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A certain husband of mine just showed up at work with a smile and a bouquet.

hallo! we are luscious long-stemmed baby alpaca!

Sorry ladies...I've found the perfect man and you can't have him.

nothing is more romantic than a jumping sheep (an homage to one of my favorite You Tube clips).

I love you, Thunky!


Wow! Creative and sweet, you got a good one!

Aww that's so sweet. Could he teach my husband? Ha!

He is indeed A Keeper. Congrats on finding him first!


How wonderful is that!!! He's a keeper. :-)

Thunk deserves a medal. Best Valentine's bouquet ever. I know you're not giving him up, but what if we just borrowed him for a little while and observed him in a lab so we could collect information that might one day help breed a better partner for other knitters? You know, for science?

That's awesome! Thunky is the PERFECT husband for the knitterly crafty types! You scored major!

beautiful bouquet... :-) love the idea!!!!!

Wow, that is one man who really knows his wife! Hang on to him!

Not only is that the best bouquet I've ever seen, but that video? Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing it:)

Lucky! What did your uncertain husband get you? Can't wait to see what you make of those spring colors.

That is so great. I showed the hubby, but I'm not sure he took the hint.

That's fantastic!

That is about the cutest thing I have ever seen..what a great hubby!

The most beautiful bouquet I've seen in ages.

Does he have a twin brother? Hi, hi... Happy Valentine's Day!

That is the best thing ever! I just showed my husband and daughter and told them that those are the kind of flowers I want from now on! Lucky girl!

Does your wonderful husband have any single brothers? ;)

Wow, what a sweetie - I love it! And such lovely springy colors, I can't wait to see what they become!

That's so sweet!

I love it! I made my husband come over and take a gander for an idea for next year :)

That is just the sweetest! What an great guy.

I have the same milk glass vase in my collection. It's one of my favorites. I should think about adding a yarn bouquet to it. It just makes it even better ;)

Happy Valentines Day you two love birds!

That is just the greatest and most thoughtful gift yet!

What a sweetheart! Seriously.

Oh, love the fabric behind the yarn bouquet.

You are one lucky woman! How sweet. Thank you so much for the YouTube video. It's adorable and funny!! I loved it!

Awww, that is so sweet. What a smart man. He knows what side of the sheep his bread is buttered on... or some other appropriate mixed metaphor.

(Q: Is that a vintage vase? if so, I think I have the same one - weird.)

such a romantic idea

I got yarn for Valentine's Day too. And chocolate. What more could a girl want?

Best bouquet ever!

what a keeper! :D

that is so great! every year for my birthday and christmas i ask my husband for something knitterly as a present and it has never happened! and you get yarn for valentine's day, yeah, i am jealous.

That is possibly the most thoughtful bouquet I've ever seen. So cute!

Awww. I think I love Thunky too.

Clearly, he is a man who knows his way to a woman's heart. Very cute.

How wonderful ! I wish my bf knew to do that :(

this is by far the best version of flowers. yarn!!
... now how do i leave a copy of this for my DH?... perhaps a surreptitious forwarding to a sister to tell him about.... um yes i am that ridiculous

Oooo lucky you! Baby alpaca no less! You've got a keeper.

My SO started with knitting mags (see my blog)hehehe.