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New(ish) Design: Arboreal Beret!

Hello there!

This is a bit tardy, but since the cooler weather is finally setting in and all good knitters' minds are turning to to thoughts of wool, I thought it would be as good a time as any to tell you that I have a pattern in the most recent Twist Collective! But you're clever so you probably already knew that.

arborealberet_a_500_sm.jpg arborealberet_b_500_sm.jpg kind of outdoorsy and rustic, yes? makes you want to stand by barns.*

The original Arboreal Beret was knitted as a Christmas gift for my sister, Rae. Christmas 2008, to be exact. But then I never blogged about it, because apparently I was going through a slacker phase.

The hat itself is a pretty standard-issue beret, sized to be nice and slouchy, the tree pattern is comprised of a mixture of cables and twisted stitches with some bobbles thrown in to take the texture up another notch. Is the knitting world still divided when it comes to bobbles? I fall so firmly in the pro-bobble camp that I have completely lost track. They're like little nuggets of knitterly yumminess...mmm...

or contemplate your woodpile.*

The pattern takes about 5oz/140g of aran-weight yarn...in other words, just about what you have left over from knitting that sweater. See? You already have the yarn. If you have some size 8 dpns cluttering up the joint you're already 2 for 3.

buy the pattern!

ravel it!

arborealberet_d_500_sm.jpg arborealberet_c_500_sm.jpg she's happy because she's thinking about bobbles.*

*photos copyright Jane Heller, and courtesy of Twist Collective.


That is a great hat!

I am pro-bobble, too, but I've not had much excitement for one of my new patterns, and it's covered with bobbles.

Congratulations on your pattern! It's gorgeous! I love the texture and color of the beret.

Personally, I do love me some good bobbles. They're great!

You already know I love this, but I'll say it again. It's a stunner. I really like "our" model, too. She has a great look. Did you finish the gloves below? Those are gorgeous.

Lovely! Welcome back to blogland - we've missed you!

This is a really beautiful hat and the bobbles totally rock! I'm adding this to my queue for sure.

Nice to read you! Beautiful beret! Very appropriate indeed at this time of the year!

Very nice job!

Your beret was my favorite pattern in the latest Twist Collective issue. I am wholeheartedly a fan of bobbles!