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Stash Attack: Spring 08 Edition

In spite of my efforts to keep my wool children to a minimum, I've accumulated a bit of stash over the last couple of months. But it's all souvenir and gift yarn, which I think is perfectly acceptable, don't you? Behold:

I went all the way to England and bought...Kidsilk Haze.

When I was in York in March I visited a cute little shop called Sheepish and fell tookuus over teakettle with these three colors of KSH (629, 582, and 578). So I bought them. Yum, yum! I want to design a ridiculously garish, yet fabulous shawl.

Hello. I am British. Mostly.

Gift yarn from Philippa! It's called BFL Dazzle 4py/Sock and it's from The Natural Dye Studio. It has text all over the label saying "British Wool!" and "British Wool from British Sheep!" and then on the back in teeny tiny print it says "contains not less than 50% British Wool." Tee-hee. Regardless, it's gorgeous and soft and a lot more British than any other yarn I came across on my trip. Destined for socks, naturally.

When I grow up I want to be a pair of mittens.

I don't know if I mentioned that I left Thunky in England for a month. Well, I did. When he finally returned, he brought me some yarn (I believe Phillipa was instrumental in making this purchase possible). He informs me that he would like colorwork mittens, so mittens he will have! The yarn is Artesano 100% Alpaca 4 ply. I must say he has excellent taste.

Saturday I dropped Thunk off at the train station for another month of scholarly frolicking in archives, so I'm on my own again. Maybe there's a yarn store in Massachusetts too (hint, hint)?

Llama, llama, llama...llama

This is the yarn I bought at Yellow Wood Llama Farm (it's Farmhouse Fibers Super SIlky 100% Llama Yarn). It's feels fantastic and the blue color makes me all swoony. I have no idea what to make with it, but I bought one skein of white so that I have the option of doing colorwork. Because I'm all about the colorwork lately. Any ideas? I have approximately 800 yards of sportweight.

That's all for now. I have some FOs to show off soon. Stay tuned!


Beautiful,beautiful colours. I totally agree with Thunk, I want a pair of mittens in brown and green as well, what a gorgeous combination!

The new wool babies look nice, I have no idea whatyou could make with the Llama but the colours are great.

Your husband comes home with England with fiber? He's a keeper!

Oooh! Lovely yarn. I love the Natural Dye Studio, they're a great company to support as well as (of course) having beautiful yarn.

I actually just left Massachussetts - there is a lovely yarn shop in Cambridge called Woolcott & Co, I'd recommend it! I think that Windsor Button is Boston is meant to be nice too but since they had closed for 4th of July weekend, all I could do was squint through the windows.

I'm interested to see how your shawl will come out!

I'm having a summer that seems to be all about the colourwork too - maybe its in the air? I think the temperature here was in the high 80's yesterday but I was also thinking about multicoloured mittens - after seeing all your new goodies that will probably continue today.

Hmm, she's hinting at something, but what? These things are so difficult for husband to figure out ...

Omg. I love those KSH colors too!!! If only I didn't hate mohair.

Gorgeous stash additions. Particularly love the mostly british 4ply! Great colours, very summery! Enjoy!

Well, the world famous WEBS (yarn.com) is in Massachusetts. Though he may need a map to navigate. Including the warehouse, the store is the size of a small grocery!

I took one look at the KSH and fell in love myself. That will be a beautiful... whatever you decide to make.

Very lovely purchases, all around! Can wait to see what you do with the Kidsilk Haze.

Love all the colors you got. Can't wait to see how the colorwork turns out.

{sigh} You sure know how to make a knitter drool (and feel overwhelming urges to adopt new wool children into her own family). Congratulations on your gorgeous new additions.

if he goes to Massachusetts, he needs to go to WEBS, even if just to take a picture to show you. The first time I went there I almost hyperventilated. It is my favorite store in the universe. Your hubby DOES have good taste, and could find plenty to bring home from Webs... :o)

i love how yarn can make you 'swoony'-- a thoroughly enjoyed post, your choice of words and humor is so wonderful. thanks!!

Less yarn, more argyle!

Your middle yarns? I bought the exact same ones (different colors, though) for my English souvenir yarns! Crazy and awesome choices.

Lovely stash. Thanks for the pictures. I see no reason, by the way, why we, as knitters, should feel guilty about our stash or make excuses for it. We are knitters, it's what we do. Why shouldn't we have yarn and lot's of it? Also, there is a lovely pattern by Rowan called Elizabeth, done entirely in Kidsilk Haze.
Here's the Ravelry link:
I must do my part to enable;->

Yay for posting!!! I like that you are stashing whilst I am stashbusting. Well that's what a clean apt is for, eh?

And we may indeed come over for Gma's 90th after all. Making 3 weekends in a row that we will haul the little one over to W Mich. Sigh. The gas.

I think it's absolutely necessary that Thunk find his way to Northampton to get you wooly, alaca or silk goodness.

Oh no! And there I was thinking it was 100 % John Bull. Next time I purchase you some yarn it will have to be from the women's fibre arts collective I went to last week. It will be handspun in the north of England by the very woman who bred and grazed sheep of the most English pedigree on her on stretch of hillside... You understand you will have to come back to the UK for this though, don't you?

I took Thunk to I Knit London, and then sat around chatting and knitting with other customers while Thunk and Deri looked at yarn, so I'm not sure how instrumental I was... Anyway, 'tookuus over teakettle' is now my favourite expression ever. You may be responsible for making me very repetitive indeed.

Yummy colours in all of the pictures! Let me take this opportunity to share the cutest mittens I've ever seen.. elliphantom's Squirrelly Swedish Mittens http://www.elliphantom.com/images/SquirrellySwedishMittens.pdf (pdf, if you didn't notice!)