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Elliphantom: Return of the Knitter

Hello there knitterly peeps! Long time no blog, eh? I have only a feeble excuse involving a dead home computer, backwards priorities (yes, I do exercise before I blog...that even surprises me), and my now yearly habit of abandoning knitting for my stamp collection. It seems that Spring breeds philately in these parts.

Wondering what I've been doing with myself?

I'm Still working on the Lily of the Valley Cardi. Evidence:

Hallo! We are fronts!

I've finished one Plain Old Sock (pending end-weaving). This pair is probably for Rae, who complained over Christmas that I never knit her socks. Be careful what you wish for dearie.

I have a knack for picking out hideous sock yarn, don't I?

In the Fabulous Gifties category, I got a seriously fantastic package from Nova! I have ridiculously good luck when it comes to blog contests, it seems. Observe and be envious:

All sorts of home-sewn cuteness + yarn for a pair of Snickets. Yay!

Lastly (and definitely leastly) I signed up for a Twitter account yesterday. Time to see what all the fuss is about, I think! I'm perfectly content to tweet at nobody, but if you're interested in elli-related, mostly non-knitterly minutia...follow at your own peril.

Over and out!


Oh SNAP I am the first to comment and I just want to say YAY for socks for ME!!!

Welcome to Twitter...a completely pointless waste of time and so much fun to boot! Consider yourself followed.

Twitter is your friend, TweetDeck even more so. Maybe it will induce you to come to knit night... :-)

Ooh, pretty sock yarn!

And Mr. Owl is so cute sitting there...Right beside the other pretty yarn :)

What are you saying? Those socks are great - I hope Rae loves them...

I really like that sock yarn... what is it?

I think the socks are great! Not hideous at all. That little owl is so precious, I want one!

Holy cow, what a cute little owl! Marvelous colorful socks, too.

i just followed you on twitter. it's all the rage with the young hip librarians...

i want that owl.

I just followed you :) I'm Red Comb Vintage there. I still have NO idea what I am doing though. Facebook I get and use often but Twitter is still eluding me.

What treasures you received from Nova! Fun stuff!

I've heard people saying that they knit the two fronts at the same time, but for some reason I've never really thought about it. I get it now! I really get it! That is a GREAT idea!

and oh, I am envious :)

I looked on the Nova blog, and there's a link to the pattern and instuctions for that cute box bag you won. Think I'll make one!

The sock yarn colors you chose are really fun; I don't think they're hideous.

I like that spring brings about the stamp-y. I am also glad that Owlino has found a good home with you!