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Happy Saturday Rundown

Things that make me happy today:

1) Finding another antique bone crochet hook at the thrift store yesterday

2) Surprise gifts in the mail from across the Atlantic

3) Another surprise gift! This one reminding me to read my Tintin.

4) Knitting with my own homespun

5) My new Amy Ruppel

6) Glass birds. Not just for Christmas!

And to make it an even 10...
7) Realizing that there is lasagna in the fridge that we can heat up for dinner
8) Watching Saturday afternoon home shows on PBS
9) Weather that is just the right temperature to not run the AC or the heating (if I wear wool socks)
10) Knowing that this blog turned three yesterday. Wow!

Hope your Saturday is as lovely as mine!


Happy Saturday! Love the hat you're knitting with Bertam - looks cosy! My Saturday has been lovely and lazy with plenty of knitting and time playing with my kitty, and it's just about to get better - clocks go back tonight, extra hour in bed!

congratulations on three years with this blog -- I really enjoy reading. what is that on the needles with your homespun???

Sounds like a lovely day! Hurray for fall and wool socks. Happy blogiversary.

Tintin!!! That's so awesome! Happy blogging birthday! (P.S. Come to knit night more often.)

Wow! A lot to make you happy. :D Happy 3rd blogiversary, too!
(I just bought a glass bird similar to the one you show there. Aren't they the sweetest little things?) Beautiful handspun, by the way! Cheers!

I have a crochet hook like that that I inherited from my husband's grandmother. I always assumed it was bakelite or some early plastic. How do I tell for sure that it is bone?

Happy blogversary!

Congrats and thanks for the three years!

Happy blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary!! Mine is today!

Congratulations on the blogiversary! As a newbie to this world, I commend the perseverance.

Lovely handspun too!

Happy birthday, blog. You're one of my three favorite blogs in the world.

Your homespun looks so smooshy and nice. I'm very impressed.

Happy Blogthday!!

Happy Year Three!

Bone hook? Niiiice.

Happy blog birthday!

I love that Amy Ruppel piece!

Happy blogiversary!
Oh, that is my favorite Tintin book :) Your handspun looks perfectly even!

Happy Blogiversary! Vintage needles and hooks really are special aren't they? I look at them and wish they could tell me all the wonderful things they've made over the years.

oh my gosh, i LOVE tintin!

Ooooohhhhh. Aaaaahhhh.