? Yellow Wood Llama Farm.

hey there. I have lovely llama lashes

If you want details, pop on over to to Orata or Hapagirl's blogs and you can get the skinny. This may be construed as bloggerly laziness, but I view it as doing my little part to reduce knit-blog redundancy. Share the love.

Orata with Michelle the llama

Llamas were petted. Yarn was purchased. A lovely time was had by all.

Michelle, Fred, Hapagirl, Hopper, and Laura

In conclusion (because I've decided that a post with no actual content should definitely have a conclusion) I'd like to remind you of this forgotten gem.


June 4, 2008

Signs of the apocalypse

hi there. elli is busy right now, but if you leave her a message, she'll get back to you soon...

Sign #1: Mutant chickens are planning to take over the world.

Thankfully I've discovered their plot and have reported it to the appropriate authorities.

Sign #2: Trees are also plotting a hostile takeover.

Evidence: this pollen is ridiculous

Sign #3: My apartment agreed to replace my carpet.

Ever wonder what it would look like if you put everything you own in the kitchen?

I'll be back soon...if I survive...

May 27, 2008

London, May 7

Thunk_Victoria.jpg park.jpg

pastoral_knitting.jpg Bham_guard.jpg

I'm starting to go through the trip pictures a bit...I've gotten through day one! It helps that all we did that day was arrive, nap, and mosey down to Buckingham Palace.

May 26, 2008

Global knitter, on land and on sea

So I went to England! I've been back for over a week so it's about time I blogged, eh?

England was fantastic. We saw all sorts of interesting things, my favorites being any and all old churches/cathedrals/minsters/abbeys I could find. What can I say, I'm just a churchy kinda gal. Here I am, having climbed all the way to the top of St. Paul's.

See? Happy as a clam in mud.

Another highlight was finally getting to meet one of my favorite knitters, Philippa!

the inaugural meeting of the Transatlantic Sock Sisterhood

I wanted to take Philippa home with me

Philippa and Deri treated us to a picnic in the park, showed us Philippa's fountain and a nice hill and then we spent the rest of the evening in a pub having a fabulous time. The night culminated in getting a little lost on subway and Philippa giving me presents (an excellent combination...I recommend it). She knitted me this plummy hot water bottle cozy, which makes me fantastically happy every time I look at it.

hello. I am snuggly and lovely

She also gave me some yummy British sock yarn. Pictures of that and the yarn I bought in York to come...

This afternoon's assignment?

hello. I am unseamly. and slightly out of focus...

April 13, 2008

In which there is much fiber

Did you know I have a spinning wheel? Probably not. It's been a while since I hauled her out. The truth is that I've never practiced enough to become consistent and I have a bad habit of buying quantities of white fiber (with the intent to dye and spin up enough to make a garment) and then never quite having the confidence to get started. So you could say that things have languished in the spinning department.

Fast forward to yesterday when Wendie and I made our annual sojourn up to the Fiber Event, in Greencastle, Indiana*. Wanna see what I got?

Romney, Alpaca, Cormo x Border

Blue Faced Leicester & silk (indigo/osage), Corriedale & silk (osage/cochineal/madder), Corriedale (indigo)

more Romney, Shetland lambswool (from Theodora the sheeplette)

Clun Forest, Wensleydale, Border Leicester

Icelandic handspun from Schacht Fleece Farm (spun by Mandy from Chloe the sheep)

the coolest cotton towel ever, handwoven by a fellow named Ivan, purchased from his granddaughter and great-granddaughter

That's mostly fiber, isn't it? All natural and local and (best of all) in small enough quantities that I can just mess around and see if I like it...kindof like a fiber buffet. Looks like my inner spinner may have woken up (or alternately, my inner misguided fiber-buyer may have just gone on a wild rampage).

*proof that I was actually there can be found on Nicole's blog. I did not take pictures. In my defense, it was horribly cold and rainy and I didn't want to take off my mittens. Had I taken pictures they would have been of the gals (Wendie, Orata, Nicole, Kalani, Leigh, and Bloggless Norma), the poor frightened sheep that was bolting around the grounds with people running after it (strangely enough, the ONLY live sheep I saw there yesterday), and my blue lips. Thankfully we had boys and a nice lasagna to go home to. There was also a Wendie-made blueberry pie for dessert which was FANTASTIC. A good day.

March 12, 2008

Going Down

It seems that I have finally caught the ick. How do I know? Aside from the normal signs (scratchy throat, lymph nodal swellage, headache) I've been exhibiting knitting symptoms. Most noticeably the fact that I've just spent the last four hours knitting the same row.

I kid you not. It was like my life was on some sort of crazy sisyphean loop: *calculate increases, knit said increases, notice mistake, unknit, reknit correctly, change my mind about how the increases should be spaced, unknit. Repeat from * until delirious. And to make the whole experience just a little bit more trippy, I had the same song on repeat the whole time. And those of you who have ever listened to Billy Joel's Goodnight Saigon for four hours will agree with me that someone should have stopped him from rhyming "soft soap" and "Bob Hope." For peetsake Billy.

And since the knitting I'm doing is of the secret variety, you get a picture of last weekend's baking experiment:

Hello. I am heaven with a hole.

Recipe here. Don't fool yourself into thinking that they are any healthier than the deep-fried variety...they just don't make your house smell like an all-night diner when you make them. Also less danger of grease fires. Safety first peeps.

October 30, 2007

Good Dog

Bye, Sam. We'll miss you.


You were the best dog ever.


October 24, 2007


Today this blog turns two. Mwah, mwah, etc.

there are more than two needles in this picture

I'm making you a present, but it's not done yet. Want a hint? Here.

p.s. it's cold out. and I'm a little grumpy. i'm going to go make cocoa. but imagine that I got all sentimental on y'all, ok? thanks, you're the best.

October 22, 2007

Sammamish blog-down

I've been back from Washington for almost a week now, but it's never too late to share a few pics. All told I got to see my two lovely sisters, the wee nephewling, my parents, and my cousins Jessica and Liz. So there was much fun and maybe a little less knitting than expected. The knitterly upside is that the cool, drizzly weather meant that we could break out the handknits. See if you can spot them all!

child_prodigy.jpg couslings.JPG
Krick learns a thing or two from Elliot, child prodigy; couslings!

corn.JPG E_pumpkin.jpg
Pop and E. brave the corn maze; drooly baby punkin goodness.

Mum, a crisp chardonnay, Baby E., yours truly, and Sam the dog.

E_street.JPG jessi_knits.jpg
Elliot street; Monster Jessi Knits!

mushroom.JPG rainy_seesters.jpg
An excellent mushroom; a familial handknit extravaganza.

Knits featured in this post: knucks (still waiting on a FO report), the as yet unblogged twiggy bobble hat (hmmm...Spun Mag seems to have let their domain expire. I'll leave the link though, in case it comes back. Who can fathom the mysteries of the internets?), the garter stripe scarf, the mossy baby sweater, and Kricket's Luna Park Socks. Oh fine, you can't see the socks in any of the pictures...but I swear Krick was wearing them. And while we're at it, I got to break in my plain old socks as well.

For those curious among you, the couslings and I did squeeze in a trip to Cultured Purls (right after the trip to the salmon hatchery) in Issaqua. Souvenir yarn and needles were dutifully purchased.

September 30, 2007

Farm fresh

Schacht Fleece Farm had a open-farm day today, so Huan-Hua and I took the opportunity to drive south of town and soak up a little of the charming farminess. They have cute little Icelandic sheep, and today was shearing day.

ur_next.jpg shearing.jpg
Dude. You're next.

Nekked sheeps.

huan_hua.jpg silo.jpg
Huan-Hua and a guard llama; one of the cool old silos.

As the sun moves, so moveth the chickens.


The sun was out, there was a lovely breeze, and I did not get chiggers or poison ivy. A perfect afternoon, and the perfect way to say goodbye to September, if you ask me.

p.s. Thanks for all the nice noises about the herringbones. Worry not; a pattern will be forthcoming.

September 10, 2007

A little bit of everything

I went into the weekend thinking that I'd see how much of the Chicago cardi I could crank out, but I got a little sidetracked. What's new? I did finish the back though:

Hello. I am soft and smooshy.

Saturday morning was devoted to thrifting:

Fall colors and fabrics!

There is enough of the blue and white herringbone to sew a nice-sized project (am I crazy to want a jumper?) and the tweedy orange wool is destined to become a cushion.

And just when I thought my days of bringing home odd balls of thrifted yarn were over, two skeins of vintage alpaca/nylon found their way into my basket (they're sneaky little things). I reskeined them and gave them a nice wash to get rid of the fusty smell and now they're ready for action...whatever that may mean. Then there were some vintage pattern pamphlets and zippers that didn't make it into the picture. A darn good trip for $4.83, wouldn't you say?

Inspired by the fabric, Sunday afternoon I decided that I had to knit some herringbone mittens. Here's where I was by 5pm:

Hello. We are fuzzy-wuzzy.

The yarn is some leftover lamb's pride worsted and I'm making things up as I go. We'll see if it works!

September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Ack! It's already the 3rd of September...time to get cracking on that whole blogging resolution.

The siblings came down from Michigan to spend the long weekend at Chez Knitalot. There was lots of sisterly bonding and baby-cuddling, as well as a large chunk of time spent being terrorized by yellow jackets. Pretty much every time we ventured outdoors (dinner outside, the lakeside picnic-lunch, and wine and cheese on the winery deck), the entire yellow jacket population of southern Indiana descended.* It was like The Birds, except without Tippi Hedren and her scary hair. Or birds, for that matter.

Here are a few pics from the weekend. Knitting coverage to resume soon.

m%26c.jpg kfloss.jpg
Rae and HRH the Nephewling; Kricket's embroidery floss

Krick with her embroidery, before the deadly diet coke disaster of '07

raebag.jpg ricecereal.jpg
The bag Rae sewed me for my birthday; angelic nephewling with rice cereal

I'm off to enjoy what's left of my 3-day weekend (by which I mean: knit). Over and out!

*we eventually discovered that yellow jackets love red wine and diet coke above all other beverages, which may explain why they they spent a lot of time following us around.

August 30, 2007

Recovering Perfectionista

Confession: Somewhere along the line I seem to have lost the ability to crank out a blog post.

I used to just throw something up on the blog and go. Now it takes me an average of 2 hours to write a blog post. NOT GOOD. I do realize that I am quite possibly the world’s slowest writer, but that’s insane. Besides, no amount of editing or rewording will ever disguise the fact that I have only the vaguest ideas about the proper use of the comma. Or grammar in general, for that matter. And not every photo will be perfect. Because, hello! Expecting my cracked Crapshot 200 to take beautiful non-blurry pictures all the time falls under the heading of Not So Reasonable.

A slightly blurry butterfly pic, taken Tuesday

Among other things, I’ve got multiple un-blogged projects started and a couple of FOs I’ve been sitting on. Not to mention all manner of other knitterly minutia that could use a little blog-time. Time to get back in the saddle.

So! My September resolution is: blog more; obsess less. I am optimistic.

p.s. This post only took about an hour to write. Improvement already!

August 17, 2007


It's my birthday, so I made you a present!

MailingLabels.gif Hello. We are knitterly mailing labels.

Instructions for use:
1) Go here to download the pdf.*
2) Save a copy.
3) Print.
4) Cut apart.
5) Inscribe with address/short poem/recipe/instructions to your dogsitter/short message.
6) Affix to package/letter/knitting basket/significant other/whatever else you can think of, using tape/rubber cement/paste/mucilage/static electricity, or your adhesive of choice.
7) Enjoy!

*Requires Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free here, if you don't already have it.

July 31, 2007

Show and Tell

Good mail seems to come in clumps around here. I'll go for weeks with nothing more interesting than a bank statement and then I'll hit a happy patch and something nice comes almost every day. Lately things have been pretty terrific in the mail department...

Hello. I totally rock.

Circular needle case from Dan of Spin | Knit. I won his blogiversary contest and I'm not ashamed to say that I totally played to win. You're kinda jealous, aren't you? Maybe he'll make some and put them in his shop if you ask nicely enough.


Sample-sized Soak packets from Chris in three promising-sounding scents (citrus, aquae, and a scent for celebration). I plan on doing a very faux-scientific review of these when I get a chance. Maybe next week? Everybody loves a good product test.


Rowanspun Aran, for the next big sweater project...which I'm already six inches into. Any guesses? Clues: it's for me, and it's cabled (what a shocker)!

June 5, 2007

Five happy things

1) I finished sewing up Demi! There won't be any pictures until I locate some buttons and do a little seam-steaming, but she's almost there! Do you know what this means?

2) I am down to ONE unfinished project! Just one! I'm still a little shocked about this. This in turn means that...

3) I can finally start some new projects! Swatching has ensued. Plans are being made for yummy projects which involve...


4) Stashbusting! This is some Alpaca Cloud I overdyed on Sunday evening. It used to be "sunlight heather" (aka blah beige) so I took care of that with a whole pile of lemon and orange flavored koolaid. I am really happy with the results and I'm hoping that it'll be just right for the project I have in mind.

And since we haven't had enough babies around here lately...

5) The nephewling is cute. So is my dad.


May 13, 2007

Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day, Mummy! I love you!

April 13, 2007

Get yer fiber

Tomorrow I’ll be making my yearly sojourn north to Greencastle Indiana for a bit of wooly fun at THE FIBER EVENT.* I’ll be there with the lovely and accomplished Wendie, who is flying in from Virginia solely for the purpose of being my yarn-buying companion. Ok, I’m a liar. She’s really out here for other reasons, but it’s a happy coincidence that she’s around the one weekend that we have a fiber festival.

At any rate, if you happen to be at the Putnam County Fairground tomorrow and see two knitbloggers hopped up on fiber fumes, say hi! I’ll be the one completely freezing my arse off.

*formerly known as the Fleece Fair. Freshly renamed to sound like a convention for people with slow colons.

March 29, 2007


When you do a search for “knitting ennui” you get 298 results (soon to be 299, once I publish this). If you take out the quotes you get about 64,200, which is why I shouldn’t be surprised that I’ve finally hit a patch myself.

Stamps are wooly too.

Causes of said lack of knitterly enthusiasm? Start with a project that I’ve lost steam on (baby sweater), add a large dose of nice weather (finally!), a touch of carpal tunnel (boo!), a bit of under-the-weatherness (hello allergy season!), a rekindled interest in my stamp collection (you thought knitting was my nerdiest hobby?), and having the tv hooked up (two words: time sink) and you get one unproductive Elli.

Though I did do a bit of sock knitting. See?

A little summer on the right. A little winter on the left.

For those of you who asked about the yarn…I know it’s Trekking XXL, but I’ve temporarily lost the label. It seems I’ve been slacking off in the apartment-cleaning department too.

But things are looking up. I don’t have much planned for this weekend and I think a nice long sit-down with the knitting is just what I need.

March 19, 2007

Monday update

We just got back from a weekend in Michigan with the siblings. Very preggie Rae and the rest of my family have been going to town on the baby crafts. Here’s a little preview*


Progress has been made on the cabled baby sweater. No pics today. I have made the unfortunate decision to rip back seed stitch from the top. Those of you who have tried this will know what I’m talking about.

In the meantime, a Shameless Plug: Tonight, Thunk’s brother , on TV. Vote if you feel so inclined.

*No, I have not taken up crochet. Rae made these.

February 22, 2007

Mail call!

Guess what? Thunk's saddle shoulder aran cardigan is finished, blocked, be-buttoned and ready for action! Unfortunately, we still haven't gotten out to do a photoshoot. So I thought I'd take this opportunity to distract you with some pictures of the unexpected knitting-related surprises that have shown up at my door lately. It's been like Christmas over here, people.

First there was some yummy yarn from my MIL. You know you've got it good when the in-laws start sending unsolicited fiber.

I am soft and fuzzy.

A couple of days later my friend Deb swung by bearing a copy of the 1943 Red Heart classic "Woolies for Babies" which, aside from having the single most petulant-looking baby in all of creation featured on the cover (though you can't blame her as she is sporting the Wynken, Blynken 'n' Nod Toe Toasters, Hug-me-Tight, AND Cuddly Cap), has a couple of patterns for "Soakers" inside.


For those of you who haven't run into a soaker lately, it's basically a pair of wooly underpants for your baby to wear over a cloth diaper (which explains the name, though I'm told it's not really as gross as it sounds). Anyway, my pregnant sister Rae (pics here, if you need a refresher) has declared that she's going the anti-disposable route and wants some soakers. I've found a few patterns online, but if any of you have soaker experience and can share any tips/recommendations/favorite patterns/whatever, just drop me a comment or an e-mail. This would be a good time to point out that I've finally put my e-mail up in the sidebar over there. Took me long enough, didn't it?

But back to the mail. A little over a week ago, I received an extraordinarily lumpy package from my cousin Jessica (pic here if you need a refresher) and this little guy was inside!

Hello. I am here to kill you with my adorableness.

Think he's cute from the front? Just wait until you see his little backside:


We decided to call him Max for obvious reasons. Tee-hee.

February 14, 2007

More of the same

Doing the freaky steeky

And, of course, more ice:




February 13, 2007

Slippery when slippery

You know what happens when you have an ice storm?

ready for steekage

You stay home from work and knit!

And then you go take some pictures of ice.




December 21, 2006

Off we go!

We're leaving town folks! I'll be checking in occasionally, but you may not hear from me until we get back on January 6 or so.

Happy Holidays everybody! Keep the blog warm for me.

November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Guestblogger: my sister Rae

Wednesday we drove down to visit Elli and Thunk for a very festive T-day weekend. In a burst of domesticity, Elli and I undertook a rather ambitious Thanksgiving feast. It turned out to be delicious, with only a few small mini-disasters (the fancy canned organic cranberry jelly Elli had purchased had a spot of mold on the top, the turkey decided to finish cooking approximately two hours before anyone was hungry, and the dishwasher exploded as it was draining and leaked gallons of rinse-cycle water all over the kitchen floor). Ah, the stuff memories are made of…

you know we're feeling extra domestic when we break out the aprons

A few weeks ago Nate and I found out we’re having a boy. This means that Elli will be an aunty. As such, she must fulfill her social obligation to spoil her little nephew, which means that she will spend many hours knitting small adorable booties and sweaters (gigantor hint) and buying cute baby clothing. Below you see the first outfit I have received for the baby so far, a prezzie from Elli. It’s perfect as I love duckies.


Since this summer, I’ve spent many hours lazing around and generally using pregnancy as an excuse for excessive unproductivity. However, I have found a little time betwixt my full-time teaching job, graduate class and watching Grey’s Anatomy to make a few items for the baby:

From Butterick pattern 5439.

I’ve also been stenciling onesies for the baby (using freezer paper method as per angry chicken’s instructions.) I have to admit I went a little crazy with this. They’re just so much fun. Elli got one in this weekend as well (hers is the adorable squirrel in the front).

(bomb onsie idea shamelessly copied from here)

About the author:
Even though she doesn't really act like it, Rae is my older sister. She enjoys sewing, physics, and dragging her sisters along on wilderness camping trips with lots of poison ivy. She is married to Nate, who is a fine specimen of man. Their baby will probably enjoy archery, canoeing, and competitive caber tossing.


November 9, 2006

Me, me, me, meme!

I was going to post some knitting progress today but I forgot my camera. So you get a meme to tide you over instead. I know, I'm sorry.

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October 24, 2006

1 year

Well, that went quickly! I feel like I was just writing my 6 month post a few weeks ago. Here’s what I’ve done since then:

Anybody want to guess what my current color combination of choice is?

You can tell that these were the warm months. Fewer sweaters and more sewing. Also I'm noticing a more lace/fewer cables trend.

For those of you who like lists, here’s the Knitting Tally for the whole year:

Sweaters: 8 (5 adult, 3 baby)
Vests: 1
Shawls: 1
Hats: 1
Scarves: 2
Mittens/Gloves: 2
Socks/Slippers: 7
Toys: 1

Total Completed Projects: 23, or about 2 knitted items per month. Am I the only one who thinks that sounds low (you know, considering that I knit pretty much every day)? I guess there was some sewing thrown in there too...and that chair.

In other news, I'm almost to the heel on Elfine # 2. So hopefully another FO by the end of the week!

September 10, 2006


I know that as a (nearly) grown woman I'm supposed to start having a more adult attitude towards birthdays and be, you know, poised and stuff. But I'll be the first to admit it: I love presents. There are so few times in your life that you know, for certain, that as soon as you do something (open the box or bag or envelope) something nice will happen.

Some of the best ones I got this year were ones my family made for me, so I thought I'd show them off.

Apron, sewed by my big sister, Rae:

In case your curious, Rae says she got her inspiration from one in Amy Butler's new book (link with small pic of said apron here).

Watercolors, by my Mum:

Embroidered Pillowcase, by my little sister Kricket:

Er, yes...that would be my nickname. Why do you ask? Focus on the sheep. See the sheep?

And if that weren't enough, I also was the recipient of a really fabulous swap package from Philippa:

I am now the proud owner of my very own British hot water bottle, complete with hand-drawn instructions on how to use it by P's little sister (this was the item that got the swap started...don't laugh at me), French tea and soap (you have never smelled anything so delicious), beautiful vintage knitting needles for my collection, and some v. cute polka-dotted lightweight corduroy fabric to play with. Thanks so much, Philippa!

September 5, 2006

Hello, I’m back!

I extended my break to take in the Labor Day weekend and now I’m feeling pretty dang refreshed. I relaxed, saw lots of people, and gained some perspective on, you know, life. I did knit a little too…


Knitting on the Aran Cardi continues. I held it up to Thunk’s torso yesterday evening and it appears that I’m about 1/3 of the way through the body. I’m having a nice time with this one so far. It’s a very relaxing knit…the cables are easy to memorize and hey, no body shaping!

Aside from a little more knitting on the Pomatomus socks, and some sisterly birthday knitting on the mysterious white project (which I did NOT finish in time for the birthday deadline, and STILL haven’t finished, because I am a bad sister) I didn’t really accomplish much in the crafty realm. I did figure out a few other things though:

1) I love my new brother-in-law. I have the best family ever. You should all be very jealous of me.


2) Vacation is lovely, even when it rains and there are biting flies.


3) I’ve had an epiphany about the whole Christmas knitting thing. This year, I’m not going to knit something for everyone I know. I’m not joking. I know I said it last year, but I really mean it this time. More to come on this topic.

4) It seems that the combination of autumn-like weather and having the carpet shampooed can trigger an insane cleaning, organizing, trashing and donating binge. Curious about how that worked out?

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August 24, 2006

Michigan bound

In a few minutes we're off to Michigan for my baby sister Kricket's wedding. She's marrying Ross on Friday. (See how cute they are? Awwww...):


[Obligatory shot of back when we were little (elli, krick, rae).]
She's now a fabulously lovely young lady who I love dearly and somehow still can't resist embarrassing in a public forum. All the best, Krickie-poo!

After the wedding it's off to stay on the lake for a few days, so I'll be gone for about a week.

On to business. With the help of the random number picker, I am happy to proclaim Christine the birthday contest winner! (Christine, I've sent you an e-mail, so go check your mail!). For those of you who are curious, I turned 27 this year...and 27 got the most guesses, so I must act my age!

Ok, out the door with us. See you in a week!

August 1, 2006

Weekend report

Back from Michigan now! I have a bunch of catching up to do in blogland (seriously people...I leave for three days and you all post like maniacs...)

I started a new project in the car on Friday:


Pomatomus, eventually for my darling cousin Jessica who is a keen crochetist and is lucky enough to work in a yarn shop (which I will visit someday, I promise). She claims to read this blog, so I'm not even going to try to be sneaky about knitting these for her. Besides, I already told her I was making her socks. Surprise, honey!

The knitterly highlight of the trip was a visit to the Ann Arbor District Library on Sunday to see this lovely lady:


Yeah, we got stuck in the overflow room watching the live video feed. They'd better start finding larger venues for Ms. Pearl-McPhee. Despite our lack of proximity, we had a fabulous time. Thunk was thoroughly diverted by the whole spectacle and one-upped me by knowing more knitters at the event than I did (his ex-boss Diane was there, having traveled across the state to attend. Hi Diane!).

I achieved my lifelong dream of holding the sock. I can now die happy:

famous knitter for scale

I enjoy the coincience that the artwork behind Stephanie makes her look as if she has simultaneously sprouted horns and a halo. Perhaps this is symbolic?

Bonus shots:
My pomatomus meets Dana's pomatamus (in line, waiting for book signage).
Goofball shot (she jumped/I ducked--it didn't really work out as planned, but hey...I'm shorter than she is in that shot).

July 4, 2006

Blueberry Pie

Yes, I know. More pie. I promise that this will be it for a while...I think I'm pretty much all fruited out now.


Saturday: We went with friends to a little farm west of town to pick some blueberries. Just so you know, that bucket there contains 10.5 pounds. At $1.65 a pound, I'm afraid I got a little berry-greedy.

Sunday: I went a bit domestic and made pie (fresh blueberry pie, which is much better than the cooked jam-type pie), and freezer jam, which I don't think turned out because it's still all soupy. As the mountain of berries did not look much diminished, we threw a whole pile into the freezer, and ate enough to turn our insides blue.

Monday: Feeling a bit nauseous at the sight of more than half a pie and a large bowl of berries, we fed the rest to friends.

Tuesday: I will be quite happy not to see another blueberry for a long, long time. I'm going to go and finish up my Picovoli and enjoy my day off now. Happy 4th to all you Americany-types, and happy Tuesday to everybody else!

June 26, 2006

Cherry Pie

Saturday morning Thunk and I went to the farmers market and stumbled upon some sour cherries. Pie time!


I've never been much of a pie maker...this one was only my second (my career as a piemaker was cut short early on when I managed to bake the single most unremarkable apple pie the Midwest has ever seen). Things are looking up though...I would say this one fell under the heading of "delicious." We're going back next Saturday to look for more cherries.

A little preview of things to come:


June 1, 2006

Progress (of sorts)

I seem to have two modes: the Elli that knits and the Elli that gets things done. Guess which one of my alter egos has been around for the past week? Yup. I've been getting tons accomplished (we're talking washing the windows AND vacuuming behind the couch people). However, you'll be happy to hear that last night I hopped back on the knitting train and blasted through the yoke on the baby sweater. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself until I took a look at the placement of the button band.

Lighting brought to you courtesy of my window-free office

Looks like I'll be ripping that out and trying again. And in case anyone is wondering, I'm still undecided on embellishment. There were tons of great suggestions (thanks to all of you who weighed in!); I just haven’t made up my mind yet.

In other news: I got my flowers in over the weekend. I've lived in this apartment for a few years now, and I’ve finally figured out that anything requiring much water won’t work since it gets hotter than the Sahara out front in the summertime. So this year it’s all full-sun, draught-resistant, idiot-proof plantings for me! I already love not having to haul water outside every day.

Nasturtiums for the flowerbox (Empress of India...these will be red if they ever get around to blooming). I love how the leaves look like little lily pads, or alien antennae:

Portulaca (moss rose) for the wine crates. I’m loving the old lady colors, especially the poppy orange. Also pictured, my morning glories (in the ground, which I’m hoping will equal self-watering) and you can just see the geraniums, basil and rosemary off to the left.


Yay plants! In yet other news: I got some excellent thrifting in over the weekend. More on that later...

May 8, 2006


I hope y'all had a lovely weekend...I did! I started up a new project but neglected to take any pictures for you. So in the meantime, hoof it on over to Hello Yarn and take a gander at Adrian's fabulous mittens. This is the first pair (that I'm aware of) that anybody has made using my pattern. So thrilling! I just love all the little additions she's made.

And, since it's not a blog post if there's no picture, here's a preview of things to come:


April 25, 2006

6 months


Yesterday marked six months since I started blogging here. Time flies, eh? I'm not going to get mushy on y'all or anything, I just thought I'd rest on the old laurels and get away with posting pictures you've already seen. To be perfectly frank, I'm a little surprised at how much I've accomplished in my spare time.

On the Weekender Bag front: I'm. Still. Cutting. Out. Pattern. Pieces. Last night I could possibly have finished all the cutting, but I accidentally slashed myself with the rotary cutter (these things tend to slow down production). Don't worry; I didn’t bleed on the fabric. I mention these things purely to elicit sympathy. At any rate, I hope to have something to show for it soon.

p.s. Thanks for all the sweet comments about the Apricot Jacket! I expect you all to go out and make one now. Send me pics.

p.p.s. A big thank-ewe to Thunky for all the programming/proofreading/photographing he does for me. It's a thankless job being the man behind the knitter. Yes indeed.

April 9, 2006

Fleece Fair Report

I had a v. excellent time with Wendie at the Fleece Fair yesterday. There’s really nothing better than spending hours meandering through booths of knitting and spinning stuffus. I pretty much just took pictures of animals. (So did Wendie…she's your gal if you like the cute baby bunny and lamb shots).

sheep.jpg alpaca.jpg

We cruised all the booths a couple of times and then fortified ourselves with fair food before making final purchases. I managed to be fairly restrained, and only bought things that I can't normally find around here. Aside from some needles and a pound of white merino roving, I got some Romney lamb's wool in a lovely chocolaty color:


The owners of the booth had wound all of their rovings into beautifully spherical eight ounce balls. I'm such a sucker for presentation.

The least expensive thing I bought:


A copy of Wool Gathering #63, the Saddle-Shoulder Aran Cardigan. This fetching design has the much-coveted spousal approval necessary to become the next Thunk Sweater. Besides, I've wanted to knit an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern for ages, and this fits the bill almost perfectly (almost, because the pattern is by Meg Swanson, not EZ). Close enough, I say. I'm going to finish a few other projects that are hanging around before starting this one though.

I'm off to go work on the Apricot Jacket, but I'll leave you with a shot of Cold Sheep:


April 4, 2006

Ships and Shoes and Sealing Wax


There are exciting things afoot at Chez Elliphantom including, but not limited to:

-The Indiana Fleece Fair is on Saturday! Plans are to meet up with Wendie and (try) not to spend too much money. It's not Rhinebeck, but it's ours. Anybody else going to be there?

-I joined the Sew? I Knit! bag-along. Yes, making the needle case woke the sleeping seamstress within. Don't worry. I'll be making a knitting bag. Well, technically, you could argue all my bags are knitting bags. I'm sewing the Weekender Travel Bag by Amy Butler. Hugely ambitious, possibly disastrous, but oh so cute!

-I bought some vintage grosgrain ribbon at the thrift store this weekend (see pic above) and want to make something cool with it. Anybody have any ideas? I may possibly make a belt, but (horizontal stripes about the midsection not always being the wisest fashion choice) I'm open to other possibilities.

-Progress continues on the Apricot Jacket. Unfortunately I don't have anything to show since I had to rip out two evenings worth of knitting today. It should be noted that, when one copies down errata, one should copy out ALL of it. Not just some of it. Bah.

But I am very upbeat about it. Yes indeed. Over and out.

March 15, 2006

Feeling Springy

Have you seen the new Vogue Knitting preview? I'm loving some of the spring sweaters...

RomanHoliday_1.jpg RomanHoliday_2.jpg

The jury’s still out on this one:


It looks temptingly Delphine Wilson-esque, but I'd want to close the front and make it symmetrical.

I'm also intrigued by the knitted corset they show on their homepage. Not enough to knit it, but enough to be wondering what it's made of (hopefully not wool) and wondering how warm it would be. Of all the knitted undergarments I've seen lately, this is one of the less odd looking ones.

Things are still busy as all get-out at chez elliphantom--hopefully by this weekend things will have calmed down and I'll have time to get some serious knitting in. All I've had time to do this week is knit a bit on the Juniper socks, and work on the mitten pattern which, as you might have guessed, has turned out to be a whole lot more complicated than I anticipated. I've got a bit of pattern-writing learning curve to overcome. Maybe by Friday? I have to stop reading so many blogs...

February 28, 2006

On the list

I am so knitting this. Just as soon as I finish Demi, that is...

January 11, 2006

Who's got the button?

For those of you out there who like these can now stick me in your sidebar.


You know the rules.

Question: why is there no standard blog button size? Or am I just not in on the secret?

January 9, 2006

More Demi and some Swatches

I haven't forgotten about Demi, see? I'm into the armhole shaping.


Things are cruising along slowly but surely...I'm still pretty chained to the chart so I really only work on her at home. My only concern is that she might be knitting up a bit on the narrow side, but I'm trusting that a good blocking* will straighten things out.

By tomorrow I should have some finished Octo-Socks to show you. Aside from that, things have been a bit slow on the knitting front. I'm still regrouping from Christmas (read: doing all the stuff I put off so that I could knit presents). I also spent a good chunk of this weekend shopping and making plans for redoing the living room which, if you remember my knitting spot shot, is currently a bit dismal. This is what I've got so far:


-The background fabric is one of the set of curtains I found this weekend at Urban Outfitters.
-The pictures (still frameless) are the Owl Notecards by Susie Ghahremani from her shop at
-The fabric swatches are for this couch (green for the sofa, hounds tooth for the throw pillows). We're also still trying to figure out if we should get the matching chair or if we should find a different one.

I think that should brighten things up a bit! Now I just have to be patient, as it will take 6 weeks for the sofa to arrive. I guess I'll just have to knit to pass the time...

*in case you're curious, I decided to return the blocking board. The store we ordered it from is being very nice about it so far.

January 3, 2006

Christmas Wrapup

I promise, this will be the last Christmas post until...well, probably next August. I'll need to get started that early as I seem to be incurably ambitious when it comes to Christmas Knitting.

So how did the whole Christmas knitting thing pan out?

Finished (on time):
-Pop's Vest
-Mum's Laurent
-O's Trellis
-Lou's Socks
-Ross' Beanie

Running Behind:
-Thunk's Sweater. It's still sitting forlornly next to the couch. I got a little disillusioned with this one when I blocked it and things grew in unexpected ways, so I was more than happy to abandon it when Thunk decided that it was more important to finish O's Trellis. The new goal is to have this one finished by T's birthday, which is February 8 (I think). That should give me plenty of time (I hope).

And I've neglected to show you the knitterly things that my lovely family gave me for Christmas:


They are: Knitticisms, Handknit Holidays*, Knitting on the Road, Yarn Harlot: the secret life of a knitter, Alterknits, a pretty tape measure, yarn cutter, Lantern Moon needles, and a scarf and tam knitted by Thunk's Grandma Betty. Oh yes, and a blocking board! That would be Thunk's doing.

One question for all of you blocking board owners out there. On one end of my board, the grid pattern is poorly printed. A comparison: Nice end. Not as nice end. Is this normal? Should I return it? For what they cost I was hoping for something a little bit nicer. What do you think?

p.s. I was wrong. DWTS is on tonight (not last night). Vote for Jonathan and Anna!

*Just to eliminate any confusion--I removed the dust jacket from Handknit Holidays. I didn't get some secret edition of the book with a different cover.

January 2, 2006

A short little meme

Angela very kindly tagged me for the Knitting Spot Meme way back on December 8. This was right before I was swallowed up by the Holiday Knitting Vortex. This meme does not appear to have any rules, which is nice.


That would be my living room. Yes, indeed. Noteworthy Items:

-cd/tape player. I listen to thousands of audio books. If the public library stopped carrying books on tape I would have to stop knitting. I'm always on the prowl for new ideas...does anybody have any favorites? I'm willing to give anything a try as long as it isn't too depressing or bloody.
-Laptop. The source of many things Elliphantom.
-Octosock the second. On the needles, folks. I'm now up to the heel.

I'm going to tag Lyn, Julia, and Wendie.

p.s. Don't forget to watch the premiere of DWTS tomorrow night. Why? To support Thunk's brother and sister-in-law, of course! (end of shameless plug)

December 29, 2005


Well, we're back home again! Christmas was celebrated with my family in Seattle this year. Actually, we were in Sammamish, but have you ever heard of Sammamish? Didn't think so. But I digress...remember how I was afraid my Mum's sweater wouldn't fit?


It fits! And so does Pop's vest. I think we can safely call this a Christmas knitting success.

PopInVest.jpg MumInSweater.JPG

And in case you haven't had enough of Christmas yet, here's my entry for Carola's Christmas Excrescences Contest:

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December 9, 2005

See you later!

Just a quick post to let everybody know that I'll be MIA for the next week or so. We're off to Mexico for a week on a cruise ship with Thunky's family (nice Christmas gift, eh?).

Trellis is coming along nicely. Hopefully I'll have some nice sunny FO pics to show off when I get back!

November 27, 2005

Home Again

We're back! Michigan was fab.


It was lovely. I woke up early every morning and drank tea while I knitted and basked in the light of the Christmas tree. It sure beat going to work. I was able to finish the Laurent fronts (sans button bands) and make some headway on the sleeves. I would have gotten more done if I hadn't been frogging every five minutes. Knitting with people around equals me ignoring the pattern and making whole sections up. Maybe it's good that I don't knit socially very often.

Saturday afternoon the three sisters were observed crafting in their natural habitat. Kricket crocheted her boyfriend scarf, I knitted...


and Rae prepared lessons for her physics class. While this is not a traditional needlecraft, she gets extra points for doing work over a holiday weekend while the rest of us were having fun. Yay teachers!


What else did we do?

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October 26, 2005

Cute, cute, cute!

I just ordered myself a copy of Jess Hutch's knitted toy pamphlet. I've been drooling over those robots for months now. Get your own at her v. cool website. Check out the robot gallery and other cool things while you're there.

October 24, 2005

Welcome to the world little blog!

Yay! It's a fresh new blog! Considering I've been fiddling around with this since August (well, Thunk has) it's high time I started posting.


Things are still a bit wonky but we'll get it figured out soon, I'm sure.