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More Mantis

I've been working on another secret project lately. So instead of knitting photos, you get more praying mantis:

Hello there. I have a fabulous heart-shaped noggin.

I found three of these little guys on my plants today, but they're awfully good at camouflage so I like to imagine that I have a whole herd of them. I'm hoping that some of them are the descendants of the two that I observed mating on my morning glories last fall.

I've spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for them, trying to photograph them (I'm still learning how to use my camera's macro settings), and just staring at them. Totally fascinating!


you. are. a. dork.

We are always excited when we find a praying mantis out in the yard! The are so cool and actually, the only insect (well, maybe them and ladybugs) that doesn't make me go ewwwww!

Oh man, I hate Praying Mantis's. They creep me out!!

Praying mantis' always remind me of this:


I miss space ghost...

Nice photography. I like praying mantis also. Can't wait to see your next project.

don't the females bite the heads off the males? Have you found many bodies?


I think they are neat looking

Are they inside? How lucky you are!