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Finished: Kricket's Selbu Modern

Time to get a few FOs off my chest, I think! Last time I was up in Michigan, I finally remembered to grab some photos of the Christmas gifts. Yes. I am that behind. Shuddup.

Here's the hat I made my baby sister, Krickie:

The back of Krick

Vital Stats

Pattern Selbu Modern, by Kate Gagnon.
Yarn KnitPicks Palette (cream, salsa heather, and calypso heather)
For Kricket

The front of Krick

It's been a while since the actual knitting of this one. About all I can tell you is that this pattern rocks! If you haven't knitted it yet, you should.


Your sister rocks this beret big time. The color choices are fantastic and yes, it's in the queue!

Wow! Awesome hat!

Gorgeous! Lucky sister! <3

You talked me into it! I have the yarn to knit one and now I want to cast on. But I do love this color combination!

It's gorgeous!I love the blue edge. I've got this pattern in my to-do list for sure.

gorgeous hat!! your sister sure is lucky!

It's certainly a gorgeous pattern, looking great in so many different colour combos. Yours is really pretty!

That's a great hat! Looks like it was as much fun to knit as it will be to wear, too.

your version is awesome! (i have anxiously awaited the fo shots for months now...)

i love the contrast color on the CO edge.

Egads, she looks like you!!! (I mean, you're both lovely, but it's a little strange to see you talking about yourself in the third person.)

Luckily, those who need to can tell them apart.



i have darker hair and am maybe 2 inches shorter. elli has better teeth and a better bum.

Gees! How pretty! I would love to knit a beret like this, but I don't wear any hat. I'll have to find someone who wants one! Good work!

I love the selbu modern! It's definitely on my list. Yours turned out beautifully, I like the color combination so much! One of my favorites.

I want to knit it...but will I wear it? That is the questions. I love the colors you chose to knit Krick's!

This hat is stunning! I love the blue edging - it really pops!

I love it! Being a hat person, my obsession is going to drive me to knit this.


fantastic!! I will have to add this to my ravelry queue!

cute hat