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Guess who got the day off of work yesterday? I love living in a town with two snow plows*.

First off, thanks for all the opera glove love! I personally hope that opera gloves stick around for a while. I love me a little drama in the accessory department. Now I just need to get around to making a pair for myself...

Time for an update on the Lily of the Valley** cardigan knitting, I think. I'm officially done with the back and have cast on for the fronts. You all know the number one rule of cardi knitting, right? Do both fronts at the same time!

Back? Check!

I realize that it's been a really long time since I've knitted great swathes of stockinette. It's nice! And it goes ridiculously fast even on the size two needles. V. theraputic and soothing. So soothing in fact, that I cast on for another pair of Plain Old Socks just to get some portable stockinette into the rotation. Never underestimate the amount of brainless knitting you can get done when you sneak in a minute here and there.

alien landscape

Just to head any questions off at the pass, I'm knitting this with some thrifted Pingouin Corrida 3 that has been loitering in the stash for a bit. I'm pretty sure the yarn is discontinued, but it seems to be a fantastic sub for the the Rowan Fine Milk Cotton the pattern calls for...very light and sturdy.

Go do yourself a favor and veg out with a little stockinette!

*Ok, so we may have more than two, but you wouldn't know it judging from the speed at which they clear the streets around here.

**I looked up the name. See how I slipped it in so casually?


I've been loving stockinette recently too! Glad I'm not alone!

Coincidentally, I just re-casted a sock. I had been trying out different lace patterns, but none of them looked right. Finally, I gave in and made it plain old stockinette...and, you know, that's exactly what it wanted to be. Sometimes we complicate things too much.

I have zipping through my stockinette knitting and have run out. I need to find something new to cast on for. Uh huh.

P.S. Aliens!!!!

Do you live in KC? I always swore they only had the one snowplow...
Stockinette is so soothing. If I dared to cast on another project, it would be stockinette. Maybe just another sock?

I've converted a lace project into stockinette project lately. I'm really glad I did. The back of your cardigan looks great and delicate. I look forward to seeing the front!

I love the mindless knitting too! I've just started experimenting with intarsia, and well, let's just say that you can't watch Buffy at the same time...

I'm with you in the stockinet veg section. Gotta cast me on some cardi fronts this weekend! Jealous of your snowday. We have a shortage of snowplows, too, but a warranted shortage, since there's no snow. :(

Wait I'm confused...when did you start this? Did I miss a post? Is it for YOU????

Oh dur I just figured it out. This is the same as the Rowan 45 pic. The yarn looks whiter here or something. Still though, is it for YOU????

I'm snowed into home too! I managed to get into hospital this morning, and was sent home. The people who would have been teaching us critical care, have more critical caring to do when people fall and break hips and slide cars into each other, than teaching us. So I planned to spend the whole day writing up notes, and instead I spent it... asleep! It really is a winter wonderland. :)

I love a good, mindless stockinette project! Hope you enjoyed the day off!

You have two snowplows?! That's probably one more than we have!

Ah, snow days. I got really lucky and had four days off two weeks ago because we had such a bad ice storm in NW Arkansas. Unfortunately I didn't have power for two of those days, but that doesn't stop the knitting!