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Finished: Elliot's Modified Gnomey

For those of you who don't know yet, my big sister Rae has a knack for a) producing cute offspring and b) convincing me to knit things for them. She stumbled across the Gnomey Hat a while ago and before I knew it I was signing up to knit a couple for the Rae-spawn.

this is the angelic profile shot.

Since I generally dislike knitting with bulky yarn, the stash didn't turn up much (I just checked. I have a whopping...4 skeins). So I grabbed a couple hanks of Stonehenge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool I'd already designated for an Elliot-hat and decided I'd make it work*.

Even with the yarn held doubled my gauge was way off, and I wanted to make the hat a skitch larger than written. So I did some dodgy math and cast on 53 stitches (because it's always a good idea to cast on a prime number of stitches when making a hat???) and just knitted something resembling a Gnomey. Most importantly, I did a garter band at the bottom and approximately followed the instructions for making the top pointy, which is all that really matters anyway.

gnomey_3.jpg gnomey_4.jpg
Yep, that's the Tomten. Click to slightly embiggerate

Once I plunked the proto-hat on Elliot's noggin at Thanksgiving it was pretty obvious that I'd made it way too long for a toddler (it fit me nicely though!) so I folded up the garter brim and attached the earflaps under that. Never one to refuse an opportunity to include a pom or two, I happily made a couple nice puffy ones and threw in some braided ties for good measure.

Not counting patience highest on her list of virtues, Rae also showed up at Thanksgiving with a partially knitted Gnomey, which she finished over the weekend as well (though I would like to point out that I finished mine first...because I am competitive like that).

So now Rae can tool around town with two intriguingly behatted children in tow, which I do believe is what she wanted all along.

this is not the angelic profile shot

Vital Stats
Pattern: Gnomey Hat, by Adrian Bizilia (Hello Yarn).
Yarn: Stonehenge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool, held double (lakeshore and antique rose). This yarn is amazing…all soft and cushy and lovely. I'll definitely use it again.
Needles: 10.5 DPNs
Raveled here

*Rae had given me one of the colors a while back on the condition that it be used for woolies for her children..see how she operates?



"embigerate" were you an English major? You seem to love words/ and makeup words as much as I do.

So cute!

oh my gosh, that is so sweet!! And the pom poms are the perfect little detail. Great job!

Great hats!
I had no idea that Rae is your sister. I just discovered her blog a few months ago!

What a smart sister and talent you have!!! ;-)

I must say -- beautiful hat. I always love the children's hats that look like a Hershey's kiss!

Super cute, and super gnomey!

Anything with Shepherd's wool catches my attention . . .so soft and very, very warm. I'm going to be a new grandma next month so will save the references for this pattern to make for my own grandbaby's older years.

So cute and very comfy warm looking!