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'allo mate!

Saturday I was feeling a bit lurgey, so I figured a little spinning was just what I needed to perk me up. Turns out I was wrong about the perking, but I now have 2 more skeins of yarn and a little more spinning experience under my belt!

The Deets: 100g Wensleydale from Gwenyth Glynn Wensleydales, Navajo plied. A little unbalanced, but aren't we all?

How this is better than the last yarn
- I split the fiber in half before prepping it so I'd have two 50g skeins (so much more satisfying than my normal big skein and little skein).
- I used better-quality fiber. Funny how that makes a difference.

Up until recently, I thought that Wensleydale was a variety of cheese, but it turns out that wherever in Britain it is they must make a few sheep too. My inexpert opinion of the Wensleydale wool is that it's nice and foofy. I'd say it scores about a 8 on a scale from scratch-tastic to soft. Definitely knitable.

Speaking of Spinning...
Does anybody have any recommendations for good websites or books that can instruct me in the ways of plying? I seem to have the basic single down, but plying gives me hives.

In other news
We're doing a little maintenance around the blog these days. Seems things need a little spiffing up. Rae, you'll be pleased to hear that I've updated and straightened out my categories. Hopefully you can find stuff now.

*Continuing in the tradition of naming my handspun, beginning at the beginning of the alphabet. I haven't gotten too far yet, have I?


Have you been to joyofhandspinning.com yet? I found the videos there to be helpful. I've also poked around YouTube to find spinning videos.

Your spinning looks great. I learnt navajo plying from you tube, it was really helpful. The spin off magazines are great for info too.

If you can find a copy of the Spinner's Companion, I'd recommend snatching that up. The Beginning Spinners group on Ravelry also has a good list of resources.

And hello, Bertram, you are quite lovely :)

Bertram is quite handsome.
Check SpinOff magazines website for plying possibilities.
DO feel better, dear!

I like Bertam, the yarn and the name, actually.

You are making me want to spin now...

Your spinning looks great. I have a wheel but know very little how to use it. I definitely can't give you recs about plying. Sorry.

Bertram is the perfect English name for something so utterly proper as Wensleydale! Why I think your skeins would be Gromit's dream yarn (from Wallace & Gromit).

Hee hee! I like that your yarn speaks cockney. Wensleydale is in Yorkhire (in, funnily enough, the Yorkshire Dales), so Bertram would probably say '" 'ellor"!

Hope you're feeling better xxx

Hurrah for spinning and blog organization!

I'm glad to hear that E didn't decommission your spinning wheel with his baby-treatments.

Welcome to the world of the unbalanced, Bertram. You'll fit right in!

(He's lovely.)

It's beautiful - and I'm the opposite - navajo plying gives me the hives! I learned to ply from a center pull ball - you might want to give that a try sometime.

wensleydale is indeed in north yorkshire, where i am from ... many many sheepy things ... more likely to say 'ayup' than hello!