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Hooray for new things!

A new online knitting magazine! Have you seen it yet?

hello. I blend in with the portulaca*.

I haven't had a chance to read the articles, but I've already picked out my favorite patterns:

Ysolda's little birds cardigan

Adrian's faux bois scarf and mittens

Yum, yum!

*Thunk says that I should tell you to look for the praying mantis. Did you find him?


I found him!
Off to see the new mag. Thanks for the reminder that it's out today.

I found it! It's like Where's Waldo for nature. Thanks for the tip on the knitting magazine!

So.Many.Patterns!!! I've been so excited for this to finally arrive and then I completely forgot about it when I woke up this morning.

p.s. I started your mittens yesterday. yippy!

That is awesome! I'm so excited. Thanks for sharing the info.

I too love the little birdies - I must go off now and find a body that will suit it so I can justify knitting it!

on the right side of the frame, blending in with the plant.

Where did that knit mag come from? Eesh...I am so behind with the um...stuff n' things.
Love the praying mantis and LOVE the knits in the queue!
Long live portulaca! I just discovered it this past spring and I've been COMPLETELY happy with it. Haven't had any little guests like yours though. Have a great weekend!

That new mag is fabulous! I spent quite a bit of time this afternoon reading every word and drooling over patterns.

Thanks for the link....I think it's a genius idea to present something quality-wise on the level of IK or VK but with the ability to pick and choose, and pay selectively. If I had a really fantastic, 'me' pattern for every mag I've bought over the years....Not so impressed with the articles but that will come in time, I'm sure, and the Mason/Dixon ladies' column is great. Will you be submitting? I def. look forward to future issues - thanks again!

Oh my. I didn't know about this! Incredible! I love the way you scroll through the pages.

So cool.


I spy the Mantis, he is great. i would like stick insects and am trying to persuade my son that he would too! That site is wonderful isn't it.

I didn't even see the little guy til you said to look for him.