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I am a wee bit behind on pretty much everything right now. Thunky's birthday has come and gone (February 8), so his Snorri gloves are most definitely late. Though not as behind as this photo suggests.

In real life I'm almost finished with glove one...but I'm behind on taking photos as well. On a positive note, I'm pleased with how the design is coming together!

halló! I am glovely.

If I can finish them in the next week he can wear them for a few days before he goes to L.A. for a month. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that it will not be glove-wearing weather in California, and that when he comes back in April it'll be too warm to wear them. *Sigh* Am a failure as a wife and knitter.

In other news, I guest-blogged over at Made by Rae yesterday. My assignment was to do a summary of boy's knitting projects for Man Month (she's calling it "Celebrate The Boy"). I managed to work in a couple photos of us a kids...because I could. What's the use of being sisters if I can't embarrass her in her own digital living room?


Oooh, the pattern on the glove is fabulous! Nice job. Yeah, I think it's safe to say that Thunky isn't going to need those gloves in LA. ;)
Hey, you're not a failure! He can always wear the gloves next year, right?

These gloves look so yummy! They look like those chocolate things with green mint in the middle... (can't find the name in English). They are worth the wait!

Patience is a virtue...Thunky will receive his gloves at some point I'm sure. Love your handmade dresses and perms- these two things were also found adorning me and my sisters growing up :)

ah, you know, there will always be next year for glove-wearing. Looking good with the fair-isle!

I really love those gloves. The color combo is perfect. I haven't made too many gloves in my day, and didn't realize you could work fingertips down.

the glove looks amazing so far!! love the fair isle.

Um... whatever! They're completely beautiful. I swore off knitting gloves because they fall apart so fast. I admire the thought and energy you've put into these.

Those gloves are going to be great! There is always next winter.

Glovely indeed! And I am sure you know as well and he and I do, that Thunky is a lucky man.

The thing about winter? It comes every year! And if they're barely worn by next winter, so much the better - new twice!

Great colours! Though I have to say that when I opened the page, my eyes went right to the pic and my first thuoght was that it was a multi-legged baby outfit like Morticia knits at the end of the Addams Family movie! Gloves seem much more practical :P