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Rainy Day Fingerless Gloves

So remember when I said I spent most of the summer working on design projects? Let me introduce you to Ms. August:

Hola! We are not mittens.

I know...the shock, right? When Tanis over at Knit.1 asked for a "dream project" for the story they were putting together on bloggers, this idea fell together pretty quickly. I love fingerless gloves. I love color (especially yummy, semi-solid, hand-dyed, wooly/silky color). I love buttons, and I especially love a good fast knit.

I'm really excited about this pattern! Excited enough that I'm looking forward to the magazine coming out (December 16 is the official release date, if you're counting) even though I'm a little nervous about the blogger profile part. I happen to be Very Bad at talking about myself without completely over-thinking things. Have you ever noticed that I don't have one of those "100 things about me" pages? That's why. I tried a couple of times but I got bogged down somewhere in the low teens.

Anyway...not going to think about it...la, la, la...

bloggers_crop.jpg cover_crop.jpg

Now for the really cool part. If you've been poking around Knit Blog Land (and chances are, if you're reading this, you have been), you've probably run into some of the other super-talented bloggers who have patterns in this issue. If you want the whole list, here's a little cheat sheet for you:

Cookie A

I feel like a bit of an underachiever compared to that lot (not having written a book or inspired a Ravelry fan club), but I'm incredibly excited to be included!

Ok, I think that's enough for today. In summary: new pattern, Knit.1, lots of cool bloggers, woo-hoo! Oh, and the full preview should be up on the Knit.1 site on Monday the 23rd.

p.s. Ravelink!


seriously adorable

Congrats, Elli! They are beautiful.

Those are wonderful! Congratulations. I think your work proves you're NOT an underachiever & belong in that august company!

O.M.G. This is officially the cutest thing you've ever made. I love love love the little trees. So cute. I may have to keep (start?) knitting. And I have never heard of any of those other people (except maybe Jared...tweeeeeed?) so in my book you are muchly more famous.

hurrah! they are so sweet. i'm definitely definitely picking up this issue -- it comes out on my birthday even!

so cute! great job. can't wait to pick up the issue...

WOW!!! I love them!!!

Wow! They are super cute! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy! Congratulations!!

OMG! These are adorable! The release date doesn't give me a lot of time for Christmas knitting though!

they are so cute, congratulation

Those fingerless gloves are the best ones I've ever seen! They're so great! You're very talented and creative.

Congrats!!! The gloves are great and you deserve to be up in the big leagues :O)

Congratulations! those mitts look so fun.

Those gloves are the most awesome EVER. I love the apples on the trees and the little red buttons!

Those are the cutest little gloves I've ever seen.

And I bet they would make good mittens too. :) 'cause mittens are quite handy in the Frozen North.

Love them - congratulations!

Congratulations! They're adorable.

OMG, Elli! You are killing me with all the mitts! These are adorable! Love!

What a playful design! I love them. Congratulations.

Those are beautiful!

these are so adorable! Intarsia?

So beautiful.

What an original and cute pair of fingerless gloves. I had seen Brooklyn Tweek and Stephanie's post regarding knit.1. I so much enjoy reading all of you talented bloggers. I'll be buying this issue for sure! Thank you for the cheat list! And mostly, thank you for your blog!

OMG! I can't breathe! I can't breathe! Just kidding, but those are by far the COOLEST mittens ever!

Very cool gloves. I am extremely excited for that issue to come out. It's full of great projects.

The mitts are one of my favorite designs in the magazine. So cute! Are you allowed to tell what yarn we need and how much?

Well done, they are great. I will get that issue!

Woo hoo! I am so proud of you. (Is that weird?). Anyway, congratulations. I think December 16 will be another day deserving of the good whiskey xx

Those are the cutest fingerless gloves ever ever ever! I went to ravelry and added them to my favorites, though I don't think I will knit something so cute ever!

OMG such lovely designs - can't wait for that issue to come out! Thanks for the cheat sheet. :-)

OMG those are wonderful! I am absolutely going to buy the magazine!

they are so beautiful. love the colours and the small trees.

Congratulations! My friend sent me a link to knit.1 and it was great to see you in it and your knitting work.

I love these! They are adorable. I am totally going to hunt down a copy of this magazine. Your projects are just my style! I love your site.