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FO: Clementine's Birdie Cardi

I've been wrassling with those gloves for Thunky all week and all I've got to show for it is a couple more fingers and a lovely case of knitter's block. So much for me and my speedy needles, eh? So I'm going to attempt to distract you with a belated Christmas FO. This one was for my niece, Clementine {impossibly adorable photos (sans cardi) over on Rae's blog}.

This is my favorite classroom. It matches the sweater.

Pattern: Felix Cardigan (modified a goodish bit), from Vintage Baby Knits (ravelink).

I fell in love with the scallopy colorwork the first time I saw this cardigan but I had a few changes in mind (when don't I?) Here's the run-down of the mods I made:

1) I was a little miffed that the colorwork didn't extend to the back. I'm not an expert on the Wee Drooly Ones, but I've observed that that you generally see more of the backside of a baby than the front. Even if that's not strictly true, I figure it's better to have both sides covered, don't you? So I did both anterior and posterior colorwork.

C birds...are asleeeeeeeeeeeeeep...*

2) As photographed in the book, the ribbon-lined button band looks a little sloppy (and it it sounded like a lot of work). Instead I just knitted a little bit of ribbing onto the front edges after I finished assembling the sweater to make everything nice and tidy. To compensate for the extra fabric, I knitted the buttonholes a titch closer to the edge.

3) I used a yarn-over buttonhole instead of the one in the pattern.

4) I'm not so much a cat person. So I made up a little bird and "C" (for Clementine) chart and duplicate-stitched the design onto the sweater after I was finished sewing everything up.

"C" is also for "chalkboard"

Yarn: Knit Picks Essential (or Stroll, as they now call it).
- 65g of Glacial (24345)
- 45g of Mermaid (24346

Not a fancy yarn, but it's machine-washable and soft as a baby's bottom, so it suits this project perfectly! And the colors are fantastic, even if the Glacial color is now discontinued (boo!).

and "chair"

Needles: Vintage aluminum straights in size 2 (2.75mm) and 3 (3.25mm)...they're not fancy, but they're my favorite needles to use for great swaths of small-gauge stockinette. Nice and quick!

I think that about covers the major points for this one! Rae says that it's still too large for Clementine so no modeled shots yet. Grow, baby, grow!

Raveled here.

*10 Nerd Points if you got the Elgar Sea Pictures reference.


This little cardigan is so adorable, I love the birdies.

What a cute sweater. I really love the birds.

What a lovely job! The sweater is adorable :)

Wow! This is one of my favorite projects in Vintage Baby Knits, but I like your version so much better!

This is precious. And your niece? Even more precious than the cardi, she is a doll!

Way, way cute. Although I guess she's a little young to wear it '50s style with a poodle skirt, huh? Pity, that.

Very very adorable! Clementine is one lucky little gal. :) Between you and Rae, she is definitely one well-dressed baby!

Yay cuteness! I love the school-room shots. V. adorbs. And yes, as far as growing goes, I suppose we should be very specific: we either need her to grow ALOT in the next month, so as to wear it yet this spring, or REALLY slow down growing so it won't fit this summer. Ack! I'm not sure what babyfood regimen that requires!?!?

gorgeous!! what a beautiful little cardi.

I hardly recognized this sweater! I always pass it over in the book - I think I don't really love the kelly green that's used. But these colors are fantastic! And I would have definitely done the colorwork on the back - I'm with you! Awesome!

This is so cute in blue! Lucky niece!

cute! I love your mods, and the colorwork on the back. It has a vintage-y look to it, so appropriate that you used vintage needles to knit it :-)