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We have a WINNER!

You have no idea how fun it was to read everyone's comments about mittens and gloves...120 in all. I eventually had to give up responding to the comments because I just couldn't keep up with them! But you can be sure that I've read each and every one of them and enjoyed them thoroughly. You guys know how to share the mittenish love.

Photo courtesy of Vogue Knitting, who took pity on me and my asbestos floor tile and sent me a promo shot.

Yeah, but who won the contest?

Keep your pants on. I'm just getting to that.

Shortly after Midnight, in the wee hours of the morning when we should have been asleep, Thunky used a combination of a random number generator and his fabulous good looks to provide me with a number between 1 and 120. The winning number? 29! Which means that BerlinBat is our Very Lucky Winner! She'll be receiving her very own copy of Vogue Knitting Mittens & Gloves soon (or soonish, since I don't know how long it takes for mail to reach Germany these days).

So congratulations, BerlinBat...check your e-mail! And thanks for playing everybody! You're all just so lovely. And I'll be having another giveaway soon, so don't wander off...


Oh! I didn't win! Well, I have still discovered the joy of knitting mittens and I am thrilled to know that this very nice selection is available in a book (for non-winners too)...

Congratulations to the lucky winner. It looks like a gem of a book. And thanks to Elliphantom for the fun contest. There are so many sock knitting aficionados, it's great to have a place to share the mitten love.

*Blush* I'm very excited about the book. Thanks for the great contest and for happening to pick me! Email should have arrived to you by now.

Congratulations to BerlinBat! How fortunate you are to have won this book.