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Free Pattern! Snowbird Mittens

So this afternoon I googled myself. You know...to make sure that there isn't a new cult leader/arsonist/clown who shares my name now. I didn't turn up any nepharious Elli Stubenrauchs but I did discover that Woman's Day magzine has posted my Snowbird Mitten pattern as part of a VK Mittens & Gloves promo! Which means that I get to keep playing the Free Stuff Fairy and give you the link to the pattern. Yay!

I'm getting a lot of milage out of this photo.*

I don't receive royalties for these mittens from Vogue Knitting online sales, so I definitely encourage you to save yourself the normal $5 download or magazine/book purchase and snag the pattern for free. I have no idea how long WD will keep the pattern up on their website (one week? forever?) but it's there now. What are you waiting for? Go get it!

Ravel it

p.s. have you entered the Stitch 'n Bitch Superstar Knitting giveaway yet? The contest is open until 11:59pm EST, Friday, November 5, 2010.

*photo courtesy of Vogue Knitting/Soho Publishing


That is amazing!! Congrats! You must have been doing summersaults when you found that! :)

Thank you for letting us know! I actually tried to buy this pattern from there online store a while ago, but the registration somehow failed, and I wasn't able too. But now there will be snow :-)

Yay for free mitten pattern, but BOO and what the... to the fact you don't get any royalties when your mitten pattern is sold anyway. I realise this isn't the time of the place to enter into such discussions, but I still wish you did.
Anyways, I think that means I'm happy the mittens are free online. I want some :)

PS....thanks for being the knitting fairy with the free mitten pattern...those will be a challenge for me...

Always been one of my favorite mitten patterns. I WILL make them... some day!

Thank you! My mother-in-law would really love those.

Thanks for sharing! I've always thought those were some particularly cute mittens. Hooray for the free pattern fairy!

(and I do agree that it's sad that you don't get royalties from online sales)

Thanks for passing on the link! And yes, I wish you could also profit from online sales.

That really sucks that VK doesn't give royalites. It's not huge, but the $18 I just got in the mail from Interweave for my pattern sales was exciting!

Absolutely love your mittens!! Got the Snowbird pattern! Can't wait to make them!!

I downloaded a copy. Many thanks! I think that self-publishing is the best for knitwear designers... I think that people will prefer to buy directly from you! Keep up with the good work and nice mittens!

Thanks so much for the pattern. There is an error on the page, however; the link to three-needle bind off takes you to the pattern.