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Mittens! (and a praying mantis)

Hey look! It's knitting that you haven't seen before!

hello there

That happens to be the beginning of a Druid Mitten (ravelink) in Dream in Color Gaia. The color is Blue Lagoon (or as I like to think of it, *cue creepy voice* Bloooooooooooo Lagoooooooooooon). The yarn looks gorgeous, but it feels surprisingly unremarkable for a merino. This may explain why they discontinued it.

While I was outside this evening photographing the aforementioned mitten, I may have run into one of my mantis friends. The wee buglettes hang out on my morning glories, which are right next to the little front patio where I take a lot of my progress photos (which explains why I'm constantly taking pictures of them). It was starting to get a little dark, so I decided to use the flash. I think I may have pissed him off.

dude. stoppit.

So cute. {sigh}


Way cool picture of the Preying Mantis. They are a fun bug to check out.

Great start on the mitten.

I love the look on the mantis' face.

He looks just like Stewie Griffin!

wonderful blue, the mantis looks like telling you stop making fun of me

I really like those mittens. I bought the copy of Vogue Knitting simply because of all the wonderful mitten patterns they were featuring.
And your choice of colour is amazing.

Isn't it wild when you spy those things on a bush and they turn their heads and look at you?!

OMG, look at his little face! Ha! That colorway, BTW, is gorgeous!

I need to knit these mittens! :) The little manti is seriously cute, that expression is pricess. :)

hello, fellow knitter here, long time reader first time commenter-- I love the praying mantisssss's-- apparently they are supposed to be very good for your garden. When I was in the 6th grade our substitute teacher took us to the "little store" near school so as to not have to teach us anything, and she saw one in the plant outside the store. She wanted it so badly that she went into the store and purchased a whole bag of cups to use one to capture it and bring it home to her garden. interesting story? probably not for others, but its something i think about every time I see one ;)

The photo of the mantis is so cool, for some reason I had this idea that they were really rare or something. They really look like aliens, don't they? In a sort of scary way.

Preying Mantis scare the crap out of me! I was driving once and one was on the windsheild and wouldn't get off. It just kept staring at me. When it finally moved it somehow made its way to the rear window and I could see it in the mirror just looking at me...still scared

That mitten looks so fun! And pretty. Sorry the yarn is unremarkable.

I'm another one who bought the magazine solely for that mitten pattern. I'm going to make mine in purple - just as soon as I get needles cleared. Or maybe it would be easier to just buy *another* set...
Love your blue ones!

Yikes! Don't you find them a little bit scary?! I guess maybe because I'm not used to large creepy crawlies creepily crawling around my garden, but seeing something that size all sneakily camoflaged in my plants would really scare me silly. Now I see why they call it bug-eyed though :)

Is this your first time using Dream in Color yarn? From what I've been told, Gaia was actually the former name for Smooshy. They didn't discontinue it, they just changed the name because apparently "Gaia" was too hard to pronounce. Which may or may not be true. I have several skeins of the original Gaia and I've found it to live up to all the incredible Smooshy hype...I wonder if you got a dud skein, or maybe you've just been spoiled by too much good merino? ;)

That Mantis has the best expression. Great picture!

LOL! Looks like he is posing for the camera! Love the knitting too!

This must be the time of year for mantis sightings. Last week I saw one on the roof out my upstairs window. Let me just say that I think they're so interesting, but at the same time, they ca-reeep me out! So I opened the window and stuck my upper body out to take a picture of it. I kid you not, that thing heard me, turned and looked dead at me, and then started walking ever so nonchalantly straight towards me. I froze in panic, and when it continued to get closer and closer, I jerked myself back in the window and slammed it shut. Unaffected , the mantis simply turned and started walking the other direction. It was only then that I remembered why I had opened the window in the first place (to take it's picture, doh!). So the ones I managed to get were of it's back and at a much farther distance than I would have gotten if I hadn't panicked. But if my memory serves me right, aren't those the little critters that mate, and then after they've gotten what they wanted, proceed to tear the heads off their mate? I'm scared of ANYTHING that does that. Think about it...........would bunnies be so cute if they did such a horrid thing? I'm just saying.....

You know that mantid was blinking for about an hour after you used the flash. LOL! He's really cute. I have a female that hangs out here.

Beginning of the mitten is just beautiful!

Ha! The mantis reminds me of Zorak from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.

Praying Mantis has to be my all-time favorite insect! Their egg cases alone are an amazing engineering feat. When my children were in their preteen years my daughter, an avid naturalist, found a mantis egg case on a goldenrod stem on cool autumn day and brought it into the house. She stuck the stem into a mason jar and placed it on the bookcase in the dining room where it remained unnoticed throughout the remainder of winter. One afternoon in the spring when we came home from school, as she place her key in the lock she looked up and said "Mom, what are all those little geen things on the window?" You guessed it, the mantises(?spelling?) had hatched---hundreds of them! They were everywhere. It took the four of us MANY days to catch all of them and release them into the garden. We are all reminded of the great praying mantis chase every time we encounter one.