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Elli is on Sabbatical*

Want to know what's been going on in Elli-Land? Here's the skinny in 3 easy bullet points:

- I've been really busy. It got old.
- So I decided to set some goals: cut back on my commitments, get organized and focus on fun stuff!
- I've given myself six months (April 1 - September 30) to see what I can accomplish.

This is a ball of aqua mohair as big as my head. But with nothing for scale.

Um, really? A sabbatical?

Ok fine, I'm not REALLY on sabbatical...I'm just calling it that, because all the other names I've been using in my head (the Six Month Project, the Brain Break, etc.) all sound a little lame. Sabbatical has a nice distinguished academic ring to it, don'tcha think?

If it were a real sabbatical I would have found someone to pay me so I could take a leave of absence from work. Unfortunately I'm still looking for a patron willing to do that (interested parties please apply. see e-mail addy in sidebar).

What exactly does this entail?

Step 1: The Organizey Part
I've been working on this step since April 1, and am beginning to suspect that this may take me the entire month. Everything is getting the once-over. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I work best when I don't have things hanging over my head, so I'm getting a handle on all this stuff first.

Step 2: The Part Where I Say "No" More
This six months is for me. Not you. Sorry!

Step 3: Avoidance of The Bad
No more things that make me stressed/unproductive/uninspired! Within reason, of course.

Step 4: Cranking up The Good
- Learning new techniques!
- Reading knitting reference books!
- Designing!
- Brainstorming!
- To-do lists!
- Connecting with crafty people!
- Taking yarny trips!
- Blogging!!!

Step 5: The Part where I Claim My Workspace
-Turn the living room into a studio. Because seriously...we do not entertain that much.
-Inspiration board, here I come!
-New laptop! Or move the PC out of Thunk's study.

Step 6: See what happens!
Maybe this isn't the right recipe for Elli creativity...I may just find myself lounging on a beach somewhere with a schlocky novel. But a the very least this should churn things up a bit. I'm just hoping something good floats to the surface!

Mutant Baby Carrot Alert!!!

That's the scoop! Now that I've gotten this bear of an entry out of the way, maybe I can start posting about some of the things I've been working on. Also, tomorrow? The Fiber Event! Be still my heart.

*I've started this post over a few times now...it's been surprisingly hard to write without sounding like I'm beginning a new career as a lifestyle coach. Which I am not, thank goodness.


i have decided to do something similar... i am saving up money to quit my job and take a full year off to do what i want and refuel my creativity. i've started planning and have given myself until january 1, 2010 to get everything in order.

good luck on your sabbatical! i hope you achieve all your goals.

Have a good break!! I write about organizing and being overcommitted. I love to organize! Maybe I'll see you over there.

I think renewal is in the air right now. I'm in the midst of taking over our "Den" as a craft/art space for myself. I can't wait.

Good luck with your new leaf! I can't wait to see what you produce!

Best of luck! Sounds like a marvelous idea. Keep us updated on how it goes. :-)

Good luck with your goals. I especially like the one about to-do lists since I've been setting up a system for myself the past few weeks. Google Calendar has been helpful for keeping track of appointments if you like do such things digitally.

P.S. I think "Brain Break" sounds pretty fun.

I think we could all benefit from taking your steps! And probably not just in the craft arena! I wish you luck and will be glad to see you around blogland more often!

Sounds like a wonderful idea! I hope to have the opportunity to do the same sometime soon. I look forward to reading about it!

Sounds great to me and good for you on doing it.

I've been so overwhelmed with projects for others, it begins to weigh me down. I get sad whenever I see my project cast aside to start something for someone else. I admire your ability. I should try that sometime. Unfortunately, it can't be anytime soon. Good luck!

It's high time I do these same things. I'm so stagnant it's ridiculous. I need to start my Organizey Part with some lists and then get rid of a lot of STUFF in my house. It's been in my head to get started since way before April 1 but like I said, stagnant.

Good luck to you, and good luck to me!

Good Luck with the sabbatical! I cracked a smile reading your post because I've been doing a few of the same things. It feels great to hunker down.

good for you! best wishes for your sabbatical :-)

Have a great sabbatical! Looking forward to reading you more often and admiring beautiful pictures :-)

Wow- this sounds like an excellent plan. Good for you!

Just wanted you to know that the beach here in FL is always warm...and you are always welcome at our place :)
Miss ya'll

Hello from Russia)