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Snow Maiden Gloves

Hello there lovelies! I've been dying to introduce you to the last of my Summer design work. Meet the Snow Maiden Gloves (aka #23 Opera Gloves...gotta love those names)! This one is in the new Vogue Knitting Winter 2008/2009.

cheer up sweetie; I'll let you take them off in a minute. (photo courtesy of SoHo Publishing)

The Skinny:

My first pair of proper gloves! If you don't think you have any need for opera-length gloves, just take a peek in the closet and think about how nicely they'd go with that 3/4 sleeve coat. See? Everybody needs a pair! Seriously, they're not as difficult to knit as you might think.

I designed these to be knit from fingertip to elbow because it's so much more fun to try them on as you go. It's the glove equivalent of the toe-up sock...you get the finger-knitting out of the way at the beginning and the rest is just twisted stitchy goodness! If you run out of steam (or yarn) you can always make them a tad shorter.

The inspiration came from flipping through the Barbara Walker treasuries and seeing the pattern for Exploded Ribbing, a great twisted-stitch cable that reminds me of Russian onion domes. And to take the Russian thing a little further...since these are opera gloves...the name "Snow Maiden" seemed appropriate.

A Note on Sizing: The pattern lists the hand circumference as 7.25," which is true, but they are intended to be worn with a little negative ease. The gloves were designed for someone with a hand circumference of 7.5." Finger-length, of course, can be easily modified.

So this design wraps up the 2008-09 mitten/glove designing season for me! I hope you like them!

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These are gorgeous! I've been wanting a pair of opera length gloves for a while now. Perhaps these will be the ones. Excellent design work!


they are STUNNING! I'm going to stalk my newsagent until my copy of VK comes in ;)

Just glorious! I flipped through my subscriber-friend's issue last week and was really in awe of the whole issue.

Those are great! Gloves really should be longer. And I love the onion-dome pattern stitch.

Oh wow! These are FANTASTIC. Brava.

so elegant. the opera length plus the stitch pattern really work together well.

Oh. My. Wow. These are incredible! Really stunning, Elli.

I'm desperately afeared of that fancy glove knittin', but these are so beautiful that it makes me want to try again! Absolutely stunning.

Good for you!

Okay, I literally gasped just now. They are GORGEOUS!

Gorgeous, gorgeous! I specifically noted these in the preview the other day - original and beautiful. You know the Vogue Previews don't tell you the designer name, I had no idea these were yours!

Wow, they are BEAUTIFUL!

One thing I want to know. Does Vogue send those back to you? 'Cause I want them.

I just got my magazine yesterday and was thinking about how gorgeous those gloves are. Congrats on such a beautiful design. :)

Congratulations! Beautiful pattern! The photo is really nice, you must be so proud! I also got a copy of knit.1 last Friday and love these gloves too! You have a lot of talent!


i neeeeeeeeeeeeed them!!

Wow! The cables (?) are awesome! Great design!

Beautiful! congratulations!

Omg! These are wonderful! I didn't think I needed a pair of opera gloves, but now I am seriously re-thinking my options! Great design, beautiful and sophisticated mittens!

I just had a look through the new Vogue Knitting last night, these gloves were one of the few patterns that I loved on sight.

Those are gorgeous. I actually saw them in Vogue knitting, but didn't know you were the genius behind them!

Gloves knit from the fingers up sound so interesting, in terms of construction. The fingers must look so funny before they're knit onto the body of the glove!

My god, those are gorgeous! Beautiful work!

These. Are. Beautiful. And finger-up, even! Very cool.

WOW these are stunning! I love them and I never wanted to make gloves until now! YAY!


That pattern alone is worth more than the price of the magazine! I'll be watching for it.

These are so gorgeous!

Finally, someone who sees the need for loooong lovely gloves! I like the lightness of the cables.

The Saturday morning knitting group at my LYS was RAVING about these this morning.

They're beautiful. Well done.

So, we step down off the ski hill the other day, stop in for a few groceries on the way home, slip through the magazine aisle, and "AH! What's this? A new VK!"
Flip through..."Meh"... flip through..."Wonder who would wear that?"....flip through..."Wonder who will ever knit that?"....flip through..."Oooooooooh! Now THOSE are nice! Wonder who designed those?"...pull mag in for a closer look..."Oh, Elli! Well, of course."

Just HAD to pop on over and tell you how lovely they are. And now I'm seeing that they're knit fingers on up, too. Ingenieous.
And did I mention they're just beautiful? Really. Nice work. They're perfection.

Did I really just spell ingenious wrong? Just goes to prove I'm not one. :)

Beautiful! I can't wait to get my copy!

These are beautiful gloves. I've been thinking I need a new pair - I'll have to get the Vogue Knitting and look at the pattern.

Congrats on getting one of the BEST styling jobs, too! Perfectly poutastic model, excellent D&G like glam babushka look, I love it all!!

Wow! Simply stunning!

This pattern was one of the few I liked in this magazine, and could imagine even knitting them some day. I've never done gloves before, but these might just push me over the edge. :o)

I am new and am looking to create some "opera" gloves from scratch., Yarn, lace, etc. Do you know who maybe able to help me with this? Love your work!

Love these gloves. I think the entire concept of finger down knitting is brilliant. Wish I could find more: wish you would design more. Love your work!

I loved these on first sight so much I just finished them. Now I can't find any others I like as well. The finger-up design is brilliant. Design more please, please, please.