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Heyya! So today is rainy and yucky, and I just want to curl up on the couch and see if Season 2 of Gilmore Girls is any good, but...I was told I need to blog. Peer pressure, it seems, is alive and well in my life.

Here's a little project I've been working on:

What ees eet?

Back in January Tanis had a dream that we designed a project together. Since this dream seemed to make a lot more sense than the other one she had where she was stealing babies from the hospital...we decided that it must be a good idea. There followed this chat:

T: I really want to do a plushy-type stuffed character/animal/thing or a fabulous fair isle hat. Any thoughts?

E: I'm more excited by the fair isle idea...though judging from the number of babies my friends/family keep having, maybe I should be more into the plushes. A fair isle plush would be cute. Maybe a fair isle monster plush?

T: OMG. That's exactly what I wanted to do! A fair isle monster!

So that pretty much decided that. Tanis has long since finished hers...written up the pattern and everything. I, of course, am the one dragging my feet. Why? Who knows? My horn prototypes have been a little problematic, but nothing an intrepid knitter couldn't overcome. Maybe my intrepidity is waning?

Anyway here's a photo of my sketch. This monster will look like this if it kills me:


That's all for tonight! Stars Hollow calleth.

ETA: Upon re-reading I realize that I've muddled the facts. Tanis and I are each designing and knitting our own monsters...doing our own individual spin on the same project. This one is mine; hers is yet to be revealed. Stay tuned for that!


Maybe if you spent more time knitting than watching Gilmore Girls...I'm just saying... :o) It totally falls apart after season 5.

Shoot. I do so wish those photos were 100 inches wide.... :)

omg that looks awesome!


how cute is that? has tanis made her pattern available? i must make my own as soon as possible!!

oh wow, I love the sketch of your monster plushie!! IT definitely looks like the sketch so far- it's going to be so awesome!!

I am totally making one if you publish the pattern!

I think I'm in love... publishing the pattern is a must.

Amazingly cute.

i love its little teeths! can't wait to see it come alive.

Those teeth! He is the cutest little monster ever.

Ummmm, dude. So super cute. Eeep!

I'm loving it already.

Love the monster. I can't wait to see it finished and the pattern published. I'll have to make it for my future baby. Gilmore Girls is the best, all seven seasons. It's my favorite knitting companion.

Holy cuteness batman! Can't wait to see the end result. Hurry and finish it so I can buy the pattern. I have several babes to knit for and plushies have always been fun for me & the momma! Great job so far

If my baby doesn't get one of those I'm going to be insanely jealous. That is insanely awesome. (:

That's going to be an adorable little monster! I love love love the Gilmore Girls. Every season except the last. Hope you enjoy.

That's a cute monster! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project. I'm into amigurumi right now, my apartment is filling up with stuffed animals and dolls... Gilmore Girls is one of my favourite shows too.

Super cute Monsters! Love, love, love. PS. All the seasons of Gilmore Girls are fantastic. Have fun!

big compliment! your work is great!!!!
hello from switzerland,

tht's sooo cute but can't it b made out of socks too?
this whole mornin' i've been searchin for sock monster pattrns! i can't find any!!
If there is postit online!
thx thx