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New Design: Tree Mittens

I've left this a little late, but I have a new pattern in the latest Vogue Knitting! I'm sure that you're not shocked that I've done another pair of mittens, but I'm rather fond of these ones so I hope you are too.

Have you noticed themes in my knitting yet?*

Yes, it's trees again! And I got to knit them in very Elli colors. This might surprise you, but the most difficult part of the designing process is getting the perfect yarn to fit the idea in my head. Since I'm ridiculously particular about color, more often than not that's the part of the process I get hung up on.

As far as the design goes, while I am pleased with the tree chart, my favorite bit is the mosaic repeat on the palms. If you wanted to shake things up a bit and do something less pictorial, you could easily knit a pair with just that pattern on both sides.

There are a few of you who will be relieved to find out that this is the largest-gauge pair of mittens I've ever designed and therefore a nice quick knit. If you've been dying to do some colorwork mittens, but don't relish the thought of fingering-weight and size ones, these are for you. Enjoy!

-The preview for the whole issue is here!
-Ravelry link is here!

{Coming soon...the Christmas knitting!}

*photo courtesy of SoHo Publishing


Wow! Those are beautiful!

I liked these even before I realized they were yours. Really cute & large gauge is not only quicker, but can be warmer, if it's wool. Hurray for you!

Those are adorable mittens and I love the contrast color.

Completely adorable. Great color choices, too.

congratulations! these are really cute.

I noticed this mittens a few weeks ago when I was thumbing through my issue. I was not surprised they were one of my favorite pieces when I saw it was another of your designs!

I thought those looked familiar. Really beautiful. They're one of my favorite things in the new issue!

Those are adorable! Congrats! :)

Congratulations! I did not notice that they were from you! Now I understand why I loved it ;-)

Gorgeous colours.

Gorgeous! I love the pattern on the palm as well :).

I always love your mittens. Both sides are fabulous!

Those are beautiful. Congratulations!