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Now with 100% more progress bar!

Hey lookie! Thunky gave me progress bars! So now you all know a) how many UFOs I've got cluttering up the joint, and b) how many finished projects I haven't blogged about yet! :)

For the few non-knitters who read the blog, you have to have Ravelry login before you can click through to see the individual project links. But if you don't knit, you probably don't care about that anyway, right?

And speaking of FOs...

Homemade bread with wildflower honey. Mmmm...


Them's lots o' projects!

My first thought was, "She finished a piece of toast. Hmmm."

I love homemade bread :)

I can't see your progress bars! I hope that they are still there.

I've been trying to get those progress bars to work for ages! No luck. Glad for you that yours are behaving. <3

Nice progress bar!!! And lots of projects going ;-) Cool!

Oh my goodness, is that a Winnie the Pooh plate? Awesome! I think I had plates like that when I was little. And a little matching mug that was weighted in the bottom. Yours looks like it's holding up well.