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Color Fail

Today, a little glimpse into the brain of Elli.

Question: How long will I knit before I accept that the colors I picked out just don't have enough contrast?

one mitten?*

nope. 1.9 mittens.


On the bright side, these knit up ridiculously quickly. It's like I sneezed and a couple of mitten appeared. Also, I really really really love this Araucania Azapa. It's soft like a baby's butt and has a lovely sheen. Not surprising as it's merino/silk/alpaca...yum, yum! So yum, in fact, that I ordered another skein:

Hello there. I am here to save the day.**

I see more contrast in my future.

*pattern = Sprig Mittens. Something I charted up for fun...probably will be available eventually if there's any interest.
**Araucania Azapa, colors Sea Green (808), Tan (802), and Cadet (811).


Definite interest. So glad your back in blog-land

Yay! So glad you're back- right in time for fall knitting season. what weight is this yarn- worsted?

Oh, I really like the not-really contrasted colors.

Yeah I'm never really sure where the line is with less contrasting colors and colorwork. Sometimes you see things with only a little contrast that look great, and I have no idea why. Incidentally, those mittens almost match the background of your blog. So maybe try again with a slightly darker gray?

I love the gentle contrast. I think it looks great. :-)

Contrast or no, they're lovely! I love the plant design - it has the clean, pretty look of a Marimekko design.

The colors are beautiful together even if they are lacking in contrast.

The dark blue and grey would look lovely together and have tons of contrast too.

I love them! I wish the pattern already existed...I was googling the yarn before I even got to the end of the post. I need lots of warm mittens all of a sudden...I just moved back to the Midwest after several years in the mild PNW.

Too bad... The two colors are beautiful but I agree, it will be even better with more contrast. Beautiful!

I do like the pattern here and am interested if you decide to make it available.
Two mottled yarns never seem to work well together even though I do like your colour combo!

So cute! I really like the idea of a quick colorwork mitten. Winter's so brief here in TX, not a lot of time devoted to winter knits.

That yarn looks yummy!! In the ball, it looks like there would be enough contrast, but I can see why you weren't totally satisfied with the finished mitten. I love the pattern - it looks like a good starting point for those of us that have been hesitant to try colorwork mittens thus far - and I love the sprigs !

Yeah, I agree, it's still cute! :P

Do you offer the pattern for the Sprig mittens? Thanks Lori