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Time Trial!

Here’s a little experiment I did the other day! Just so you have the whole story, I wanted to test-knit the Sprig Mittens in an alternate yarn so that when the pattern is published (which will be soon!) you’ll have more than one yarn choice.

It should be noted that I am not a ridiculously fast knitter and, as you will see, I make plenty of dumb mistakes...so I'm guessing that this is a fairly accurate approximation of how long it would take an average accomplished knitter to knit one Sprig. Anyway, I'll let my Past Self take it from here...

[insert going-backwards-in-time-noise here]

I’ve mentioned a time or two how quickly these mittens knit up. But how quickly is quickly? Being the intrepid and selfless knitter I am, I am about to sacrifice my Sunday afternoon in the name of science. Or something.

This is how it’s going to work: At noon I will cast on for the cuff and knit until one mitten is done. I will take pics along the way to document how things are going.

Timekeeping: I will be measuring the passage of time with the help of a super high-tech time piece that I dug up from under the bed…a hand-me-down watch that my grandpa gave me when I was a kid. The dial is painted with radium to make it glow in the dark, so you know that this watch is not messing around.*

00:00 Go!
Let me take this opportunity to introduce our yarn. Please welcome Knit Picks Swish Bulky in Saffron (red) and Silver (gray)! {polite clapping}

TimeTrial_2.jpg 00:42 Cuff and increase round are done!

00:55 Forgot to switch to larger needles for hand. Darn. Rip back 5 rnds.

1:40 Thumb stitches moved to waste yarn (usually I use dental floss, but for you guys, I used Real Live Yarn)!

2:34 Found a mistake in my colorwork. Darn. Rip back 6 rnds. Then 3 more.

2:44 – 3:24 Telephone call. Cannot do science and knit at same time. (-40 min)

3:25 Take break to warm up curried black-eye-pea and bacon soup**...may have neglected to eat lunch before starting. Also, yum. (-19 min)

3:44 Back to knitting!

4:22 Hand section done, next up, grafting!

4:30 Hmm...seem to be yakking on phone again… (-27 min)

4:57 Thumb time!

5:23 Thumb complete. Time to weave in ends!

5:49 Done!!!

So...if 1 hour 26 minutes = not knitting, Total Knitting Time for one mitten = 4:23
[cue triumphant kazoos]

So it logically follows that a pair of mittens would take a little under 9 hours to complete, before blocking. Not too shabby eh?

*it suddenly occurs to me that storing a radioactive watch under my bed is probably not a great idea. On the other hand, this may explain a lot about me.

**Thunky makes this soup a lot. It is the bomb. Recipe here. You're welcome.


Yay for a Knitterly Sunday! Double Yay for the soup recipe :)

Very "Ohio State"! I salute you!

This is incredibly helpful! I always think too late that I should time how long it takes me to knit things.


What a cute idea for a blog post. The mittens look great!

Love the project! Made my face smile :-)

Great Post and Great Mittens......thanks for sharing your Sunday afternoon with all of us!

i can't wait for the pattern. i have color choices flashing through my brain.

What a great post! I always say I'm going to time how long it takes me to knit things and then I just sort of...don't.

Also, I kind of want soup now. Mmm, soup.

You're hilarious and awesome. also, I am freezing and wanting to plan a real yummy warm fall meal ahead of time, complete with trip to actual grocery store. Now I know what we are having for dinner tonight!

What a great idea! I've always wondered just how long it would take me to knit certain things if it weren't for the excessive attention paid to whatever episode of something or other was on at the time...or the sneaky trips to the kitchen for more snacks : )

I love these mittens, and it's very interesting to see them timed. (I have only the vaguest sense of how long it takes to knit things--time seems to move differently when I'm knitting, if at all.) Great colors too. Just one question nagging at me: Shouldn't a color called Saffron be yellow?

Love, love, love, colours and pattern :-)
I just saw a photo of Saffron, btw, the colour goes from yellow to red: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Red-crocus-thread-greek-v2.jpg

Glorious! And what a success in that colorway :)

This made me smile! And I love the pattern. I would be ashamed to undertake a similar project, not because i'm a particularly slow knitter but because i would have documented evidence that my 'knitting' time is 10% knitting, 90% eatingsatsumas-makingcoffee-texting-emailing-checkinggooglereader-downloadingepisodesofgossipgirl-lookingatebay-planningmylunch. Honestly, anyone would think I hated knitting.

Soup sounds great. Mmm, soup...

It's so nice to see the progress of a knit like this- what an instant gratification knit (even more so for the reader, I feel like I just made a mitten in about 30 seconds!).

Very cool mittens. I am waiting (im)patiently for you to publish it b/c I have some chunkier llama yarn that NEEDS to become these mittens. Hello holiday gifts!

(am willing to test knit if you want to appease my impatient nature :) )

What a great post idea! I loved it. The yarn colors are so pretty, and so is the pattern.

Can't wait to see the finished product pics!!! :P

Gorgeous mitt! Love the play by play. It made me giggle.