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Well hello there, December!

It's odd. I suddenly find myself smack dab in the holiday season feeling rather lost and bewildered. In a normal year I'd already have a few months of holiday knitting under my belt and would have been counting down the knitting days remaining. But this year...knitted gifts are a little thin on the ground. I've completed one hat, started in on a baby sweater, and I've got almost one of those purple socks finished. How totally unlike me! I feel like somebody should confiscate my knitter badge.

Hattity hat hat hat*

To be fair, I promised myself that this year I would not push myself to the edge of exhaustion by knitting ten bajillion gifts, and I am absolutely on target to meet that goal. But it's strange, because it turns out that the last minute panicked knitting frenzy is a bit of a tradition for me, and it doesn't quite feel like the holidays yet because I'm not surrounded by spreadsheets and half completed knitted goods. Seems I need to work on finding my happy medium.

Anyway, tonight I was going to blog about the hat I finished over Thanksgiving, a modified Gnomie that I made for the wee nephewling (who is getting less and less wee by the minute), but I seem to have forgotten my camera's memory card at work. So instead you get a little bit of a ramble through my brain and a photo of one of last year's unblogged Christmas gifts. Enjoy!

*{Koolhaas, for my BIL Ross, knitted in Rowan Magpie Tweed Aran (discontinued), in a long-forgotten shade of reddish-orange.}


I do like that color!

great job on your first holiday gift. i always procrastinate and never get knitted gifts finished. my promise to my family is that you'll get it during the winter season. ;)

Great Koolhaas! That pattern has to be one of my favorites for gift knitting. I'm totally in the same boat as you when it comes to my Christmas knits. I just started this week! Last year I started working on my gifts in August. Yikes!

Hats and rambling, what could be better? I am feeling distinctly un-festive too. I should be plotting Christmas presents, squirreling away ribbons and paper, making pomanders, singing carols (is it too early yet? I never know. It is Advent anyway so good enough for me), eating mince pies - and instead I am making notes on paraphimos, chancres, and LGV (yup - look them up. Holiday cheer all round). Anyway, that red woolly hat is festive enough for me, and I will look forward to seeing your gnomie with anticipation. xxx

Ooh but guess what was behind the door of my advent calendar today? (A present in the post from my lovely mum). Mittens!!

If anyone was waiting for hand-knit gifts from me, they'd be in a world of hurt. Glad you can make anything for the holidays! Nice job.

Like the hat pattern and love the color!

That is such a lovely color!