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Thumbernil & Indexonia*

Here's a project that's been in the works for over a year: gloves for Thunky's birthday! That's on February 8, if you're counting. I'm designing them myself, with lovely fingering alpaca he brought back from England expressly for me to use to knit the perfect pair of man-gloves. What can I say...the boy knows what he likes.

So far, I have a swatch, a thumb, and half of an index finger.

1.5 fingers down, 8.5 fingers to go.

Nothing like a little deadline to keep my needles moving!

*on a long-ago road-trip, my sisters and I each named one of our fingers. I left out Fingerlee but, as you can see, there are only two fingers in that photo.


Love the names for the fingers -- they cracked me up! Good luck with the gloves! I can't wait to see them.

heehee. indexonia is thrilled and honored to be mentioned on your blog.

'I recognise that yarn!' I thought, and then read on - and indeed I do! I can't wait to see the gloves (and ahem subsequent pattern ahem) as I think I have some of just that yarn lying around, and a man over here also in need of gloves.

Good for him for having good taste in fiber :)

Alpaca is perfect for gloves! I'm knitting some alpaca socks for my mother, for whom most wool is too itchy.

Beautiful yarn.

Hahahaheehee you didn't even have to write anything and I would have thought this post was funny!

Is that a marriage certificate in the background of the photo? I have to try this method of knitting the fingers first.. what pattern do you use?