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Vogue Knitting Mittens & Gloves Book Giveaway!

**The giveaway is now over, so comments are closed! feel free to e-mail me about how much you love mittens and gloves though :) -E**

Vogue Knitting just published a new volume of mitten and glove patterns...this one here in fact:

everything is more glamorous when posed against a backdrop of asbestos floor tile

It just so happens that four of my patterns, previously published in Vogue Knitting and Knit.1 (may it rest in peace), are included in this compilation. So I asked the nice peeps at Vogue Knitting to send me a copy to give away on the blog. Because I love you so.

A little about the book
Since this is a compilation volume, you won't find anything in here that isn't in past issues of VK or Knit.1 magazines. That said, the editors did a pretty excellent job of picking out an interesting and knitable selection of woman's mittens, gloves, and fingerless mitts/gloves that utilize a variety of techniques. There are a lot of cables, colorwork, and embroidery, and some less technically-difficult patterns as well.

If you want to have a peek at the online preview it can be found right here.

SnowMaiden_sm.jpg TreeMittensCropSmall.jpg
Snowbird_sm.jpg RainyDay_sm.jpg
hopefully you recognize this motley cast of characters by now*

Elli Favorites include:

Jared Flood's Druid Mittens/Green Autumn Mittens (now renamed Multipattern Tweed Mittens).

Tanis Gray's Potpourri Mittens (now renamed Hugs and Kisses Mittens.)

Mari Muinonen's Yellow Harvest Mittens (now renamed Trellis Mittens) and
Fingerless Gloves
(now renamed Lace Medallion Fingerless Gloves).

The Contest Part!
If you would like to have a shot at winning your very own copy of this fine book, simply comment on this post telling me something about mittens or gloves! What mitten or glove pattern are you knitting right now? Did you have a favorite pair of mittens when you were little? Do you have a tragic tale of lost gloves? Maybe you live near the equator and have never owned a pair of mittens in your life? Let me know! I'd love to hear from you, even if you've never commented before.

Other Contesty Details:
Only one entry per person, please. International entries are encouraged, but I reserve the right to choose a less expensive/slower shipping option if postage costs are ridiculous. I will close the contest at 11:59pm EST, Sunday, October 17, 2010. The winning entry will be chosen using a random number generator. Good luck!

p.s. As of this blog post, the book hasn't been entered into Ravelry yet. Somebody get on that!

*If they were dwarves I would name them Sulky, Piney, Fridgie, and Drippy.

**The giveaway is now over, so comments are closed! feel free to e-mail me about how much you love mittens and gloves though :) -E**


I love a contest! I also love knitting and designing mittens. The sad part is that designing mittens leaves me with a bunch of single mittens or mittens without thumbs. Only the best designs get their comrade.

The first pair of mittens I ever made were out of Red Heart acrylic, ironically in red, for my then 5 year old. Upon seeing them 5 of her friends demanded a pair each. I miss my girl being 5 and asking for mittens.

so, long time lurker, first time poster. I love knitting Fetching, which is good since the people for whom I make them keep unintentionally felting them b/c they fit so nice in pockets. One pair, made with a wool/bamboo blend, now fits my 4 year old niece. I'm working up to trying your octopi mittens.

one time my sister knitted me some really enormous floppy green mittens, with matching legwarmers AND handwarmers. i was thrilled.

i want your book because i am a librarian.

I have not had great mitten success in life - apparently my hands are not really the shape I think they are. But my Canadian climate facilitates the enjoyment of mittens, and I love the few pairs I've managed to make in the right size.

I love, love, love mittens! Making them and wearing them. They're just the right size for a fun project. I'd wear them all year round if I could!

Oooo a contest! Lately I've developed some very strong feelings about mittens and what works for me as a wear-er of them. For me, they need to have multiple layers - so, stranded, possibly with a lining - and the thumb MUST have a gusset. That said, I love to knit all kinds of mittens even if they're not all ideal for Chicago winters.

I am currently knitting my first pair of color work mittens. I am doing these mitts with the owner of my local yarn shop. Since it's my first time with color work, I am finding gauge tricky. I also hate having to carry yarn that is not in use. Actually, I can only knit an average 2 rows per 1/2 hour because it makes my head hurt but I am intent on finishing them and wearing them come winter.

Okay, I have a theory on gloves and mittens. Those who like nightgowns like mittens and those who like Pj's like gloves.
OR maybe it is just me- Gloves-

I love colorwork and cables in general and there's something so amazing about playing with them on mittens and gloves. It's like a quick experiment that you get to enjoy looking at all the time when you're done (at least in the winter, lol).

Love your "Let It Snow" mittens! really, anything interesting that keeps me warm is good knitting :)

This reminds me: I need new mittens!

We don't have a whole lot of need for mittens here in Texas, but that isn't going to stop me from knitting little lady bug mittens for my 15 month old son. :)

I'm so addicted to knitting mittens and fingerless mitts. They are great for men, women and kids. They are an easy project to "wing" and they can be fancy, simple or everything in between!

Mittens are warmer than gloves, even when made of the same material, because your fingers stay warmer when closer together

I love fingerless gloves, especially in my cold office so I can still type!!! Yay all kinds of gloves!

I knit my first mitten last winter and I was hooked, I've even been trying my hand at designing my own mittens. Love them!

I'm working on a mitten design right now that will hopefully be released soon. Yay!

This looks like a great collection - My favorite pair of mittens were my white My Little Pony mittens handknit by my aunt in England. They had a great connector cord, but somehow still ended up lost!

I have made 2 pair of mittens, both of which were beginner - advanced beginner in nature. I would love to advance my glove-knitting skills! Thanks for sharing a copy of this book with your blog readers!

Mittens are my favorite knitted item ever. There were 3 kids (one brother and 2 sisters) who attended my school and they all wore mittens knit by their grandmother. Simple, striped, colorful and rustic, they looked so warm and full of family love to me. They were what inspired me to learn to knit, and still the kind of thing that warms my heart most.

I haven't worked up a huge knitted mitten collection yet, but I love the first pair I made for myself. Red and cable-y, and so so warm in Cascade 220!

Hmmm....mittens!! I love mittens and gloves, and I have many patterns in my queue but have yet to knit my first mitten. (I have made some fingerless gloves) I haven't done much (ahem, one project) colorwork but what I really want to make are some of the lovely colorwork mittens - the hard part will be picking a pattern.

Hurray for mittens! So much fun to make. My boyfriend loses his mittens every year so every year I get to make him a fun new pair. I'm thinking maybe he needs some more bobbles in his life for this year.


I'm from Brazil and as so never needed a par of gloves/mittens in my life....well until i moved to the Northern Hemisphere in 2007. I was totally clueless on my first winter, and I must say I'm still not really fully adapted :)
I had to get used to gloves, heavy coats, boots and gloves.... but even then I have never owed a mitten. Maybe that's just about time!

When I was 13 we were forced/encouraged in craft class at school to knit either a hat or a pair of mittens in the round. I chose to knit a pair of mittens for my younger sister. I figured she'd have smaller hands than I had...

3 years later, my brother was in the same situation. And he decided to knit our sister a hat. :)

I love mittens! And I'm happy to live in a place where you need them 6 months a year :-) When it comes to knitting mittens, I prefer colourwork. And I would love to win that book!

I just recently finished my first pair of gloves and it was another first for me - using 1.5mm (US 000) needles.

I just love them and they get worn every day.

Congratulations on being published!

I love knitting fingerless mitts since they seem to be finishes insanely fast! However, as soon as I need to include the top (not even separate fingers) and the thumb, I somehow freeze. Also starting the second mitt is always difficult (second-mitt syndrome?) I always need to do both at the same time.

Still, I always love giving friends knitted mitts and wearing new-and-shiny or old, beloved ones myself!

I love knitting mitts and mittens - it's cold here in Denmark and they are perfect little projects to bring along just like socks. Right now I am working on a pair of Building Chart Mittens for my best friend for Christmas.

I love mittens - I have a few pairs of Bella mittens that I just can't get enough of!

I love mittens. I love to wear 'em, I love to knit 'em. Lately they have been the only things flying off my needles...and right now I'm working on finishing up 2 of my own patterns : )

I am not really a mitten knitter, but ever fall I always knit a mitten for my daughter since she outgrown last fall's mitten

I bought the book "60 Quick Knits" because of your bird cage mittens. I haven't knitted them yet, though. I've been busy knitting my 1,5 years old daughter mittens and neck warmers. She really needs them; we had first snow two days ago and it's snowing right now. She (we actually) also lose them quicker than I can knit them.

Currently I am knitting Ailbe Mittens, they are on ravely. I have never knit anything so interesting before in a mitten. It looks way more complicated than it really is.

That being said, I would love to make more different mittens then those because I think with winter coming some pretty mittens with worsted weight are going to be needed. By the way, love your blog..This is the first time I ever commented though, what can I say? Who doesn't love a contest :)

Wow! Congratulations for being in the book! Currently, I'm knitting little baby cable mittens! It is very easy! I haven't knitted many mittens yet but I plan to. I live in Montreal so I have to have some!

I keep knitting the same glove-mitten pattern over and over for myself and others. The only variation is the yarn and the ways I introduce color (edges or fingers). I really need to try out one of the fairisle patterns.

I love knitting mittens!!!

I finally knit my first pair of mittens a couple weeks ago--just basic ones. Now I'm ready to branch out!

I grew up in California, and therefore never needed gloves or mittens, nor understood why mittens were better (read: warmer) than gloves until I moved to Chicago. I'm now coming up on my 6th Chicago Winter, and must knit mittens!

I started wearing mittens again in college and I wore a hole through a pair my mom bought me on her travels to Ireland. She did buy me some other mittens about 15 years ago that are still in great shape (not-knit) and I guard them more than my wallet :)

Is it odd that Vogue changed the name on the mittens from the first publication? Just wondering what the reasoning is.

I'm on a real mitten/mitt kick right now, especially those with colorwork. I'm working on the Winter Twilight Mitts (which I think were a Knitting Daily free pattern a couple of years ago). They've been my lunchtime knitting at work for a while but unfortunately aren't seeing much action, as I've been too busy to take a lunch break.

I love gloves! And have yet to make a pair-mittens, either.

I love mittens!

This is a bit of a non-mitten story, I guess, but I'm using the chart from your snow bird mitts in a stocking for my baby's first Christmas. I'm hoping she'll have it forever, so that's kind of cool, right?

I love mittens! My favorite pair that I have made were turkish mittens for a friend. She once told me she thought she lost them and I was so heartbroken. Thankfully it was found. Whew!

Fun fact: When I was little I called gloves "finger mittens." How adorable was I?!?

I seem to have a great deal of mitten desire, but have yet to follow through. I made myself a great pair of felted mittens that I've worn a hole in. I actually knit the same pattern for my mother in law and sister in law. I did make a great stripey pair for my daughter which she managed to not lose, and I've made a few mitts since then, but I do want to make more mittens.
Maybe this is my mitten year.

I'm a big fan of mittens. I'm planning to make my 13 year old niece the 'Twilight mittens' for Christmas. And my mama's getting the Chevron Love mittens.

I haven't worked up a huge knitted mitten collection yet, but I love the first pair I made for my mother. It is January Mittens: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/guylaine165/january-mittens

I just knit my first pair of mittens in September. They are for my 4-year old daughter and a variation on the free patterns called Bella's mittens, with print-o-the-hoof cable on the back of hand. I am now eager to make some mittens for myself, but I better start with something easier than your Let it Snow mittens. Mittens are way better than socks! Socks were my previous passion.

I must confess, I've never knitted mittens yet. I'm drawn to fancy colorwork mittens, though, and I hope to get started on some ... as soon as my WIPs pile goes down a bit!

I knit a bunch of mittens last year and donated them to hospitals- it was my first mitten knitting adventure! This year I'll put a fancy spin on them and hope the kids stay warm in style!

I need to knit more mittens and gloves this winter. I love your opera gloves, maybe they will be the ones!

I have knit one pair of mittens from Selubvotter (which I love), and one lone glove. The glove was done in a fingering alpaca and I worked on it pretty consistently for one week, and then decided I did not want to make the second. I was trying to include a 'twig and berry'(does that sound inappropriate, or is it just me) stitch pattern on the front and it ended up a little crooked. Never frogged the glove- maybe I'll be Michael Jackson for Halloween and put it to use.

I have found that learning to knit has rescued me from "floppy pinky syndrome." (Yes, i believe that is a technical term.) My pinkies are about an inch shorter than my ring finger and store-bought gloves do not account for such a disorder (discrimination!). But now that i can knit a pair, people are jealous of my perfectly tailored gloves, naturally.

I have an almost finished pair of Reykjavik mittens by Kirsten Kapur. I've knitted more traditional Scandinavian patterned mittens before, and like the Robin Hansen books (Fox and Geese and Fences).

Right now I'm knitting the Grove mittens by Jared Flood. I was so inspired by yours that I just had to try them! (I'm making them for my boyfriend's grandmother, who is turning 80 next month).

I've just knit three pair of Churchmouse Classic's Welted Fingerless Mittens. Every time I finish one pair, I get asked for another pair! I'm going to have to stop soon, before I start reciting the pattern in my sleep!

Stranded mittens were my re-entry into knitting after not having done it for about 10 years. The book "Folk Mittens" drew me in, and for a couple of years I was in a mitten-only phase, which eventually gave way to a sock phase, then shawls, finally sweaters, where I am stuck.

Mittens are my favorite part of winter. I only wish that I could drive with them on.

Oh, mittens! I'd say my favorite pair were purchased at the MFA gift shop in Boston: very colorfully striped, convertible, with a convenient hole in the tip of the thumb for grabbiness. They were knitted rather loosely and fell apart, which was one of my biggest inspirations for learning to knit. Last year I designed some flip-top mittens for my mom, using some of my handspun, and those old mittens were in the back of my mind. I've got to make a pair for me next!

I love your blog, and I love your mittens! Right now I'm designing a fair-isle mitten pattern with turtles on them!

Oh mittens, how I love you. I'm working on a super simple pair that I will then embellish with some embroidery and little felt leaves.

I would love to knit some more mittens! I half felted the one pair I have shoveling snow, which does keep my hands dry, but they shrunk up a bit. I love your designs Elli!

I love this book! I can't wait to get my hands on it because while I keep wanting to make many of those mittens/gloves, I can never seem to find the right magazine.

Thanks so much for previewing this for us. All I want to do now is cast on for the Jared Flood mittens. Of course, I need to get the two year old colorwork slog mittens off the needles first.

I just started the Queen Owl mittens last night. Apparently I'm obsessed with colorwork mittens - I can't stop! All the more reason to get this new collection. It looks beautiful!

fingerles gloves was the first kitting project i did at age of 12 or so. and mittens for my baby-boy are also my latest project. i finished seaming yesterday night. funny coincidence, isn't it?

Great book, thanks for the giveaway! My most recent pair of finished mittens were Adrian's Squirrel Samplers. I decided three colors would be a great way to go...with that third color just on the palms. :::facedesk::: I now know the absolute horror that is intarsia in the round.

I knit two pairs of Bella's mitts last winter, but with the bulky yarn, too much wind makes it through. My project for this fall is to knit linings for both pairs, and finally give my mom hers...

I love mittens - I live in the Pacific Northwest where it generally isn't cold enough to wear them, but I've knit multiple pairs anyway (and I'm secretly thrilled when the temperature drops enough to wear the warmer ones without sweating).

I just crank out good old fashioned mittens. Knitting two on one straight needle at the same time because if I ever knit just one the second one would never happen!

My sad tale of glove woe: I had never knit a glove before, but my then 10(ish) daughter asked for a pair, so of course I knit them. They were warm and beautiful (I think). Of course, she declared them less than perfect in some way or another, and never put them on. From then on, she's gotten store-bought hand coverings, and I've made mittens for myself and charity.

Ah, lost gloves. I had a beautiful pair of black wool gloves that were slightly felted and had stunning beadwork on the fronts--all black beads. I left them on the seat of a booth in a pub. I called asking about them several times, I even went back in person, but they never turned up. As nice as they were, they were not handknitted and I've often thought I should try to recreate them.

I once knit a child's colorwork mitten for my daughter, and it ended up so tight and small that it didn't fit her.... at age TWO. I put a loop on it, gave it to my mom, and called it a Christmas ornament. Problem solved!

How wonderful! I've been planning on knitting Jared's Druid mittens sometime soon for this winter. Something about this time of year and the weather becoming crisp makes me want to knit mittens and hats!

I have a theory - recent outburst of gorgeous fingerless mitts and gloves is caused my iPods and their minions. I didn't think about their use before I got my i-touch iPod - you cannot navigate it with your gloves on! So yey for technology!
Love your blog - your mittens are so cute and clever!

LOVE mittens and gloves. Fall weather is finally here in Chicago and hand knit gloves are essential for evening biking!

I knit my very good friend a pair of fingerless mitts, completed only a year or two after I first promised them to him. Despite this, I still beat his aunt to the punch, though. And now, only a few months after I gifted him this long-awaited pair, because he likes them so much, he's requested another pair! I wonder how long it will take me to finish this pair.

I had the classic gloves with knit people on each finger, I loved them so!

Last fall, I tried to make a pair of Wintergreen mittens, but the corrugated ribbing didn't look right to me, so I put them aside. Now that fall's here again, I'm feeling the desire to find another mitten pattern and get to work!

I associate warm wool handknit mittens with my grandma--who knit her 7 grandchildren a new pair of mittens every fall---that's 14 children's mittens...all different sizes...every year for at lest 15 years...she would give us each our new pair of mittens with a new Chapstick inside one mitten. thanks Grandma Beth!

My favourite pair of mittens when I was little were lovely tan sheepskin. They were so snuggly warm! I keep meaning to get myself an adult pair.

Oh hooray! I'm working on a design for a pair of fingerless gloves right now, but dreaming of fancier mittens for myself.

I never actually knit a pair of mittens or gloves since the weather just doesn't get cold enough for them. I'm all about fingerless mitts though.

Right now I am working on a pair of gloves for my mom for Christmas--They are the Elegant Coat Gloves by Just Call me Ruby--Also, a mitten story--the first mittens I made are the ones I love to wear all the time--they were made with a vintage pattern from a knitting book that I also learned how to knit from, but I ended up using a bulky yarn instead of the kind that it called for and I just love them!

Congrats on being in the book. I'm still working on finally finishing a pair of mittens or gloves, for some reason, I am very resistant to actually making them but keep collecting patterns.

Sometimes I wear gloves to bed!

I just taught a mitten class using an Ann Norling pattern, and find myself with another pair of thumbless mittens to rescue :). Next, I plan on knitting Sprig, with the Azapa yarn that you fell in love with and which I just rediscovered on the shelf at the yarn store where I work...

Congrats on your inclusion in the book! I always lose my mittens, which means I often need mittens, so I'm usually knitting a pair of mittens. It's a terrible cycle!

I am working on many mittens and hats, all for my twins this winter. I am determined to have them only where homemade 'warmers' this year!

My husband bought me a pair of knitted gloves that had a heater element sewn in them with a USB connector. I can now work in my frigid office with toasty hands "plugged in" to my computer. If I ever get the time I am going to make interchangeable pairs for this device.

I'm making a pair of colorwork mittens for my 9 month old grandson - I know, a lot of work for something that is only worn such a short time but honestly I think they are the cutest things I have ever made. So tiny and so fun. The pattern is in a Norwegian book translated by Arnhild but it's not in Ravelry yet.

The best pair of mittens I've made are my owl mittens! They were my first cable project and the second pair of mittens I made, and fit so wonderfully. I used a lovely thick wool that felted slightly with wear, so they're so soft and cozy on the inside. Seeing the owl form from the cable was so rewarding and wearing them brings back the good memories of knitting them.

I attempted a pair of mittens out of a German cotton/acrylic blend for my sister's 2 day skiing trip. I made them super-last minute and got them to her at 2am, only a few hours before she left. One was a bit larger than the other, but she's a good little sister and still has them. We rarely go anywhere cold enough to use mittens, but it is lovely that she remembers. :)

Winter is soon here and I need to knit som nice mittens. Would love to win this book.

i have fallen in love with knitting mittens. i go to breakfast with a group of friends every week and i am knitting a pair for each of them for christmas. i need 11 pairs. i have 8 done. i am always on the lookout for new patterns so this book would be perfect.

I love knitting fingerless gloves--and use them a lot in my cold apartment! My favorite pair of Aran mittens is a gift my father gave me, when he took a business trip to Ireland 40 years ago.

I learned stranded colorwork by knitting mittens and mitts (starting with Interweave's Composed Mitts). Somehow it is the perfect size canvas for being ambitious. And you get to look at them all day! I love mitten patterns generally and yours most of all.

Wow, I'd love this!

I have been making fingerless gloves for a while now and want to make full gloves next so this would be the perfect resource! I love it!

I love mittens! They have protected my precious fingers from the perils of frost-bite for over three decades {almost four, gasp}. This book could provide several more decades of stylish protection against the elements!

My only mitten knitting so far has been fingerless mitts, which I knit by the score last December. But my daughter's very first knitting project, when she was 9, was a beautiful pair of mittens that she made taking a class at our LYS - a sweet memory.

Mittens! Gloves! I love them both nearly as much as I love the seasons they slot so perfectly into. They keep my fingers warm when I am out on my bicycle.

I'm plotting Jared Flood's Woodruff mittens, and I really want to make your Herringbone mittens too, and the Let It Snow pair, too, if I'm feeling clever (hmm...). I love those yellow bobbly ones, and I've actually already been making Postwar mittens since last winter (ahem). Last but by no means least, I'm eagerly awaiting Emily @EmilyElizabethKnits's beautiful mitten and glove patterns.

I think it's curious that "second mitten syndrome" doesn't exist. On the other hand, so to speak, I suffer from "first glove syndrome"--I can't ever face casting on a project with fingers.

I grew up in Minnesota, where mittens were a must (say that 10 times fast!). However, I now live in North Carolina and do not get to wear mittens as much as I like. And if I do, people think it's crazy. Mostly I just wear them in my over airconditioned office. I am secretly longing to move to a colder climate so I can wear more mittens!

My childhood winters were spent wearing a pair of blue nylon-y mittens with little pictures of Sesame Street characters building a snowman. They were frequently soggy--not from snow but from the fact that I was constantly chewing on them. Next time I go home, I'll have to check the hat and mitten drawer to see if they're still tucked away in there.

I adore mittens knit with bulky yarn - I feel that it makes the mittens much cozier. Plus, they're pretty quick to knit!

Right now I'm working on Toast, which are semi-mitts I guess! I love knitting anything for hands - they always seem like such quick, on-the-go projects! Thanks for holding this contest!

I have never knit mittens yet and am searching for my first mitten pattern. 'Twould be truly great to have a fabulous collection such as this to be my first.

I combine hand knit childrens mittens with the book The Mitten by Jan Brett, a beautifully illustrated tale of a lost mitten. Makes for a warm and fun gift.

Just last night I was saying that my families stash of mama knit gloves and mittens needed replinishing. (If I could stop giving them away we would have tons)

We wear mittens and gloves from October to March here in Ottawa!

thank you for being my inspiration and guide to the wonderful world of gloves. because of you and the revealation of the i-cord finger, I have become addicted to fit, patterns, bind-offs,and color. thank you for your sharing spirit and genius.

Living in Australia I don't get much chance for mittens - but I find them so enchanting! We were heading to the snow here in Oz for a holiday and I thought "Now's my chance!" I feverishly knit away on a pair of Bella mittens - those giant gauntlet like mittens - I figured it was my one snowy chance for legitimate mitten use! I was so transfixed with lining the mittens with a nice delicious soft yarn, however, that I never got to use them in the snow! I finished the actual mittens, but couldn't get the lining to work! Ah well... since then I have ripped out the lining and love them just as they are - now I just need another snow trip to use them!

This summer, I reknit a pair of mittens that ended up too small the first time. I was so intent on the colorwork that I forgot to put the thumb in. I figured out how to do a peasant thumb by necessity!

I like mittens so much more than gloves, probably partly because I read and reread the story "The Mitten" (illustrated beautifully by Jan Brett) when I was a kid. I love being able to knit a new pair for each winter.
Thank you so much for the generous giveaway!

Wow, that book looks fabulous! Honestly, I've never had a pair of handknit mitts. They've been store-bought all 18 years of my life. I, however, have a few in my Ravelry queue and this book would be a good source of patterns as well!

I love the look of all those mittens but I am yet to knit a pair, maybe the book will inspire me!?!

I love mittens of all types but especially fingerless mitts. They are warm and comfortable but still give you the use of your fingers. They are good for typing in cool rooms. Also, they are a good fashion accessory - especially lace mittens.

I love mittens and gloves! I'm swatching for a pair right now using the bird chart found here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bird-mitten-chart

My favorite mitten/glove style is convertible, and once I find the right yarn I'll make some convertible birdie mittens.