March 10, 2009

Elliphantom: Return of the Knitter

Hello there knitterly peeps! Long time no blog, eh? I have only a feeble excuse involving a dead home computer, backwards priorities (yes, I do exercise before I blog...that even surprises me), and my now yearly habit of abandoning knitting for my stamp collection. It seems that Spring breeds philately in these parts.

Wondering what I've been doing with myself?

I'm Still working on the Lily of the Valley Cardi. Evidence:

Hallo! We are fronts!

I've finished one Plain Old Sock (pending end-weaving). This pair is probably for Rae, who complained over Christmas that I never knit her socks. Be careful what you wish for dearie.

I have a knack for picking out hideous sock yarn, don't I?

In the Fabulous Gifties category, I got a seriously fantastic package from Nova! I have ridiculously good luck when it comes to blog contests, it seems. Observe and be envious:

All sorts of home-sewn cuteness + yarn for a pair of Snickets. Yay!

Lastly (and definitely leastly) I signed up for a Twitter account yesterday. Time to see what all the fuss is about, I think! I'm perfectly content to tweet at nobody, but if you're interested in elli-related, mostly non-knitterly minutia...follow at your own peril.

Over and out!

January 29, 2009


Guess who got the day off of work yesterday? I love living in a town with two snow plows*.

First off, thanks for all the opera glove love! I personally hope that opera gloves stick around for a while. I love me a little drama in the accessory department. Now I just need to get around to making a pair for myself...

Time for an update on the Lily of the Valley** cardigan knitting, I think. I'm officially done with the back and have cast on for the fronts. You all know the number one rule of cardi knitting, right? Do both fronts at the same time!

Back? Check!

I realize that it's been a really long time since I've knitted great swathes of stockinette. It's nice! And it goes ridiculously fast even on the size two needles. V. theraputic and soothing. So soothing in fact, that I cast on for another pair of Plain Old Socks just to get some portable stockinette into the rotation. Never underestimate the amount of brainless knitting you can get done when you sneak in a minute here and there.

alien landscape

Just to head any questions off at the pass, I'm knitting this with some thrifted Pingouin Corrida 3 that has been loitering in the stash for a bit. I'm pretty sure the yarn is discontinued, but it seems to be a fantastic sub for the the Rowan Fine Milk Cotton the pattern calls for...very light and sturdy.

Go do yourself a favor and veg out with a little stockinette!

*Ok, so we may have more than two, but you wouldn't know it judging from the speed at which they clear the streets around here.

**I looked up the name. See how I slipped it in so casually?

January 15, 2009


I interrupt this FO parade to show off my new crush:


From the new Rowan 45. I don't remember the name of the design.