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Finished: Elliot's Snowy Tomten

Gah! January is getting away from me! It's time to get this crazy parade of FOs started.

I'm dreaming of a white Tomten

The Specs:
Pattern: Tomten, by Elizabeth Zimmermann {ravelink}
Yarn: Jo-Ann Sensations Dolcetto (54% wool, 24% nylon, 22% cotton)
Needles: Size 9
Start to finish: February 25 - December 24, 2008
For: My nephew, Elliot (who I like to pretend is named after me)

Hello, I am impossibly blonde


There isn't anything particularly remarkable about this Tomten except that I, a convicted color-abuser, chose to forgo all garish-striping opportunities and knit a plain white sweater. All I can say is that I found the buttons first and it just seemed like the thing to do. Plus Rae is the sort of nutty mom who dresses her toddler in white, so I never questioned the decision for a minute.

As with all EZ patterns, this one was light on the specifics, so I just cast on 88 stitches and hoped for the best. In retrospect I could have made the body a bit wider, but I did run out of yarn so it all worked out.

On the bright side, this is a fabulous pattern to run out of yarn on! I realized in the middle of sleeve #1 that the yarn well was going to dry up so I assessed what I had left (button bands, and sleeve #2), cut corners (scrapped the button bands for a simpler applied I-cord) and then knit both sleeves until the yarn ran out. I suppose that If things had been exceptionally dire I could have ripped out the hood, but it didn't come to that.

bonus sulky toddler shot! (because sulky toddlers are hilarious)

Final Verdict:
We have a winner! Hopefully it'll fit him for more than two weeks...he's growing like a weed!


I think your tomten will fit for a while...little ones tend to grow narrower and longer. My tomten still fits my baby after 2 winters!

They're both lovely! And I look forward to the rest of the FOs, too. The sneak peak looked promising :-)

Cute! love the i-cord and how it curls around each of the buttons.

its perfect. i always wonder if people might think me a bit nutty for loving photos of my babe crying, but its one of his more frequent states of being, full on honest, and i think those moments deserve to be snapped in time just as much as the smilies do.

Great knit! I have it on the needles right now, too. I agree that it's a great pattern to run out of yarn on. There's so many ways to adjust it.

I agree with Diaan, the i-cord button loops are my favorite part!

By the way, I also want to say that your pattern in knit.1 was one of my favorites: it was so happy and fun!

I bet you do not have children--just because you made the sweater in such a light color. Beautiful! I like the buttonhole things also.

Cute, and cute-he is growing too fast!

I read Rae's blog, which is how I think I found yours. Just when you think that kid couldn't be any cuter, you guys post another picture of him!

I like the sweater! Especially in white!

It is perfect in all it's splendid simplicity! I love it and the fact that you built around the buttons.

Hope you guys had a great holiday! Happy New Year too :-)

Impossibly blonde your nephew is and impossibly cute!

What a wonderful sweater. It so cute!

Aw he's adorable and the sweater looks beautiful. I really like the white actually though I understand about wanting to use really vibrant yarn!

I'd like to try this pattern, thanks for the pics.

Great sweater, I think my toddler needs one, too! I think the non-stripey version is refreshing and classic. Can you tell me what size Elliot normally wears or how old he is so I can get an idea of about where to start with casting on for my little girl?

Heh, that kid is impossibly Nordic. Super-cute, and this makes me want to knit a Tomten for my nephew immediately.

Tomten is lovely! I so want to knit one of those. Pity my grandchildren live in Florida...

How adorable is he! And his new sweater. So cute.

You did a great job and the buttons are adorable.

cute as a button.
and the buttons are cute too.


That is one really cute sweater, and I love the buttons. Cute kid, too!

I personally love the monochromatic Tomten! (And photos of sulky toddlers.)

Looks great! It's so cute on him.

Eh, nutty mom here:
I would just like to say that he wears this sweater lots and there is still NOTHING spilled on it. Hah!

Also have gotten many compliments on it. Tis very cute.

Gah!! I love it! The white is beautiful, and the buttons totally make it! Love!

Lol! I'm glad you like sulky toddlers; you can borrow mine any time you like. ;-)