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New Pattern: Tuppy Von Monster

After much mucking about with prototypes, changing my mind about colors, fiddling with horn shapes, and all manner of other knitterly shenanigans, I'm pleased to say that my monster is finished and ready for his closeup!

Hallo, my name is Tuppy!

Knitted out of worsted-weight yarn and designed with stashbusting in mind, this little guy uses less than 50 grams of the main color, and only a few grams each of four contrasting colors. You knew you were saving those random partial skeins for something!

Affinity for plantlife not guaranteed

Tuppy has a little bit of everything: knitting in the round, increasing and decreasing, picking up stitches, simple charted colorwork, basic hand-stitching, and embroidery! The pattern includes six pages of photos and step-by-step instructions, and one page of templates for the wings and teeth.

9 out of 10 watermelons recommend Tuppy for your summer knitting!

Yarn: your worsted leftovers (wool, dishcloth cotton...whatever you've got)!

One size: lovable.

Knitted measurements:
-Toes to horns: 11”/28 cm.
-Tummy circumference: 12.5”/32 cm.

You'll also need: felt, thread, stuffing, extra-heavy stabilizer, safety eyes.

Price: $4.50

Ravelry Link

Hooray for monsters!

I mentioned in my last post that my partner in monstrosity, Tanis, was working on her very own bundle of knitted ferociousness. Her creation, The Stubenmonster, is available on Ravelry too!


he 's extremely cute thanks

Hee! Who said vampires aren't cute? I'm going to do a bit of scrap diving and see if I can find enough yarn to make one for me!

Love at first sight! :)

Oh, how adorable! I love the tubby Tuppy!

oh - he looks so funny and nice - just lovely!!!

How cute! Er I mean scarry...

gah! too cute!

I love him!

He looks like a cross between the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man and Dracula (with a little bit of Weeble thrown in). Did you happen to be watching Dark Shadows and eating marshmallows when the idea came to you?

You do amazing work!! He is so darling.

one for me, please!!

SO cute!! what a great looking plushie, for sure.


Wow, he's so adorable!

I think my favorite part is the adorable wings!

So so cute! Does he really stand upright? That's terribly impressive on top of all the cuteness!

I am so in love! I can't stop smiling. Adorable.

I love it! Especially the fanged smile, it's adorable and menacing--my favorite!

Oh the cuteness! I love it!

Oh, my. How cute is he!

oh, those cute little teeth!

Eeeek! What a cute little monster.

Oh so cute! He's not scary at all. Cuddly, rather.

How adorably scary!

Oh! I literally squealed when I saw this little guy! I'm totally gonna make him. Thanks!!!

What a creative way to use up yarny leftovers!

Tuppy von Monster is adorabible! And he is lonesome. You will have to make some new creations for him to hang out with in all of his awesomeness.

Ah! He's so cute! Great work!

Oh, he's so cute! I have to make one!


Oh, he's absolutely adorable! I love the third horn coming out of the back of his head!

Oh my, this is the cutest little monster ever!

O . M . G .

HE IS SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I wuv his three little horns!!!

Can I put a picture of this on my blog? (linked of course)

He is awesome. I just got the pattern and am going to do my first colorwork.

oh my GAWD I love Tuppy!

oh how I wish I could knit good enough to make one of these!

OMG absolutely adorable! : ) I am bursting with monster-love.

Is it my imagination, or does the third horn appear and disappear, sometimes on the front and sometimes on the back of cute monster's head?

ah god, he's killing me with his cuteness >_<! love!

Oh gosh! He's adorable!!

Elli! This is freaking adorable!!

Hooray! My niece and nephew will have monsters for Christmas presents rather than sappy teddy bears, can't wait to get started!!!

Oh my God, I have never commented on a blog before, but I LOVE Tuppy Van Monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovely creature!

So awesome! I'm going to make him.

Just wondering if you would ever consider putting together a kit (with needed yarn, felt, stuffing, pattern, etc.)?

This just looks like a fun project to give as a gift for a knitting enthusiast.