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One week until I leave for the Sock Summit! I'm getting my class supplies together, which sounds simple enough, but it's actually a process fraught with uncertainties.

I find myself asking weighty questions such as "what two colors of smooth worsted wool would really impress Barbara Walker?" [who knows? all her stitch dictionaries are in black and white...] and "Does Meg Swansen approve of semi-solids?" [probably not, since Schoolhouse Press doesn't carry any...] Also, "Bohus knitting: traditional colors, or something quirky and original?" [I can't even begin to guess]. It's enough to make my head explode.

One thing I know for sure: I'll thank Nancy Bush for requiring us to buy a class pack instead of bringing our own yarn. Easy, peasy.

Yarn chosen specifically to convey the fact that I am a serious yet playful knitter who enjoys windy days at the beach and chasing fireflies.

Thankfully, only one of my classes requires actual homework, and small, fun homework at that. That there is the beginning of my wee-bitty child-sized arch-shaped stocking for Meg Swansen's class. We have to work it down to the heel flap so we can get straight to the juicy arch-shaped bits in class.

Now if I can get over the fact that I'm sacrificing my beautiful discontinued Fleece Artist 100% Washable Merino (which MS will probably not approve of) for a pair of small socks that won't fit anybody I know, I can move on and worry about the fact that I do not have time to finish my Snickets before the Sock Hop.


Barbara Walker, Nancy Bush, Meg Swansen, Bohus -- I would be typing green if this comment box allowed it ;-)

Lucky you -- and let's hope Portland, beautiful Portland, gets this unusual heat out of its system.

P.s. I'll bet Meg Swansen can cope with the Fleece Artist - it's sure lovely. And green.

I have the same MS class--gotta do my homework, too. Started with something that approximated "guernsey wool" but hated it. Splitty, not soft, not fun. Starting over with a sock yarn I like. Can't wait to get to Portland.

.. also the color of praying mantis, so whom ever loves those will approve!!

(glad to see you posting 'round these parts again.)

That looks an awful lot like my homework! Are you taking Arch Shaped Stockings? I am in the class on Thursday afternoon. :)

Oh my word. Sounds like you're going to have a bunch of fun. Good luck preparing! I'm sure you'll choose the right yarn!

Please report back on your wonderful classes!

So jealous. I want to go. Definitely on my list to start saving for next year's summit. Have a great time!

Hahaha! I love how serious you are about making your yarn choices, so that you impress your teachers. I'd probably be doing the same thing :).

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Oh, I hope you're in the Thursday afternoon class! I have to start knitting my wee sock leg this weekend. Congrats on the lovely new hat!