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Fiber Infusion

It's that time of year again! On Saturday Wendie, my friend Deb and I made the yearly pilgrimage up to the Fiber Event in Greencastle, Indiana. There was fiber. Oh yes.

also, there were alpaca. did you know they hum?

Saturday the weather cooperated and we had beautiful sunny spring day...a bit chilly but just perfect for poking fingers into bags of fiber and squeezing everything wooly in site.

I resisted buying a raw fleece (I am so Not Allowed to have more than one of those floating around the apartment) but I did buy a variety of yummy lumps for sampling.

Reading from left to right: black Shetland, aqua Coopworth/silk, light brown superwash Merino lamb, light gray Shetland lamb/silk/cashmere, aqua Shetland/linen, light brown California Variegated Mutant/silk (I was sold as soon as I found out that the "M" in CVM stands for "mutant"), gray Shetland.

Like last year, my goal was to get a variety of breeds but somehow I just ended up with a goodish bit of Shetland and stuff blended with silk. I may have gotten a little careless there at the end. Must have been all the fiber fumes.

Now, to find a place to buy more bobbins so I can spin some of this up!


Enjoy your sabbatical, paid or unpaid...

Looking forward to your creativity.


oooh, such nice choices! I love the M in CVM too!

Nice haul!

I believe there is an interview with a sheep farmer in MA who is growing her flock with CVMs - one of the more recent podcasts of Ready Set Knit.

So cool!

Nice fiber purchases! The wool/linen one should be interesting to spin.

I had no idea that alpacas hum! They're awfully cute.

That aqua Coopworth/silk is especially gorgeous.

I wish I could have gone! The Shetland lamb/silk/cashmere looks delicious--where's it from?


The alpaca are so cute! I went to college in Greencastle IN! :) Small world. Have fun spinning.

Lovely haul! My weakness is Shetland - since in the Ultimate Plan we will someday raise Shetlands, I view buying Shetland fleece/roving/etc as 'research.' (That's my story.)

the fiber event sounds like a fun time.
great photos!

I didn't know you were in IN. I am too. I went to the Greencastle event a few years ago and had a ball. Couldn't manage this year since the baby is only 10 months old and still frequently nursing--and screams in the car, so no use trying to drive that far. But NEXT year maybe I will see you there!