March 8, 2007

Babies and Knee Highs

For your Friday viewing pleasure:

Yana and Baby B., working the EZ Baby Sweater

On a completely different tack, I find myself lusting after kneesocks. Links for your enjoyment:

Terhi's Highland Schottische Kilt Hose

Cookie's Rhiannon Stockings and German Stockings

Stephanie's Knee Highs

Barbara's Over the Knee Stockings

And some other knee high patterns that have caught my eye lately:


Kilt Hose

Winding Cable Kneesocks

A potentially handy tool

(photos courtesy of George)

October 11, 2006

Finished: EZ Baby Sweater

I've been meaning to knit this sweater for my friends Yana and George, who are expecting a baby girl in a month or so. I don't know when exactly I was planning to knit it...I guess I figured somebody would give me a bit of notice about a shower or something. Well, I found out on the 2nd that the baby shower was going to be on the 8th. No time to go out and buy yarn...I grabbed some from the stash and off I went!


The Specs:

Pattern: Baby Sweater from Knitter's Almanac, by Elizabeth Zimmermann (February).
Yarn: KnitPicks Merino Style in nutmeg (a bit over 100g, I think. Scale still broken). Leftover from this sweater, actually.
Needles: Size 7 circs.
Start to Finish: October 2 – October 8.
For: The progeny of George and Yana.

This is a fabulously clever yet simple pattern. There are, as promised, only two seams to be sewn on this sweater. Since the underarm stitches are picked up and knit to make the body there aren’t even any underarm stitches to graft--just a couple of sleeve seams to zip up with some easy mattress stitch. Quick finishing makes for a happy knitter!

My only departure from EZ’s pattern was to add an extra stitch in stockinette to each side of the sleeve. I don’t remember whose blog I originally saw this tip on, but it makes sewing up easier and matches up the lace pattern on the bottom of the sleeves.

The only complaint I have about the pattern is that EZ gives you a gauge but no finished dimensions and the directions for sleeve length were a bit ambiguous. I know she's empowering me to figure things out myself, but I don't have much experience with the size and proportions of babies. Hopefully it'll fit the baby at some point in its early life!

The Yarn: the Merino Style is lovely and soft, but unfortunately not machine-washable. I’m banking on the facts that a) Yana is a knitter and b) they registered for cloth diapers as signs that the parents-to-be will a) not felt it and b) like doing laundry.


The Rosette:
The sweater needed a little extra something, so I made a quick yo-yo (tutorial here) and sewed a vintage button into the center. I decided to make it removable in case the baby fusses with it too much, so I threaded some ribbon through the back of it and tied the whole deal to the sweater. No pins involved!

Final Verdict: Quick, easy, and cute!