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Wooly Weekend

I spent this past weekend buried in yarn. It was fabulous. Lots of peaceful knitting time, listening to an excellent audiobook,* with a couple of breaks for important things like a good movie and some cookie-baking. Want to see what I worked on?

Predictably, the Sprig Mittens:

These things reproduce like rabbits.

Knitting Fever (distributors of Araucania) has fantastic customer service...when I messaged them about the wonky skein of navy they quickly arranged to have a replacement sent to me. Yay! I officially love them. Their yarn rocks pretty hard too. And the gauge of the replacement skein is spot on (see the two mittens on the far left).

Since that photo was taken I've finished the thumb on that second navy and tan mitten. I just have to weave in the ends and I'll have a FO to show you! But I am so easily distracted by other projects. For example...

The Forgotten Shetland Triangle

did you miss me?

Geesh. I just checked Ravelry and found out that I started this shawl in October of 2007. At the time I wanted something fancier, so I started a different one in silk thread and left this plainer Cashsoft 4 Ply version to languish, assuming I'd frog it eventually.

Fast-forward to this summer when I pulled it out just to have some simple lace to work on...I've been working a few rows here and a few rows there...nothing intense...until yesterday I realized that it was actually getting pretty large. So I got busy with the edging and I worked the last row of the chart last night before bed. All that remains is the bind off and a nice blocking. You'll be seeing this one soon!

Grove Mittens


At my current rate of a few rows a day, maybe these mittens will be finished by the time the snow arrives. I love this pattern but I just can't seem to memorize the charts, hence the slow-going. But they're so pretty that I couldn't resist throwing in another picture.

Lemongrass socks


My current toe-up Plain Old Socks. If you've been around for a while you may recognize the yarn as the stuff I originally used to cast on for a pair of ill-fated Jaywalkers. The yarn was a tad too bulky though...much better suited to some plain socks. And plain socks are the ultimate movie-knitting. Especially when subtitles are involved.

I switched to 1.5mm dpns for the calf, which is why the striping on the yarn changes further up the leg. I'm still trying to decide if it was the right choice. But I'm assuming that the recipent of these socks will just squnch them down, so it really won't matter.

That's it for my weekend! I hope yours was as nice as mine! How's that fall knitting going?

*The Moonstone, by Wilkie Collins. Fall is for listening to mysteries!


That sounds like a spectacular weekend, what with all the knitting of course, but I really love The Moonstone!

Such pretty projects, and hurray for great customer service!

Wilkie Collins is really something -- Count Fosco in The Woman in White really gives me the creeps.

Ahhh... my weekend was very similar to yours. I actually loved the cold rain we got on Saturday because my only plan was to sit on the couch with my knitting and catching up on Project Runway episodes. Its funny how tolerable an autumn rain can be. Glad to see Araucania sent a new skein that worked out.

Those mittens look great - I am especially loving how the palm is turning out. My weekend was crazy (emergency room and surgery for a friend), but I did get a ton of knitting done.

I read The Moonstone last winter and now that you've reminded me of good ol Wilkie, think I must read The Woman in White this winter. Thanks!

It's so busy for me... No time to knit :-( Hopefully soon! Your projects look awesome. Great colors!

It's nice when projects just start flowing off the needles.

Those mittens are definitely eye catching.