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New Design: Bird on a Wire Hat

It's that time of year again...it's hot as blazes out, but the preview for Vogue Knitting 2009 is up! I've got a pattern in this issue. It's a bit of a departure for me: a) you don't wear it on your hands, and b) it's double knit (and therefore reversible)!

the outards. also, what is up with the model's arm?*

The design
I had a lot of fun with the colorwork on this one...the little buildings and the "wire" ring the entire hat and are punctuated with a little bird at the front. If you're a guy, or if birds are just a little cutesy for you, I think it would also look great birdless and knit in slightly more urban colors. Here's a little thumbnail showing just the buildings:


Double knit eh?
I know that double knit isn't one of those techniques that everyone has used, but it's fantastic for colorwork! I taught myself how to double knit way back when I was a new knitter and I couldn't figure out either intarsia or stranded knitting. I also wanted to knit a scarf with an octopus on it...not exactly a beginner colorwork project...but double-knit saved the day!

Double knit is amazing for intricate designs in the middle of blank spaces...no floats! No ten-million bobbins! Plus, extra-snuggly-double-layer warmth! Have I made it sound appealing yet?

the innards*

I should also point out that only the colorwork section is double knit. Once you get past the bird, you knit the lining separately from the outside of the hat. Easy, peasy!

Go forth and start your Fall knitting!

ETA: Ravelink!

*all photos courtesy of SoHo Publishing


Dead on! What a funky hat! It's a pity the model is dressed like she's off to the office, as I totally see myself wearing this with a hoodie and jeans :)

Oh my goodness I love it. It's a little whimsical, but not too much. I'll have to try double knitting!

Cool pattern! Cannot wait to knit this.

I love it! Now I have to learn to double knit...

OMG, your hat was modeled by America's Next Top Model! (Not that I'd ever watch that sexist, shallow trash.)

I just saw this issue of Vogue Knittng last night and immediately fell in love with this pattern! Will be a must knit this fall! Congrats!

The hat is super cute! Not that I'm ready for winter or anything but I think the bird will remind us spring will eventually come!

That is super cute! Will definitely be looking out for VK and your pattern.

Oooh, I love that hat, AND I watch Top Model (though I should be ashamed to admit that). Must knit!

Very, very cute! Love the buildings along the side. Perfect for city-dwellers. But then there's the bird. . . .

Wow! This is the most original and pretty hat that I have ever seen! This double knit is really intriguing. I haven't done any colorwork yet. This could be a good thing to try! Congratulations!

Congratulations on this beautiful design! It's so cute and whimsical. Yes, the model is totally familiar :).

Actually, I almost could imagine my son wearing it in as you say, more urban colors WITH the bird. BUt I haven't asked him yet. Congrats -- it's a great hat.

*tweet tweet* I love it!

very cute!! such a great hat!

Great hat, love the bird!! I too am guilty of watching ANTM! I like to tell people that I watch b/c of the photographs.

SO clever and cute!

So cute! Yours and Tanis' hats are my favorite.

very cute pattern.

Hey! that model looks exactly like that one model from ANTM! The one who was a kick-boxer. Can anyone confirm this?

Wow- that is so cool that you got a desing published! I already have a subscription- but if I didn't I would go out and buy a copy right now! Keep up the excellent designer work!


I saw this in the previews. Congrats - it is adorable. And I would definitely knit double-knit to make a hat like this.

I think yours is one of my most favorite patterns in this issue. Whimsical and utilitarian. Who could as for more, really?

Happy Birthday!!!
I love your sis's site and she mentioned today is the big day. I just turned 50 on the 12th.

Happy birthday, Elli!

I saw your pattern in vogue and I love it, sweet and whimsical but still wearable and cozy. I've decided to learn double knitting just to give this a try.

really cool hat! is that mckee of america's next top model fame??