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Lotus Leaf Mittens

Heyya! I know I'm a little late with the news, but the winter Twist Collective is up! I'm totally and completely thrilled to have a pattern included in this issue, especially considering all of the other brilliant talent that is represented.

Would you be surprised if I told you it was a pair of mittens? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Hello world!

The observant among you will have noticed that the blog was a bit quiet this summer. Well...this was the project that dominated July. August and September to be unveiled soon!

The Deets:
I used Schaefer Heather in the colors Indigo and Clara Barton, but most fingering-weight semi-solid or solid sock yarns will work. I was super-excited that I finally got to use a red/blue combination...that's my current color combo crush!

Other than that, they're pretty standard Elli-mitten fare: colorwork on size one needles with a thumb gusset on the side. This seems to be a good fit for most people and has the added bonus that you can use the lotus pattern (topside) or the leaf pattern (palmside) on both sides of the mitten. Because everybody loves a little mix and match!

Ravelink here.


If you do nothing else, make sure you check out the fabulous watercolors that Eloise Narrigan did for the story. I'm particularly fond of my chipmunk, but they're all really cute!


these are beautiful -- I saw them and oohed and ahhed and didn't even make the connection between their creator and elliphantom! congratulations!

Congrats on the pattern!

I saw these and added them to my Ravelry favorites without realizing they were yours! They're very cute.

your mittens are beautiful! there are a lot of awesome patterns in this issue.

Wow! these are gorgeous. I love the colors as well.

I didn't make the connection either! Though in retrospect, your thumb gusset is quite distinctive and was a dead giveaway :)

So beautiful - looking forward to the August and September projects!

I love all of your mitten patterns, and these are no exception!
I'm curious, though -- how much yarn do you think you used total in the project? I have one fingering weight 50 gram skein of "golden pear" and one fingering weight 50 gram skein of a kickass mulberry color, and would love to try to make this pattern work, but worry that I'll come up short on such a lovely pattern!

they're so pretty! And I loved the watercolor critters modeling them SO much.

Those are simply gorgeous!

LOVE these. I was a huge fan of your herringbone mitts and I have some yarn at home just itching to be made into some fair isle mittens. I think I just found the pattern!


I love how clean and elegant your mittens look. Congratulations!

I love these mittens! They're the first pattern that really jumped out at me in this issue of Twist. Congrats on the beautiful pattern!

It's a beautiful design. Well done!

Those are so pretty! I'm a huge sucker for botanical motifs.

These are so gorgeous! I'm loving that color combination pretty hard right now, too.

man, these are great. lovelovelove them!

I love them! They were the pattern that caught my eye when I looked at the latest issue ... I didn't realise they were yours.

I love how the blue has variations in color and the red is solid. It reminds me of leaves on water.

I cannot tell you how much I adore these. They jumped out at me as soon as I saw Twist. LOVE!

congratulations for the pattern in Twist collective, the mittens are gorgeous, love them


Beautiful! I need to practice my colorwork so that I can do some of your lovely mitten patterns.

Very very cute. Do I get some cred for making the blue and red elephant bag for you way back when? I really feel *I* inspired these mittens.

Strong work. I love that pattern. I will definitely have to check it out!

Those are lovely!!! I love that the palms are just as wonderful as the tops!! Gorgeous!!