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The Mitten Report

One week. More mittens than you can shake a stick at. If you have very bad stick-shaking skills.

Mitten Project No. 1: GROVE

After posting the Sprig Mittens last week I was all set to knit them up in the new colors...but then I had a thumb crisis. What if the side-gusset thumb isn't the best thumb construction out there? I needed to do research. Very important research that involved knitting other mitten patterns with different sorts of thumbs. Enter Jared's Grove mittens:

Hello there. I have a sexy palm gusset, but it is feeling modest right now.

It should be noted that this turn of events has nothing to do with my very short attention span. Nope. Surely not.

Mitten Project No. 2: CLASSIFIED

This is what I spent most of my weekend working on. I can't show you. Don't even ask. You wouldn't want the Mitten Mafia coming after you, would you?*

Mitten Project No. 3: SPRIG v1.2

I finally cast on for these with the new color yesterday. Hooray, right? Except that the new blue Azapa is noticeably heavier than the other colors. Knitting with the two together is like walking with a different kind of shoe on each foot...like maybe a clog and a kitten-heeled pump. It's possible, but it just feels wrong.

Greetings. I am unbalanced.

Anyway, I e-mailed the nice yarn peeps to see what they have to say for themselves. So this one's on hold for a little bit. Good thing I have more yarn on deck for another pair of these. Because I am full of surprises like that.

Sorry. Not the same gauge.

In other news, I misplaced my Unusual Toys to Knit and Enjoy pamphlet. Did I lend it to you?

*crap. now I totally have to make myself a Mitten Mafia t-shirt.


I like the Mitten Mafia idea! (and I like the mittens too of course)

I am almost positive that you did not lend me this book. And you should probably never lend me a book (seeing as I still have one after how many years now?). And when I ask for one, you should refer to this.

Also, I would like a Mitten Mafia t-shirt too, please.

Ahhh...much better with the dark blue. Mitten Mafia shirt? Yes, please.

beautiful knitting, I like the solid blue the best, lucky people who get to wear them....

I once owned a "Swedish Mafia: Efficient but Deadly" t-shirt. It was yellow with blue writing, and sort of looked like the IKEA logo. I miss that shirt. Maybe it's with your pamphlet?

I love mittens! So of course, I read that post and I wish these were my WIPs!!! Blue's my favorite color too! One of those days, I'm going to knit Grove and those mittens you are also knitting! They are both fantastic!

hahaha, I want a Dutch Mafia tee. :)

I love the mittens!