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Mantis Monday

oh the drama...

In other news, Thunk would like me to mention that he has issued an official statement in response to the fictitious letter I posted Friday. For those of you who read the post before he had a chance to defend himself, his statement can be found at the end of Friday's entry.

That's all I've got for you. Tomorrow...some knitting!


cracking up here........

Can't we all just get along?

We had FOUR of them on our dining room window the other night! It was so grand.

Where do you find all those mantis-es. (Manti?) Amazing. Tell Thunk we KNEW it was a joke. We are smart like that and all...

Are your mantii inside or out? You really do have a herd! Crazy!

It's a regular Mantis Party over there!

When are you going to knit them little sweaters?

The one behind the other one looks like he is sneaking up on it. Perhaps to bite off it's head? Oh wait, you answered that for me already!


I linked you as one of my "favs" in the" I love your blog" post. Nice mittens.

Your knitting looks beautiful! That bug is also amazing!