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New Kid

I just finished a marathon purge of my trusty Bloglines account and ohmyfreakinggoodness were there ever a lot of cobwebs in there. Seems I'm not so good at following people to their new blogs and deleting defunct feeds. So I did a couple hours of updating and trashing and now things feel all fresh and shiny. No doubt inspiration will be easier to find when it isn't buried under all that detritus.

Culling through my feeds started me thinking about the knitblog community and how it is such a vastly different place now from what it was back in 2005 when I launched the Elliphantom balloon. A few people are still at the familiar old addresses but the greater chunk have wandered off to bigger and better things or parts unknown. I won't even start on how Ravelry has changed the face of the knitting community.

Tuppy, with his friend Stegman (my birthday gift from Tanis!)

My little epiphany of the day came when I realized that instead of feeling like The Old Granny of Knitblogland, I feel like a kid who's moved schools. A little shy, a little uncertain about who knows what about me, and a little hesitant to commit in case I do it wrong. It's not that I don't have plenty to say, it just never quite makes it out of my mouth.

So! I think the solution is to jump right in and set myself a little challenge. Three posts a week, to get me back into practice. That's approximately every other day, with a little wiggle room. If I can stick to it, I should have a solid dozen entries by the time the Olympics roll around.

I know this isn't the first time I've resolved a fresh start here, but who knows? Maybe this time it'll stick.


Fresh starts are so energizing...love the mittens!

New year, new start! It will be a pleasure to read you more often!

That's a great goal. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you've got!

Hurray for fresh starts! Such cute little handknit creatures.

I hear you about how the knitblog times are a' changing.

I do find this post entertaining. Let me explain. I have knit for a while, but have really gotten more serious with my knitting in the past year. Yours was the first knitting blog I found(I think it was sometime around last February) and I was totally in awe. Not too long after I 'discovered' your blog, I came across a pattern by you in a knitting mag(knit.1 perhaps?). Although you feel like the new kid- you are celebrity status to me!

Excellent, I am in complete agreement with fresh starts! I have stopped and restarted my blog several times the past few years and am trying to post more often these days. It's true Ravelry has revolutionised the online knitting community and I love it to no end. But I have discovered that it complements the blog and not detract from it.

You have always been an inspiration to me and all of your projects are absolutely gorgeous or too freakin' cute :-) So, yeah... I am in favour of you blogging more!

I've been thinking lately as well about how different the knitblogging community is now compared to when I started in 2005. I was even debating about whether I want to keep blogging. For now, I've decided to keep going. I've always loved your posts and am excited that you're back!

Right on! I only did the very same thing a short while ago. Ravelry has most definitely changed the way people communicate in the knit-sphere, but I had to push myself to keep blogging because, if ever that is kaput, at least my own little blog will still remain :) And I completely agree with "Knitties" comment...its a wonderful complement to the blog, but what you choose to post about and share is so much more personal when it is stated in your own space.

Happy Blogging :)

Welcome back and good luck! Love your tree mittens!

I can see why you would feel that. You've been away on pastures greener for a while, and even I have noticed that the blogsphere feels different of late - and I for sure am not a stalwart like you are. I like it here, though. There are new people writing different and exciting blogs, but also, some of the people still blogging* are those whose blogs I have enjoyed the most ... probably chicken and egg at once.

I'm sure I am only one of your many old readers who is overjoyed to learn that you'll be blogging a bit more in the future. Your blog is one of the most inspiring I have ever come across - the knits themselves are an inspiration, insights into your life and other adventures a treat, and more than anything, it is really funny - which is so rare amongst knitting blogs. So I am sure that even if you do feel like the new kid, anyone who hasn't met you already will be delighted to make your acquaintance!

One thing, though. Joe said that one of the reasons you hadn't been blogging for a while was exhaustion - too much knitting-to-deadline, and too much care and worry over your blog posts. And I really hope that won't happen again! So if you do fall by the wayside for a week or two, don't fret! We will always be delighted to read what you have to say, whenever it appears here.

*(you excepted ... until now. Squee!)

I've been following you since I bullied your URL out of Kricket... a couple years ago now. I am always excited when you have a new post, and I look forward to whatever comes next.

Oh yay! I've recently started back up and 3 times a week is totally doable. Also, this is an older post I stumbled over ages ago, but directly related to that blogging class of 2005. http://knittsings.com/knitting-blog-class-2005/
Fun to see who's still around!

More Elliphantom in 2010--hurray! I am one of many who have missed you. Love your tree mittens and planning to buy that Vogue so I can knit them in the new year.

Glad to see you've returned. I've kept you on my bloglist hoping for new posts :)

Love the little knitted friends!

Some of us who've been following you for years are still around, and thrilled at the prospect of more Elliphantom content! Cheers.

Yay! Selfish happiness that you are blogging again from over here. Ravelry is wonderful in its own way but I don't find it offers (well, not to me at least) the same sense of community. I don't have the continuous, low-level quantities of time I think you need to have to really participate in all the discussion over there. Plus it's just kind of less personal, in lots of ways, I think. Welcome back, anyway - looking forward to seeing you popping up more frequently on my (also recently spring-cleaned) Bloglines!

You are totally an old granny!!!

(Of knitblogland)

Everyone knows that! :)

Love seeing you post. Don't feel its all or nothing, happy to see your name in my blogfeed light up thrice a week, once a week or once a month. No worries.

I'm glad to hear you say you are renewing your intentions to blog -- yours is one of my favorites and I look forward to more posts!


Three posts a week is quite a commitment, and I'm definitely looking forward to it! I love your knits, and your blog! I'm with you - I've been around for a long while, it seems, and have definitely witnessed a change in the way people communicate their knitting news & progress... But, for one, I'm still thrilled to be blogging. I love it to pieces!