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Help for Haiti / FO: T2

You're probably already aware of the Help for Haiti fundraiser that many of the designers on Ravelry are participating in, yes? I regret to say that I only have one downloadable pattern for sale, but if you have a hankering to knit a Tuppy, I'm donating half of the proceeds from pattern sales in the month of January to MSF/Doctors Without Borders. Fun knitting, good cause, win-win!

Ravelry Link
Pattern summary

That said, I have a little FO I've been sitting on since June (yes, I am that behind). Meet Tuppy 2: Brother of Tuppy:

A new Tuppy has risen

Since Tanis was the driving force behind the whole Tuppy project, I thought it was only fitting that I knit her her very own be-horned and winged beastie! The only elements I changed on her monster were the wing and foot colors, but despite all the sameness they have their differences in personality. I feel like the mother of twins...I can tell the difference, but can you?

Before the brothers were separated.

Tuppy 2 has long since flown off to live on the east coast, but rumor has it that he's giving the monsters under Tanis' bed a run for their money.

Never too monstery for florals.


I realized that I had not been Tuppyfied yet, so I had to correct this situation. I heart his little monster belly.


I absolutely *adore* Tuppy.

I loveee Tuppy. Super adorable!

Those look like monochorionic-diamniotic twins to me. Because it's so easy to tell by looking ;)

They are lovely! I may have to reassess my To Knit queue ...

I still say he's one of the cutest little creatures I've ever seen knitted!

way too cute.

Such a cute monster ;-) No, I don't make the difference between the two!

THERE ARE TWO??????????????

Stop the cuteness...I beg you.