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I like your neck

I am way more excited about that than I have any right to be. Also the observant among you will notice that I have procured more black yarn. Way more than enough (in the same dye lot thankyouverymuch) to finish the job. Are you excited? I'm know I am. When next you catch a glimpse of mauve argyle on this blog, it will be finished and fetchingly modeled by a male of the species.

Excuse me while I go pick up a bazillion arm hole stitches.


I assume you have needles today? :P

Wonderful work

You go girl! It looks great :-)

Argyle: the perfect accessory to fall. Looks great!

I just love it!


Gorgeous! Impressive!

I can't wait for those FO pics!

Cool! Can't wait to see the finished product.

did you also weave in your ends? If so NOW i am impressed!

Love it so far!

Gorgeous! Argyle is just so much fun.

Oh I love I love! I need to do some argyle it looks so addicting.

Wow, looking good! Do you think it will be done by Christmas?

It looks so lovely! Can't wait to see the finished product.

That's the most stunning argyle sweater I've seen in a while! It's looking awesome.

I am mucho impressed with the progression of your argyle vest...very nice work:) What a stunning piece. I hope it's for you:)

That is absolutely fabulous! I cannot wait until you are finished.

The black yarn is amazing - I love the color variation and texture.

Guau!!!!!!! una belleza!!! algun podre hacer algo así?

I'm excited! And so impressed too!

What a great job you've done on this. It's beautiful. Waiting now for the modeling shots!

Great pattern
great yarn
great look for this Vest.

Beautiful Job!