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Finished: The Bethie Scarf

by now you should recognize my mum, yes?

The Specs:
Pattern: An Elliphantom original
Yarn: about 70g of hand-dyed, recycled cashmere {details here}
Needles: Size 7
Start to finish: Sometime in November - sometime in December, 2008 (I know...my memory for detail is breathtaking, right?)
For: My favorite matriarch, for Christmas

This autumn Mum hinted that she might need a scarf (not too long) for Christmas and mentioned the word "stripes." I don't really think of my mum as a stripe wearer...she's more of subtle elegance-y sort of person. So I thought I'd compromise and do a more refined version of the standard-issue striped scarf.

The pattern itself is a four row slip-stitch pattern. Originally I intended the front to be the back (it's less stripey and more garter-nubby), but everybody else in the universe likes the back side best. And who am I to argue with the rest of the universe?

front or back? you be the judge

The working name for this scarf was the "mummy scarf" but since, out of context, it can evoke images of dingy old strips of linen...I rechristened it "Bethie" after my mum. Nobody has called her that since she was little, but I think it's cute (and truth be told, if I weren't her daughter I would totally try to get away with calling her that).

choosy moms choose cashmere

Mum gave me a little review of the scarf last night when I spoke with her on the phone. She says it looks great with her extensive collection of white and off-white turtleneck sweaters, and that it keeps the chill off nicely while walking in the Pacific Northwest mists. So I think we can safely say...

Final Verdict: We have a winner. Woo with a side of hoo!


Both front and back have their own beauty, I think. Good job for Mom!

You mom makes quite the knitwear model! It's easy to see why she likes it so much. Lovely colors and cashmere -- I don't think you can go wrong with cashmere!

Oh, it's just beautiful. I can't decide which side I like best :-)

it suits her, bethie, enormously. and she is quite a looker.

The nice thing about scarves is that they have to be reversible, so I vote for *both* sides being fronts....

ha! perfect.

Ahem. I politely demand to know who Kricke-- is?!

When both sides of the scarf look that good, you have a true woohoo!

Your mama is so pretty! You are such a brit. Once again, I'm inspired.

mmmmm cashmere.....and such brilliant colors! I just dismantled a thrifted cashmere sweater too, but my finished product doesn't look quite so polished.
Gorgeous, darling!

Awesome colors Bethie. both are great choice for you! Have a great week.