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Finished: Sprig Mittens

Look! Finished mittens!

it's about time, eh?

The Specs:

-Pattern: An Elliphantom original.
-Yarn: Araucania Azapa, about 50g (a half skein) each of Cadet Blue (811) and Tan (802).
-Needles: Size 9 dpns (size 7 for ribbing).
-Start to finish: September 21 - October 7, 2010.
-For: Me, I think :)

ten points if you can think of a good palm pun

The Azapa is gorgeous...a lofty single with lots of character. Perfectly soft and snuggly, and the chunkiness makes for super-fast knits. And, as I've mentioned before, their distributor has good customer service which never hurts! The only negative thing I can say is that the lightly spun nature of the yarn means it's not the most durable choice out there. After a couple froggings I could see it was beginning looking a bit worse-for-wear. But still...lovely stuff!

how much do I love you? enough to put on my winter coat when it's 80 degrees out...

The Design Process:
I don't work with bulky yarn very often...I did a search for "bulky" on my blog and seven results came up. "Chunky" only brought up three...and I'm coming up on five years blogging. So you'll excuse me if I keep repeating myself by saying: oh-my-freaking-goodness does this stuff ever knit up quickly.

The chunkiness of the yarn meant that I had many fewer stitches to work with, and fewer stitches translates into a much simpler colorwork chart. While the sprig motif practically charted itself, I had a little more difficulty coming up with a suitably non-cluttered palm pattern that still had some visual interest. I had a lot of rejects (I just counted 27...geesh!), most of them deemed Too Busy and, in retrospect, a few of them were just plain Ugly.* I'm happy with this one though...a simple pole pattern that morphs into a simple arch.

this pic makes me want to go swimming

The Pattern:
I'm working on it! Hopefully it'll be ready soon.

Final Verdict:
I'm super-pleased with how these turned out! Hopefully you're not sick of seeing Sprigs...because I may be working on one more pair. But I promise that will be the end of it.


Raveled here!

*inexplicably, one of the 27 attempts included a house. Not sure how to explain that one.


Beautiful mittens. A simple palm was definitely the way to go. The house looked pretty fun even if it was a bit out there.

They look lovely! And warm! And a quick knit :-)

Those mittens look so cozy and I love the palm pattern - very cool!

Beautiful. Sort of nouveau and traditional at once. The colors are perfect.

Ooo, they really look warm and snuggly. Love them!

Beautiful mittens! The design looks perfect in the chunky wool.

love the mittens!!

ooh, fast knit mittens AND a great pattern?! Can't lose! They look fantastic.

I heart them. I am always so intrigued with the whole "knitting with bulky yarn" thing, because I don't really do it that often either, but I am always shocked by how quickly it knits up, too. Must to find bulky knitting for winter...