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Clearing the cobwebs

Well then. Coming back to this blog feels a little bit like reopening an abandoned cottage...stuffy and dusty and in need of a major scrubbing and airing. A big job, but not a bad one considering that if I do it, soon this place will be full of knitterly friends and wooly goodness again. And that way lies fun.

I think we can all agree that I've fallen pretty far behind in the Reporting of Knitted Stuffus. So if you don't mind I think I'll just cut my losses and start from where I am. And where I am, currently, is the Land of Sock.

Hallo! I look like fizzy grape soda. Yum.

A nice, simple, uncomplicated sock. Just right for the over-stimulated knitter.

{the deets: priscilla's dream socks (my usual toe-up mods) knitted in trekking xxl, color 109}


Yum; I love that yarn

It's always good to take a break! I'm glad to hear from you and looking forward to seeing what you are up to ;-) This sock is so pretty!!!

Yay for socks! Glad to see you back in Blogsylvania! See you soooooooooon!

Welcome back! I'm always delighted to see what you are knitting. I remember meeting you in person at the Sock Summit. (We were both in Barbara Walker's class). I took a break from knitting socks to make some sweaters, and now I'm back into socks again, since they make such great Christmas presents!

What a nice re-entry - with purpley sock goodness.

Lurve, lurve, lurve that colour. I think I may have snorgled it recently at my LYS.

Great time for sock knitting! Great job. We've missed you.

Nice to hear from you again! I've always loved reading your blog, so I hope you keep posting. That yarn is so pretty, I bet it's a lot of fun knitting with it. :)

Welcome back. I use to lurk on your blog. I understand cutting your loses and started where you are now. I prefer it when bloggers do that, might as well work with the here and now. Love the colors of the sock.

Hurrah! I like to feel that my nagging had some part in the reopening of the cottage ... and that you're happy to be dusting down the blog and don't feel bullied into it. x

The Land of Sock is a good place to be. Love the color!

So glad you're back! We dust bunnies have missed you and are very happy about the impending voyage to the Land of Sock.

Glad you're here again! Anywhere you want to start is fine by me. Great socks.

Nice socks! Glad to see you back again. Refreshed and raring to go I hope? :)

Most excellent place to start is right where you are now. Seems like a lot of bloggers in the knitting blog world took a long break and are starting to come back.

Yay! You're back! We've missed you.

So glad you are back. I started reading a few months ago...basically right before you left us! Excited to see new projects!

Yay! I'm glad you're back.. though, I'm a bit late with the message.

Pretty socks! It's funny, I never think to buy Trekking myself, but I invariably like it when I see it knitted up. Those colour changes are very Noro-esque.
I think I am going to use your mods of Priscilla's Dream Sock for my upcoming venture into the world of toe up sock knitting (yikes).
You just can't go wrong with knitterly friends and wooly goodness, glad you are back!