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Finished: Yum Yum Cookie Socks

Thanks for all the cashmere love, guys! I'm still not exactly sure what I'm going to do with the yarn, but you can be sure it'll be colorful! Also, if you think you'd like to try the sweater-unraveling thing, make sure you poke around online and read a tutorial or two. There are lots of useful hints out there.

Now! On to some finished knitting:

get your shoes and socks on...it's time to roll around on the lawn!

The Specs:
Pattern: My normal toe-up version of Priscilla's Dream Socks by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, from the Fall 2000 Interweave Knits; also in the book "Favorite Socks." {ravelink}
Yarn: Cookie A. Handpainted Sock Yarn, 1 skein
Needles: Bamboo dpns, size 1
Start to finish: Fall of 2007 - Fall of 2008
For: Kricket, on the occasion of her 25th birthday (Gifted in late September. On time!)

Another pair of plain old socks! This time I shook things up a bit and did a plain stockinette leg with a rolled top. As usual, I will refer you here if you are curious about the conversion to toe-upness.

The Yarn:
This Cookie A. Handpainted seems to be a pretty rare breed. Nice though! Squishy and lovely, and the colors are even better in person (these photos got a little washed out).

The Funky Thunky pose (I don't ask questions. I just do what he asks):
yes...I will be dressed as the Corpse Bride this Halloween. why do you ask?

Final Verdict: Faboo! Time to cast on for the next pair.


Cute socks!

mmm very pretty -- those shoes are about as rad as the socks.

they are very comfy too. i like to wear them with a bright green sweater and a short black skirt.

Oh yes that last shot is a bit too corpse-ish! And they're such lovely socks!

Awesome socks! And shoes, for that matter.

The socks are certainly cute.... but where did you get those shoes?! They are absolutely outrageously adorable!

Seriously. That is just not normal. You sure you're not un-dead?

Cool shoes, as well as the nicely squishling socks :)

very cute socks and shoes.

I'm not sure which are cuter- the socks or the shoes! Loving both!

gorgeous socks... but isn't it a bit cold to roll around on the grass?