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note 4 U

Hey there! I was going to post some pictures of vest innards today, but when I opened up the laptop, I found a series of 12 heart-shaped, perfumed, sticky-notes on my screen. Now that I've opened up the windows and aired out the place, I think I'll share the message with you:

Dear knitters,

It is with an overflowing heart that I address you today. The last two weeks have been a roller coaster ride of positive emotions as I checked the blog hourly for new comments from you, my loving public. As I read each new morsel of positive feedback my eyes glistened with emotion. Can it be that I, a lowly knitwear model, have been able to bring this much joy into the hum-drum lives of common knitters? It seems so.

However, I have some sad news for you. After many sleepless nights and much mental wrestling, I have decided that my real calling is that of an academic. True, being a heart-throb vest model has it's perks (the congratulatory phone calls from heads of state, the fainting women, and those free cases of pomegranate-flavored mineral water, to name a few)...still I feel I owe it to all academics, and historians in particular, to share my overwhelming handsomeness in a classrom setting. The next generation needs to know that you can be fabulously good-looking and firecracker smart too. Therefore, it is with humble gratitude that I, and my chiseled good looks, turn this blog back over to Elli and her knitting.

xoxo, Thunkie

Oh, what the heck...here's a picture of the inside of the vest:

toes for scale

EDIT: This is the real Thunk writing ... the above is a common forgery. Pay it no heed. I will, of course, in addition to my career as a historian, still be available for photo-shoots and private wool parties (for a small fee).


Ah, so he's a historian too? I have a special soft spot for historians, being one and having married one myself. I must agree with Thunk, the profession needs him in the classroom more than the world needs him as a sweater vest model.

heh, I love Thunkie.. you guys will be coming out for Christmas again, I hope? Is he going to be able to hang out with this time?

The innards are EXCELLENT. Oh, and Thunk is funny, too.

Haha! Modest, isn't he? Those are some impressive innards!

The innards are impressive, and I'm very glad Thunk will continue to grace the halls of our Midwest U with his brilliant presence. It would be a sad day, indeed, if he left academe for the wool-infested pastures of knitwear modeling.

gorgeous innards!

Those are the neatest innards I have ever seen!
Poor Thunkie... Tell him that we value him for his mind too (not just his good looks).

My....god....you wove in all of the ends. You actually wove them all in. I mean that it's the right thing to do, but....wow.

*head explodes*

So heroic--I'm always amazed when people are willing to forgo such lucrative careers in favor of teaching. :) Oh, and you've shown us a sign of your own greatness: the inside is as gorgeous as the out!

haha! awesome. :o)

From a fellow historian, I salute his resolve!! ; )
the inside looks almost as nice as the outside!!

Heh heh... such a nice fellow. The blog was lucky to have him while it did.

Great looking vest.

Hey! Not fair!

This is a forgery! I'm much more humble than that.


I'm trying to imagine the scent of the perfume. Or was it cologne?

oh my gosh.......totally cute. totally funny. totally perfect.

very funny,
the vest's inside is as clean as the public side, it is very beautiful

That's a whole lot 'o duplicate stitching! Thanks for the peek.

I am pretty sure that Thunk did not write that note. But, he seems talented enough to handle the pressures of knitwear modeling AND academia. The world deserves both Thunks.

I am heartily impressed to see that your sweater vest looks just as sexy from the inside as it does from the outside. Damn, that's some nice work!

Hahahaha, so we can all now book Thunk for "private wool parties"?

Love it all - yay Thunky!

I think you are both cute (can an academic be an academic and still be cute? I think so!).

LMAO! This is hilarious. =D